Our Key NatWest Cup Round 5 Fixtures


The NatWest Cup 5th Round begins next week, and while plenty of attention will be on the new Champions Trophy Final, there will be plenty to get excited about in the NatWest Cup.

As such, we have picked our fixture to watch in each of the eight sections for the 5th Round.

North A – Yarm v Stonyhurst

This will be very interesting; Yarm won the plate in 2013, suffered a bit of a dip last year but bang in form again this year. Stonyhurst are always a good side and were one of our dark horses last year and even more so this year, they have been on top form so far.

North B – Hymers College v Crossley Heath

When you hit late November with only one defeat to your name all season, you know you are going strong, when that defeat is to the excellent Barnard Castle, things look even better – that is the position of strength that Hymers are in. Life has been a little more volatile for Crossley Heath, but they are always a knockout force.

Midlands A – Bromsgrove v Warwick

Tie of the round as far as we are concerned, we can see the winner of this going all the way to the final. Both sides have lost just twice all season, and each has been to brilliant opposition. Warwick lost to Millfield, who are in the Champions Trophy final, and Stowe, another potential force in this Cup, while Brosmgrove lost to Monmouth, who face Stowe, and, crucially, to Warwick. Could that play a factor? It will certainly make for compulsive viewing. Can Warwick recover from their trip to Sedbergh fast enough?

Midlands B – Oundle v Trent College

Trent College lifted the Vase last year, so it is no surprise to see them making inroads in the Cup this year, while Oundle have a hugely talented side this year, who have been unlucky to have seen three defeats. When Stamford, Stowe, and Bromsgrove are your three vanquishers though, you know you are doing OK. This will be a good one.

London & South East A – St Joseph’s College v Campion

Part 2: The Revenge. Last year after winning their own Festival in October, St Joseph’s were one of the favourites for the NatWest Cup before they were knocked out by an unfancied Campion outfit, how exciting then that these two will meet again. St Joseph’s have the better form and record, but Campion have shown that means little, however this is a major revenge mission for St Joseph’s and is not one to be missed!

London & South East B – Dulwich College v John Fisher*

Assuming John Fisher get through the fourth round, this should be a classic. Dulwich the “back to back to back” champions against the eternally hard to beat John Fisher. Dulwich have beaten them once already in this season that has seen the Champions lose just once, but Fisher did get past them in the shortened games of the St Joseph’s Festival – a titanic tussle awaits.

* John Fisher must first beat Dover Grammar School in Round 4.

South West A – Sherborne v Exeter School

Sherborne look like the favourites in South West B, although Truro School have progressed well in recent years and the likes of Lord Wandsworth College have potential. This game stands out though because it ought to be the toughest game of the competition yet for Sherborne, who need to keep winning big and turning up at 100% or they will get turned over, and that is exactly what Exeter will be after.

South West B – Monmouth v Stowe

This is another mouth-watering clash, the men from Wales have lost just once all season, to Crawshays Welsh, including victories over Bromsgrove, Cheltenham, and Marlborough. Stowe will be their toughest opponent since Bromsgrove though, but crucially did lose to the West Midlands side where Monmouth by contrast won. Stowe have lost only one other game though, to unbeaten Stamford, and boast a whole host of schoolboy internationals. It ought to be a classic.

Who are you looking forward to seeing in action in the NatWest Cup? Let us know via the comment box below or on @FifteenRugbyXV


Round 5 Schedule & Round 4 Results:

U18 NatWest Cup – North A – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

King’s Macclesfield 26-29 Wilmslow High

Wilmslow High v Ermysted’s GS



Ermysted’s GS 51-0 Austin Friars

QEGS Penrith 3-35 Yarm School

Yarm v Stonyhurst

Queen Elizabeth’s VI form College 5-34 Stonyhurst

Hutton GS 36-7 Giggleswick

Hutton GS v St Peter’s, York


St Peter’s York 68-19 Prince Henry’s GS

Newcastle School for Boys 40-28 Gateshead

Newcastle Schools for Boys v King Edward’s, Morpeth

King Edwards Morpeth 26-5 Dame Allan’s

U18 NatWest Cup – North B – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Wath 7-57 Wirral Grammar School

