Colston’s bounce back to put Kingswood to the sword

With a disappointing defeat last week against Monmouth, Colston’s knew they had to step up their game if they were going to beat Kingswood away from home soil.

As kick off moved closer the buzz and excitement in the Colston’s changing room rapidly increased, the players knew it was their time to set last weeks mistakes right. A tight jog out onto the pitch showed the closeness that as developed over the 7 years the team has been playing together.

Unfortunately Colston’s soon found themselves pinned in their own 22 after Kingswood played some good backs phases from receiving kick off, the pressure on Colston’s clearly showed as a penalty was given against them for not releasing the tackler before going for the ball. Kingswood would go for the posts; Colston’s knew they needed to wake up in order to put on some pressure of their own.

Kingswood’s 10 had a good attempt from a wide angle but the distance was not enough, Colston’s touched down for a 22 drop out. Defensive pressure on Kingswood caused a knock on in the centres, leading to what Colston’s pack had been waiting for all week; Scrum down.

After a great scrum from the Colston’s pack the backs played some sharp rugby, disjointing the Kingswood defence, Colston’s now looking dangerous for the first time in the game. Quick ball from the back of the ruck allowed Colston’s to make plenty of ground; Centre Hugo Burton displaying his strength and pace breaking the Kingswood line before Kingswood’s 15 made a covering tackle to turn possession over.

Kingswood attempted to kick themselves off their own try line only to be charged down and scrambled into touch for a Colston’s line out. After a great set play off the line out Colston’s No.8 Jacob Spence was unfortunately tackled into touch before he could touch down.

Another scrum led Colston’s prop Andy Buffham to cross the line tight into the corner to give first blood to Colston’s. (5-0)

It seemed after this Colston’s were in form, keeping possession, running clean ball though the backs. Centres Jack Stevens and Hugo Burton were constantly battering the Kingswood defence.

Kingswood refused to give in to the constant attack from Colston’s though, defending their own line for several phases until it got too much for the home team and Kingswood’s No.8 was binned after several attempts to gain possession with handling on the floor of play before finally Ben England crossed the line with Alex Haynes converting to make the score 12-0 going into half time.

Colston’s continued their pace of play going into the second half holding a majority of the possession, shutting down the Kingswood’s backs when they did get hold of the ball. Kingswood attempted to pin Colston’s 22 after a nicely placed kick by the Kingswood 10.

Colston’s full back Andy Smart showed some great footwork to get past two defenders making great ground to put Colston’s back on the half way line. After a few phases of play hooker Josh Grant broke through Kingswood’s defence, showing some uncharacteristic footwork and pace to beat the full back and touch down in the corner with Alex Haynes converting to bring the score to 19-0.

Kingswood showed it was not over yet after pinning Colston’s in their own half after kick off putting on plenty of pressure, this pressure eventually leading to a Kingswood line out; after a great set piece from the line out with a dummy maul Kingswood’s hooker crossed the line in hope to bring his team back into the game. (19-5)

However it was not to be for Kingswood after a knock on in their own 22 lead to Captain and No.8 Jacob Spence crossing the line after a well rehearsed set piece left Kingswood defence wide open (24-5).

Kingswood were not ready to let the game go, not allowing Colston’s out of their own half for several minutes before Colston’s spread the ball wide to Winger Michael Ball, showing some electric pace over 60 meters to touch down in the corner increasing the gap between the two teams. (29-5)

Kingswood now desperately trying to control the game, perhaps tried to play too much quick ball eventually leading to a forward pass from the 10, Colston’s set what would be the last scrum of the game.

After many phases of play from the Colston’s pack Jacob Spence made a break wide and after a series of offloads (including one spectacular off load Sonny-Bill himself would be proud off) Alex Haynes crossed the line and converted his own try to make the final score 36-5

Colston’s will now regroup for their Daily Mail cup game against Sir Tommy Rich’s this Wednesday.

Colston’s; 15. A. Smart 14. M. Ball 13. H. Burton 12. J. Stephens 11. A. Thomas 10. L. Williams 9. A. Haynes; 1. B. Naeem 2. J Grant 3. A.Buffham  4. B. England 5. J. Roper 6. C. Peters 7. H. Coulthard 8. J. Spence (Captain).

Replacements M. Jones H. Playr D. Exon

Report – Josh Grant

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