Millfield crowned Team of the Month for October!


October was a month of fantastic rugby, with several schools performing at a level that simply blew the competition out of the water. With September out of the way, October is the month where the top teams really start to separate themselves from the pack.

Our preview article on Tuesday outlined who was in contention for the monthly award with seven schools showing outstanding form this month.

The truth of the matter is though that three schools have stood head and shoulders above the rest this month: Millfield, Wellington and September’s Team of the Month, Marlborough.

All three have been unbeaten this month, sweeping all before them in a series of top performances against strong side.

Marlborough have continued their form from September, beating Sherbone, Canford and Sheldon, whilst thumping St Edwards 47-0. Their ability to close out tight matches and to dominate games where they have an advantage has been impossible to counter.

Wellington have beaten Harrow, Eton and Sherborne this month, but the most impressive victory of the month came over Bryanston at London Irish. 35-21 may not look like a masterclass, but Bryanston were utterly dissected by this Wellington side to the point where the game was over after 50 minutes.

To have been able to beat this Bryanston side, with four England internationals in it we should remember, without the services of their England scrum half Simon Sexton was a hugely impressive feat.

Buchan Richardson has taken over the captaincy and has simply been an inspiration, prepared to lead by example; Buchan has ensured that the loss of Sexton has not altered Wellington’s form one bit.

The Team of the Month award for October though is awarded to Millfield School.

Millfield have been quite simply outstanding this month, Sherborne and Kingswood have been seen off, while the Prince’s of schoolboy rugby, Colston’s, were dispatched 48-6 in a ruthless performance.

The crowing glory for Millfield this month though was their St Joseph’s Festival victory. Having gone through a trophyless season last year, they were desperate to remedy that this time around and have done so at the first opportunity.

Millfield not only won the tournament though, they utterly dominated it, sweeping up the Player of the Tournament award, Sam Denham, and the Try of the Tournament, Tom Whiteley.

To have won the tournament in such a fashion was a sign of just how talented this side is, and talented they really are  – if it isn’t Barron dominating the scrum it is Sheedy dropping into the pocket to land a 45m drop goal in the final. Of course that’s if your eyes aren’t already mesmerised by ‘Mr Everywhere’ Robbie Tait or the bullocking runs of Haines.

I could go on, every player in the squad demonstrated a quality that simply couldn’t be replicated and deserves a mention really.

That they defeated Dulwich on the way to the final also proved that this is not just a side with quality, it is a side with steel. Dulwich play a brand of rugby that is tough to compete with at schoolboy level.

They put the ball in the opponents 22 and then use their big heavy pack to batter their way towards the line, it is one of the most controlled tactical games in the country and it won them St Joseph’s and the Daily Mail last year.

Millfield dealt with the threat though, and did not compromise their own game plan of attacking the wide channels with their dynamic forward pack and punching holes with their strong running centres. Do not bet against them repeating Dulwich’s achievements this year.

If the competition remains as high as it was in October, November could be one of the most intensely competitive months of schoolboy rugby in recent memory and it would be no surprise to see Millfield up at the top again, though the likes of Wellington and Marlborough are sure to stop them from resting on their laurels. Not to mention John Mallett. 

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