Premiership U18 League gets underway

The Aviva Premiership Under 18 Academy League begins today and it promises to be an incredibly highly contested competition.

There are to be 14 teams in the league that is divided into two conferences, North and South, though the definitions of North and South are a little hazy, with Gloucester being bracketed as a ‘northern’ club.

It is a fantastic opportunity though for players who have been in good form for their clubs and for those who have yet to fully make it into an academy. Indeed in our view it is one of the very best innovations the RFU/Premiership rugby has ever had, and will do wonders for the development of players.

Each side will play six games over seven weekends stretching up to mid February.

The first round of games begins today at 11am between Gloucester and Northampton at Hartpury College.

Round 1 Fixtures:

Gloucester v Northampton 11am at Hartpury College, Northern Conference

Leicester v Leeds 12pm at Oval Park (Leicester), Northern Conference

Bath v Exeter 12.30pm at Lambridge, Southern Conference

Newcastle v Worcester 2pm at Durham University (Moved from Warwick Road), Northern Conference

London Irish v Bristol 2pm at The Avenue, Southern Conference

Saracens v Harlequins 2pm at Harrow School, Southern Conference

No fixture for Wasps or Sale.


Gloucester Rugby: 15. Hayward (Hartpury College), 14. Thorley (Cheltenham College), 13. Harrison (Hartpury College), 12. Priestner (Rendcomb), 11. Lawthorn (Hartpury), 10. Carolan (Sir Thomas Rich’s), 9. Boughton (Hartpury College); 1. Goodrich-Clarke (Cheltenham College), 2. Charles (Hartpury College), 3. Spencer (Hartpury College), 4. Hill (Hartpury College), 5. Linsell (Marling), 6. Lushington (Cheltenham College), 7. Underhill (Sir Thomas Rich’s), 8. Ludlow (Hartpury College).

16. Routledge (Abingdon), 17. Clarey (Hartpury College), 18. Haskayne (Cheltenham Tigers), 19. Gibbons (Hartpury College), 20. Safe (Hartpury College), 21. Young (Sir Thomas Rich’s), 22. Osbourne (Wycliffe), 23. Skipsey (St Peter’s High School), 24. Grifiths (Hartpury College).

Northampton Saints: 15. Rawcliffe, 14. Packman (Moulton College), 13. Stephenson, 12. Jones, 11. Wacokecoke (St Joseph’s), 10. Olver (Oundle), 9. Hall; 1. Hobbs, 2. Marshall (Moulton College) capt, 3. Morley, 4. Onojaife (Stowe), 5. Betts (Oakham), 6. Arroyo-Hover, 7. Harry, 8. Allcock.

16. Fish, 17. Uzokwe (Ipswich), 18. Ludlum (St Joseph’s), 19. Manly, 20. Lewis, 21. Esam (Bedford), 22. Defeo.

Leicester Tigers: Team not released.

Leeds Carnegie: 15. Rawsthorne (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 14. Leadley (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 13. McPhillips (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 12. Walters (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 11. Rekis (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 10. Green (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 9. Gaudie (Prince Henry’s Grammar School); 1. Boyce (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 2. Walker (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 3. Hill (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 4. Preston-Routledge (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 5. Dunn (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 6. Burridge (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 7. Barnard (Prince Henry’s Grammar School) captain, 8. Grange (Prince Henry’s Grammar School).

16. Tedoradze (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 17. Cracknell (Crossley Heath), 18. Armstrong (Leeds Met), 19. Burridge (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 20. Wilson (Crossley Heath), 21. Allen (Crossley Heath), 22. Tai (Prince Henry’s Grammar School), 23. A N Other.

Bath: Team not released.

Exeter Chiefs: Team not released.

Newcastle Falcons: 15. Penny (RGS Newcastle), 14. Brown (Mowden), 13. Douglas (Gosforth Academy), 12. Myers (Hartlepool 6th form College), 11. Kibirige (Yarm), 10. Willis (Durham), 9. Lacina (Dame Allan’s); 1. Whitlow (Gosforth Academy), 2. Nelson (Durham), 3. Taylor (St Peter’s, York), 4. Young (Jed Forest), 5. Snowdon (Gosforth Academy), 6. Hodgson (Gosforth Academy), 7. Cannon (Gosforth Academy), 8. Cairns (Prudhoe High School).

