Who should be the October School Team of the Month?


On Friday we will be announcing our October Team of the Month and we would like to hear your opinion on who should be winner.

Last year the October award went to Millfield after their St Joseph’s Festival victory and clean sweep of the awards there.

This year St Joseph’s College repeated that feat, giving them a strong case to make for the award. Throw is the attacking gusto that they played with, and adaptability that they showed in changing and challenging conditions and they will be the favourites of many.

If St Joseph’s are in with a shout after winning the main tournament, surely Portsmouth Grammar School have a shot after winning the Plate competition at the same tournament. It may be the second tier trophy but it contained some top class schools and the monthly award is not just about pure stats, it is about celebrating exceptional performance and attainment and that is certainly what PGS did, few would have expected them to win the plate.

Sedbergh have a strong case to be made too, up until the half term break they had swept all before them in utterly ruthless manner, including a strong win over Whitgift; firmly establishing themselves as one of the very best in the country this season.

If Sedbergh have a case for the October award then surely Millfield must also. October was an up and down month for them, losing to New Zealand touring side Palmerston North and then beating Sherborne handsomely before falling short of their ambition of retaining the title at St Joseph’s. However the month ended spectacularly with a 26-0 over that excellent Sedbergh side in Abu Dhabi, moving them straight into the reckoning for the award.

One of Sedbergh’s mainrivals for the title of the best team in the North this season is Woodhouse Grove. They remain unbeaten and have had a spectacular October. They do no simply win games, they crush almost every side that they face and would be very worthy winners of the award.

Wellington College won our September award and are in an excellent position to become the first side to win our monthly award in consecutive months. Strong wins against Harrow, Eton, Bryanston, and Sherborne have given Wellington an unbeaten October and they remain with just the one defeat to their name across the entire season to date.

Perhaps a more left field option is Cheltenham College. They have beaten Pate’s Grammar School, King’s Taunton, and the much fancied Radley College 1st XV. They lost to Sherborne, and while few would argue that Cheltenham have been the best side in the country this month, this award is not about who is necessarily the best. It is about weighing up results, score lines, performances, and opposition to reach a conclusion as to who has impressed the most.

Also worth mentioning are Tonbridge who have drawn with Radley, beaten a superb Cranleigh side, and won against Kirkham Grammar School in the fantastic benefit match between the two sides.

Who do you think deserves the October Team of the Month Award, and is there anyone that you think should also be considered?

Should Dulwich College’s huge win over Bedford plus victory over Brighton College and some sensational play on Day Two of St Joseph’s see them considered?

Should RGS High Wycombe figure after their run to the final at St Jo’s, whilst Ampleforth’s return to form, capped off with a draw against Durham, might well be worth considering.

Let us know what you think, you can get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or the comment box below.

The Fifteen Rugby October Team of the Month will be announced on Friday.


To let us know who you think should win, please get in touch via Twitter (@FifteenRugbyXV) Facebook (www.facebook.com/FifteenRugby) or the comment box below.

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