Successful start brings Marlborough Team of the Month Award


The September Team of the Month award is always the toughest month. With sides only just bedding in and many players just getting used to 1st XV rugby, results can be a bit hit and miss. A clear pattern of who the stand out sides are does not really emerge until right at the end of the month.

There have been a number of outstanding performers this month though.

Despite starting a week after many sides, Harrow though have been incredibly strong this term winning three from three all against tough opposition, Epsom College, RGS High Wycombe and against a Bedford side who at the start of the month were looking like certainties for the award.

Only a slightly light fixture list has left them short of the top prize this month, but a continuation of this form into October and they will be right up there. The same is the case for Downside who have won all three of their games, though against slightly less well respected opposition than Harrow.

There have been three sides who have a record this month of three wins and a draw, Rugby, St Paul’s and Dulwich.

All three have been looking in fine form this season with each recording some truly crushing victories. For Rugby and St Paul’s, their sides have the potential to push on and become among the most successful from their schools for years.

Dulwich meanwhile have probably been the most impressive of the three, putting over 50 points on in each of their three victories, while their 13-13 draw with Wellington was one of the most intense games of the season.

Their quest to be recognised as one of the greats of schoolboy rugby has begun well, and in any other month they would be by far and away the team of the month.

The decision though boils down to a straight choice between the only two teams with a four out of four winning record. Durham and Marlborough.

It is with Marlborough that we side with for September, for two reasons. The quality of the opposition they have played, and the sheer surprise at the quality of their play.

Marlborough have played and beaten Clifton, Bryanston, Monmouth and Wellington. All top schoolboy rugby sides. The quality of their play has been quite outstanding, and they now have to be recognised as one of the very best teams around right now.

Hats off too Durham who have also beaten some top teams, including an excellent victory against RGS Newcastle at Kingston Park, and if September could have two awards they most certainly would have one of them.

The challenge now for Marlborough is to continue their fine form into October and turn this fine start into a successful season. They have a great opportunity to be remembered as one of the great Marlborough sides, now they must seize it.

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