Pocklington v Bishop Burton



Pocklington 18-5 Bishop Burton

Hymers College 46-0 John Leggott

Hymers College v Crossley Heath

AKS Arnold 18-44 Crossley Heath

Hartlepool 12-29 Worksop College

Worksop v Manchester Grammar


Mount St Mary’s 3-39 Manchester Grammar

Lymm High School 57-0 Merchant Taylots

Lymm High School v Altrincham GS

Calday Grange 11-21 Altrincham GS

U18 NatWest Cup – Midlands A – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Bromsgrove 61-17 Solihull

Bromsgrove v Warwick



Bishop Vesey’s 9-38 Warwick

Bishop’s Stortford College 10-50 Bedford Modern

Bedford Modern v Bloxham

Richard Hale 13-36 Bloxham

Roundwood Park 5-14 Tring School

Tring v The Leys


Princethorpe 15-24 The Leys

Loughborough GS 34-10 Nottingham HS

Loughborough GS v Stamford

Carre’s Grammar School 0-50 Stamford

U18 NatWest Cup – Midlands B – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

King’s Grantham 20-25 Gresham’s

Gresham’s v Norwich



Wymondham College 10-27 Norwich

Oundle School 48-8 The Perse

Oundle v Trent College

Wyggeston & QE College 17-22 Trent College

Hereford Cathedral 27-55 King’s Worcester

King’s Worcester v Old Swinford Hospital


Old Swinford Hospital 27-10 KES Brimingham

RGS Worcester 17-13 Ellesmere College

RGS Worcester v Northampton School for Boys

Adams GS 0-10 Northampton SfB

U18 NatWest Cup – London & South East A – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Dartford Grammar School 29-0 Colfe’s

Dartford Grammar School v Skinners’



Skinners’ 61-0 Sussex Downs

St Joseph’s College 39-28 Felsted

St Joseph’s College v Campion

Davenant Foundation 0-71 Campion

KCS Wimbledon 17-34 Wimbledon College

Wimbledon College v St Benedict’s


University College School 3-55 St Benedict’s

St Cecilia’s, Wandsworth 0-52 Whitgift

Whitgift v Seaford College

City of London Freemens 19-22 Seaford College

U18 NatWest Cup – London & South East B – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Tiffin v College of Richard Collyer

Tiffin/College of Richard Collyer v Reigate Grammar School/Trinity



Reigate Grammar School v Trinity

Parmiters 0-90 Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted v St Clement Danes

St Celment Danes 21-0 Cardinal Vaughan

New Hall 0-34 Dulwich College

Dulwich College v John Fisher/Dover GS


John Fisher v Dover Grammar School

Duke of York RMS 0-53 Chislehurst & Sidcup

Chislehurst & Sidcup v Judd

Judd 31-20 Maidstone Grammar

U18 NatWest Cup – South West A – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Dauntsey’s 50-0 Bournemouth School

Dauntsey’s v Lord Wandsworth College



Lord Wandsworth College 57-7 Milton Abbey

St Peter’s Gloucester 38-7 The Crypt

St Peter’s Gloucester v Wellsway/Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital

Wellsway v Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital

Sherborne 45-7 Richard Huish

Sherborne v Exeter


Blue School 3-23 Exeter School

Exeter College 37-17 v Torquay Boys GS

Exeter College v Truro School

Truro School 60-10 Bodmin College

U18 NatWest Cup – South West B – Round 4 Results & Schedule

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Gryphon 19-15 Beechen Cliff

Gryphon v Portsmouth GS



Portmouth GS 24-10 Oaklands Catholic School

Backwell School 12-31 Monmouth

Monmouth v Stowe

Sir Thomas Rich’s 13-36 Stowe

RGS High Wycombe 55-0 Dr Challoner’s

RGS High Wycombe v Aylesbury


Desborough 5-45 Aylesbury Grammar

Pangbourne College 13-38 Hampton

Hampton v Bishop Wordsworth

Peter Symonds’ 12-23 Bishop Wordsworth

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