Weekend Review: Issue 23 – NatWest Cup Fixtures & Results

NatWest Champions Trophy, NatWest Cup, NatWest Plate, NatWest Vase, and NatWest Bowl 2016/17 Fixtures and Results.


There are hundreds of results and fixture collated in this round up of the results across all of the NatWest Competitions, so please use the links below to jump to the section that your team is in!



Champions Trophy Quarter Final Fixtures:

Bedford v Canford

Oakham v Monmouth

Epsom College v Blundell’s

Eton College v Tonbridge


Champions Trophy Round 2 Results:

Bristol GS 19-44 Blundell’s

Canford 48-20 Kingswood

Epsom College 29-22 St John’s Leatherhead

Eton College 55-12 Grammar School at Leeds

Monmouth – BYE

Oakham 15-3 Clifton College

St Paul’s 13-16 Bedford

Tonbridge 26-7 Millfield


Champions Trophy Round 1 Results:

Bristol GS 29-29 Sherborne

Bedford – Bye

Blundell’s – Bye

Canford 57-10 Marlborough College

Clifton College – Bye

Cranleigh 19-36 St John’s Leatherhead

Dulwich College 17-17 Eton College

Epsom College – Bye

Grammar School at Leeds 25-17 Uppingham

Kingswood 20-7 Bryanston

Millfield – Bye

Monmouth 21-13 Radley College

Oakham 38-7 Berkhamsted

St Paul’s 20-5 RGS Guildford

Tonbridge 28-22 Hampton


U18 NatWest Cup Round 3 Fixtures:


North A

Stonyhurst v Manchester GS

Stockport GS/Altrincham GS v Wilmslow HS


North B

St Peter’s, York v QEGS Wakefield

Durham/Barnard Castle v RGS Newcastle


Midlands A

Stamford v Oundle

Stowe v Warwick


Midlands B

Lawrence Sherriff v Bromsgrove

Sandbach v Bishop Vesey’s GS


London & South East A

Campion/Dartford GS v Felsted

Whitgift v Chislehurst & Sidcup GS


London & South East B

Judd v Hurstpierpoint College

John Fisher v KCS Wimbledon


South West A

Pangbourne College/Peter Symonds v Dauntsey’s/Bishop Wordsworth

Christ’s Hospital v Worthing College/Steyning GS


South West B

Sir Thomas Rich’s v RGS High Wycombe

Weston College v Exeter School


U18 NatWest Cup Round 2 Results:


North A

RGS Lancaster 7-17 Stonyhurst

St Ambrose College 15-15 Manchester GS

Stockport GS v Altrincham GS

Wilmslow HS 24-8 King’s Macclesfield


North B

Pocklington 16-21 St Peter’s York

QEGS Wakefield 20-6 Woodhouse Grove

Durham v Barnard Castle

RGS Newcastle 51-10 Dame Allan’s


Midlands A

Gresham’s w/d Stamford w/o

Norwich 22-24 Oundle

Stowe 24-13 Northampton School for Boys

Loughborough 0-55 Warwick


Midlands B

Lawrence Sherriff 28-22 King’s Worcester

Bromsgrove 34-26 Bloxham

Ellesmere College 0-32 Sandbach

Bishop Vesey’s GS 51-26 Adams GS


London & South East A

Campion v Dartford GS

St Joseph’s College 13-19 Felsted

Whitgift 60-0 Eltham College

Chislehurst & Sidcup GS 24-0 Sir Joseph Williamson’s


London & South East B

Simon Langton 10-21 Judd

Skinners’ 19-38 Hurstpierpoint College

Trinity 6-8 John Fisher

KCS Wimbledon 22-22 St Benedict’s


South West A

Pangbourne College v Peter Symonds’

Dauntsey’s v Bishop Wordsworth’s

Salesian 7-33 Christ’s Hospital

Worthing College v Steyning GS


South West B

St Peter’s, Gloucester 24-26 Sir Thomas Rich’s

Aylesbury GS 5-22 RGS High Wycombe

Weston College 30-7 Richard Huish

Truro School 9-10 Exeter School


U18 NatWest Cup Round 1 Results:


