Team of the Term Vote – Season Summary – Sedbergh

The eighth season summary in the build up to our Team of the Term vote result announcement on New Year’s Day is Sedbergh.

Each day ahead of the results, we are summarising the season of one team from the ten team shortlist.

Sedbergh’s has been yet another extraordinarily successful season. From their sixteen matches they have won thirteen, including one of the games of the season back in November, when they beat Wellington College 37-34.

Wellington, who went on to win the Daily Mail Trophy, were in outstanding form, had just beaten Millfield, and had come out flying but Sedbergh scored a late Jonny McPhillips penalty to secure a brilliant 37-34 victory in one of the most brilliant schoolboy matches of the entire season.

That was just one of a number of notable victories for the Cumbrians, who also beat the Champions Trophy and St Joseph’s Festvial winners, Millfield, as well as Merchiston Castle and Warwick, two of the strongest sides around.

Sedbergh were also scoring points for fun at times it seemed, four times crossing the fifty point barrier, most notably in a 75-17 victory over Durham, a sensational result. They also reached seventy against Wilmslow High, winning 78-31, while against Ampleforth College they won 68-17.

There were three defeats for ‘The Brown’, losing 24-22 to Whitgift on the opening day before falling to two further defeats late in the season.

What was notable about both was that they came just days after significant victories, four days after beating Wellington, Sedbergh fell 22-12 at home to Kirkham Grammar, while three days after beating Millfield they lost 41-20 at Llandovery College, proving just how demanding schoolboy rugby has become.

Their results, consistency, and remarkably high scoring  games saw Sedbergh finish second in the Daily Mail Trophy table for the second year in a row, a remarkable show of consistency and ample evidence, if any were possibly needed, of the strength of their rugby.

When reflecting on their season though, it will be that victory over Wellington College at Broadstreet RFC that will stick out in the memory, and will do so for some time to come. It was an extraordinary game of rugby, and a superb victory.

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