16. Elkington (Sedbergh), 17. Wilkinson (Gosforth Academy) 18. Addyman, 19. Hedgley (Giggleswick), 20. Chick (Ponteland High), 21. Warner (Gosforth Academy), 22. Tubman (Gosforth Academy), 23. Blakeney-Edwards (Durham).

Worcester Warriors: 15. Hughes (RGS Worcester), 14. Serafini (King’s School, Worcester), 13. Hope (Worcester 6th form College), 12. Young (Bromsgrove), 11. Dickson (Ellesmere College), 10. White (Tarporley High), 9. Pratley (Worcester 6th form College); 1. Wrafter, 2. Gunther, 3. Harris (All Worcester 6th form College), 4. Elt (King’s School, Worcester), 5. Makepiece (Worcester 6th form College), 6. Jeavons-Fellows (King’s School, Worcester), 7. Boyce (King’s School, Worcester), 8. Chaudron (Ellesmere College) captain.

16. Johns (King’s School, Worcester), 17. Page (Malvern), 18. Hodnett (Shrewsbury), 19. Taylor (Old Swinford Hospital), 20. Kinney (Ellesmere College), 21. Williams (Worcester 6th form College), 22. Parker (Ellesmere College), 23. Hughes (Lawrence Sheriff).

London Irish: 15. Whitby, 14. Cowell, 13. Fowlie (St Paul’s Catholic College), 12. O’Hagan, 11. Gott, 10. Adams, 9. Murphy; 1. Sewell, 2. Adams (St Paul’s Catholic College), 3. Wilkie 4. Vukanovic/Schrieber, 5. Bifield, 6. Dow, 7. Berry, 8. McDonald. 

16. Armitage, 17. Trail, 18. Hayes (Wellington College), 19. Richardson (Wellington College), 20. Fulton, 21. Hoadley, 22. Wicks (Wellington College), 23. Herron (Wellington College).

Bristol: 15. Mogg, 14. Slowick (Filton), 13. Carpenter, 12. Slowick (Filton), 11. Lambert, 10. Hughes (Filton), 9. Haines; 1. Harris (Filton), 2. Gompels, 3. Puddy (Filton), 4. Wall (Filton), 5. Charlton-Hibbert (Filton), 6. Genge, 7. Wallis (Filton), 8. Reed (Filton) captain.

16. Roach (Filton), 17. Panting (Filton), 18. Polledri (Filton), 19. Colborne, 20. Uren (Filton), 21. Smith, 22. Floyd.

Saracens: 15. Earle (Oaklands College), 14. Gannon, 13. Tompkins (Oaklands College), 12. Reeder, 11. Perkins, 10. Sharp (Oaklands College), 9. Calder; 1. Webb, 2. James (Bishop’s Stortford High School), 3. Reason (Dulwich College), 4. Patterson, 5. Itoje (Harrow), 6. Thacker, 7. Eliet (Tonbridge), 8. Kingham. 

16. Taylor, 17. Woolard, 18. Kenny, 19. Wheadon, 20. Brown, 21. Maplesden, 22. Guest, 23. Lawrence.

Harlequins (from): Woolams, Bellamin, Forrest, McClean (Wellington College), Smith, Taylor, Francis, Whiteley (Millfield), Jones, Taylor, Arnold, Robinson, Aderniran Olule (Wellington College), Ibuanokpe (Dulwich College), Ledger, Piper, Treadwell, Hillicks, McGeekie, Cheeseman (Whitgift), Wilcock, Chisholm (Brighton College).

If you know the schools of any of the above players, please let us know either through the contact form, via email at, via twitter at @FifteenRugbyXV , or via the comment box below.


If you know the Leicester, Bath or Exeter teams please also get in touch.

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