Weekend Review: Issue 2 – NatWest Cup Roundup


It has been a big week in the NatWest Cup, at both U18 and U15 levels. The bulk of the last 64 ties took place this week, with the last 32 ties scheduled to take place in a week’s time.


To keep you on top of what is going on in the NatWest Cup, here is our summary of the weeks results and a look ahead to the last 32 in both competitions.


U18 Cup


North A: 

Last 64 Results

RGS Newcastle 29-10 Durham

Ampleforth College 0-30 St Peter’s, York

RGS Lancaster HWO Austin Friars

QEGS Wakefield 33-0 Stockport Grammar

Last 32 Fixtures

RGS Newcastle v St Peter’s York

RGS Lancaster v QEGS Wakefield


North B

Last 64 Results

King William’s College v Calday Grange GS – To be played

Wilmslow High School v Sandbach – To be played

Mount St Mary’s 15-12 Pocklington

Bolton 7-34 Woodhouse Grove

Last 32 Fixtures

King Williams/Calday Grange v Wilmslow HS/Sandbach

Mount St Mary’s v Woodhouse Grove


Midlands A

Last 64 Results

Bedford Modern 53-7 Roundwood Park

Bishop’s Stortford High School 27-10 The Perse

Abingdon 55-0 KES Birmingham

Solihull 8-22 Bromsgrove

Last 32 Fixtures

Bedford Modern v Bishop’s Stortford High School

Abingdon v Bromsgrove


Midlands B 

Last 64 Results

King’s Worcester 38-18 Ellesmere College

RGS Worcester 7-27 Warwick

Carre’s Grammar 3-27 Langley

Oundle v Leicester Grammar – To be played

Last 32 Fixtures

King’s Worcester v Warwick

Langley v Oundle/Leicester Grammar


London & South East A 

Last 64 Results

Hurstpierpoint College 19-24 Whitgift

St Benedict’s 7-8 KCS Wimbledon

Campion v St Joseph’s College – To be played

Skinners’ 58-5 Sir Joseph Williamson’s

Last 32 Fixtures

Whitgift v KCS Wimbledon

Campion/St Joseph’s v Skinners’


London & South East B

Last 64 Results

Simon Langton 46-22 Judd

John Fisher 27-7 New Hall

Hampton 38-5 Reigate Grammar

Trinity 19-10 Richard Collyer

Last 32 Fixtures

Simon Langton v John Fisher

Hampton v Trinity


South West A

Last 64 Results

Bishop Wordsworth 29-5 Aylesbury Grammar

Lord Wandsworth College 14-40 RGS High Wycombe

Stowe v Wycliffe College – To be played

Portsmouth Grammar HWO King’s College Taunton

Last 32 Fixtures

Bishop Wordsworth v RGS High Wycombe

Stowe/Wycliffe v Portsmouth Grammar


South West B

Last 64 Results

Exeter School 3-10 Truro School

Exeter College 24-13 Weston College

QEH 0-36 St Peter’s Gloucester

King Edward’s, Southampton 3-8 Dauntsey’s

Last 32 Fixtures

Truro School v Exeter College

St Peter’s, Gloucester v Dauntsey’s


It was been a compelling week in the U18 Cup, and looking ahead to the last 32, there are some incredibly tough matches in store. The Champions, Bromsgrove, face an incredibly tough away game against Abingdon in Midlands A.


In North A it is hard to choose between QEGS Wakefield, RGS Lancaster, RGS Newcastle, and St Peter’s York. On any given day any side could come out of that section. Similarly Midlands B, where King’s Worcester and Warwick meet, and in all likelihood the winner will face Oundle. That is an immensely tough group.


London & South East A looks tough too, Whitgift, KCS Wimbledon, Skinners, and the winners of Campion v St Joseph’s are all more than capable of being quarter finalists, watching them battle it out will be fascinating.


All of the sections remain tough though, and that is part of what makes this competition so special, it is incredibly hard to predict.


So too in the U15s, here is what has been happening there:


U15 Cup


North A

Last 64 Results

Pockington 7-29 St Peter’s, York

Denstone College v St Ambrose College – To be played

Ampleforth College 5-12 Grammar School at Leeds

Sedbergh 48-5 RGS Lancaster

Last 32 Fixtures

St Peter’s York v Denstone/St Ambrose

Grammar School at Leeds v Sedbergh


North B 

Last 64 Results

Durham 3-22 RGS Newcastle

Kirkham Grammar v Woodhouse Grove – To be played

Lymm High School v Wirral Grammar – To be played

QEGS Wakefield 61-15 Birkdale High School

Last 32 Fixtures

RGS Newcastle v Kirkham/Woodhouse Grove

Lymm/Wirral v QEGS Wakefield


Midlands A

Last 64 Results

Bedford 19-14 St Albans

Old Swinford Hospital 18-57 Newcastle-Under-Lyme

RGS Worcester 3-22 Warwick

Stowe 7-29 Northampton School for Boys

Last 32 Fixtures

Bedford v Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Warwick v Northampton School for Boys


Midlands B

Last 64 Results

Norwich 13-22 Spalding Grammar

Prince Henry’s, Evesham v Bromsgrove – To be played

Bishop of Hereford v Dean Close – To be played

Uppingham 37-14 Leicester Grammar

Last 32 Fixtures

Spalding Grammar v Prince Henry’s/Bromsgrove

Bishop of Hereford/Dean Close v Uppingham


London & South East A

Last 64 Results

Brentwood 31-8 Felsted

Epsom College v Dulwich College – To be played

Merchant Taylors 19-48 Hampton

Wimbledon College v KCS Wimbeldon – To be played

Last 32 Fixtures

Brentwood v Epsom/Dulwich

Hampton v Wimbledon College/KCS


London & South East B

Last 64 Results

Skinners’ v Maidstone GS – To be played

Hurstpierpoint College 12-32 Whitgift

St Paul’s v Harrow – To be played

Caterham v Brighton College – To be played

Last 32 Fixtures

Skinners’/Maidstone v Whitgift

St Paul’s/Harrow v Caterham/Brighton College


South West A

Last 64 Results

Millfield 43-0 Bryanston

St Peter’s Gloucester 19-0 Beechen Cliff

RGS High Wycombe 12-13 Aylesbury Grammar

Truro School 34-7 Kingsbridge CC

Last 32 Fixtures

Millfield v St Peter’s Gloucester

Aylesbury Grammar v Truro School


South West B

Last 64 Results

Bishop Wordsworth v Portsmouth Grammar – To be played

Ivybridge CC 13-12 Blundell’s

Marlborough College 12-19 Colston’s

Wellington College 55-5 Reading Blue Coat

Last 32 Fixtures

Bishop Wordsworth/Portsmouth Grammar v Ivybridge CC

Colston’s v Wellington College

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