North A

AKS Arnold 17-37 RGS Lancaster

Stonyhurst 31-10 Merchant Taylors’

St Ambrose College 19-14 Cheadle Hulme

Bradford GS 8-48 Manchester GS

Calday Grange 12-38 Stockport GS

St Anselm’s College 15-15 Altrincham GS

Birkenhead 10-31 Wilmslow HS

Lymm HS 10-25 King’s Macclesfield


North B

Ampleforth College 0-42 Pocklington

St Peter’s York 59-0 Hymers College

Crossley Heath 0-34 QEGS Wakefield

Woodhouse Grove 55-3 Mount St Mary’s

Durham 55-0 Yarm

Giggleswick 7-24 Barnard Castle

Hartlepool 6th form College 0-36 RGS Newcastle

King Edward’s, Morpeth w/d Dame Allan’s w/o


Midlands A

Spalding GS 17-17 Gresham’s

Stamford 50-0 Lincoln Minster

Hills Road 3-14 Norwich

Oundle w/o Bishop’s Stortford College w/d

Stowe 28-10 Bedford Modern

Princethorpe College 0-50 Northampton School for Boys

Loughborough 17-10 Nottingham HS

Leicester GS 17-50 Warwick


Midlands B

Birmingham Met w/d Lawrence Sherriff w/o

King’s Worcester 27-17 Solihull

RGS Worcester 15-34 Bromsgrove

Bloxham 35-7 KES Birmingham

Ellesmere College w/o Reaseheath College w/d

Sandbach 29-19 Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Bishop Vesey’s GS 28-0 QEGS Ashbourne

Wrekin College 0-10 Adams GS


London & South East A

Mill Hill 5-12 Campion

Dartford GS 8-5 Coopers Coborn

New Hall 5-13 St Joseph’s College

Felsted 34-13 Brentwood

Whitgift 55-6 Caterham

Eltham College 38-0 Harris Academy

Chislehurst & Sidcup GS 22-7 Colfe’s

Maidstone GS 15-18 Sir Joseph Williamson’s


London & South East B

Simon Langton 55-15 St Dunstan’s

Duke of York RMS 0-50 Judd

Skinners’ 49-0 Sussex Downs

Richard Collyer 7-12 Hurstpierpoint College

Trinity 42-30 Tiffin

Richmond Upon Thames College w/d John Fisher w/o

KCS Wimbledon 20-17 UCS

Wimbledon College 17-17 St Benedict’s


South West A

Farnborough College 7-9 Pangbourne College

St Bartholomew’s 7-41 Peter Symonds

Downside 13-15 Dauntsey’s

KES Southampton 14-57 Bishop Wordsworth’s

Howard of Effingham w/d Salesian w/o

Christ’s Hospital 29-22 Reigate GS

Portsmouth GS 13-14 Worthing College

Steyning GS 16-13 Churcher’s College


South West B

St Peter’s Gloucester w/o Cheltenham Bournside w/d

Sir Thomas Rich’s w/o Cirencester College w/d

Aylesbury GS 14-12 St Columba’s College

RGS High Wycombe 39-0 Magdalen College

Weston College 24-19 Colston’s

Richard Huish w/o Gryphon w/d

Plymouth College 20-23 Truro

Exeter 45-0 King’s College, Taunton


U18 NatWest Plate Round 1 Fixtures:


North A

AKS Lytham 3-24 Merchant Taylors’

Birkenhead 17-44 Lymm HS

Calday Grange v St Anselm’s College

Cheadle Hulme v Bradford GS


North B

Ampleforth College w/o Hymers College w/d

Crossley Heath v Mount St Mary’s College

Yarm 24-15 Giggleswick


Midlands A

Bedford Modern 38-5 Princethorpe College

Nottingham HS 27-24 Leicester GS

Spalding GS v Lincoln Minster


Midlands B

QEGS Ashbourne 17-8 Wrekin College

RGS Worcester 10-8 KES Birmingham


London & South East A

Caterham 23-5 Harris Academy

Colfe’s 12-46 Maidstone GS

Mill Hill v Cooper’s Coborn

New Hall v Brentwood


London & South East B

St Dunstan’s College 25-43 Duke of York’s RMS

Sussex Downs v Richard Collyer

UCS 0-0 Wimbledon College


South West A

Downside 26-24 KES Southampton

Farnborough 50-0 St Bartholomew’s

Portsmouth GS v Churcher’s College


South West B

Plymouth College 42-17 King’s College, Taunton

St Columba’s College 24-19 Magdalen College


U18 NatWest Vase Round 3 Fixtures:


North A

Austin Friars/QEGS Penrith v QES Kirkby/Hutton GS

Rydal Penrhos/Wirral GS v Bishop Heber

Runshaw College/Audenshaw v King William’s College/Falibroome

Ilkley GS/Silcoate v Ermysted’s GS


North B

King’s Grantham v Worksop College

South Hunsley v Hill House/Birkdale

Ripoin GS/Harrogate GS v Ashville College/Scarborough 6th form College

QEH HExham/King’s Priory v Emmanuel College/St John’s


Midlands A

Ipswich v Bishop’s Stortford HS

The Perse v Langley

Akeley Wood/Silverstone UTC v Samuel Whitbread/St Ivo

Tring/St George’s Harpenden v Richard Hale


Midlands B

King Henry VIII Coventry v King Edward’s, Camp Hill

Trent College/Welbeck v Robert Smyth/KES Stratford

Hereford 6th form College v Hereford Cathedral School

Queen Mary’s GS v King Edward VI, Five Ways


London & South East A

Havant 6th form College/St John’s College v Brockenhurst/Alton College

Gunnersbury v London Oratory

Parmiter’s/Dame Alice Owen’s v Watford GS

Enfield GS/Barking & Dagenham College v Seevic


London & South East B

St George’s Weybridge v City of London Freemen’s/Richard Challoner

Brighton & Hove 6th form/The Weald v Wallington CGS/Glyn

Sir Roger Manwood’s v Chatham & Clarendon/Oakwood Park GS

Sevenoaks v Ravens Wood


South West A

Cabot/Monkton Combe v Backwell

Castle School v Chosen Hill/Katherine Lady Berkeley’s

Wells Cathedral v Taunton/Yeovil College

Mount Kelly v Queen Elizabeth Academy/Torquay BGS


South West B

Poole GS v St Peter’s Bournemouth

North Hill/Sheldon v Clarendon Academy/Melksham Oak/St Laurence

Royal Latin v Dr Challoner’s

Sir William Borlase’s v Reading Blue Coat


U18 NatWest Vase Round 2 Results:


North A

Austin Friars v QEGS Penrith

QES Kirkby Lonsdale v Hutton GS

Rydal Penrhos v Wirral GS

St Edward’s College w/d Bishop Heber w/o

Runshaw College v Audenshaw

King William’s College v Falibroome

Ilkley GS v Silcoates

Ermysted’s GS 15-0 Prince Henry’s GS


North B

Carre’s GS 7-29 King’s Grantham

Worksop College 62-5 Thomas Rotherham

South Hunsley w/o De Aston w/d

Hill House v Birkdale

Ripon GS v Harrogate GS

Ashville College v Scarborough 6th form College

QEH Hexham v King’s Priory

Emmanuel College v St John’s


Midlands A

RGS Colchester 6-13 Ipswich

Bishop’s Stortford HS w/o King Edward’s GS, Chelmsford w/d

The Perse 35-14 The Leys

Langley 56-0 Wymondham College

Akeley Wood v Silverstone UTC

Samuel Whitbread v St Ivo

Tring v St George’s, Harpenden

Knights Templar w/d Richard Hale w/o


Midlands B

King Henry VIII Coventry 12-5 Bablake

King Edward’s, Camp Hill 50-0 Solihull 6th form College

Trent College v Welbeck

Robert Smyth v KES Stratford

Prince Henry’s Evesham 3-53 Hereford 6th form College

Hereford Cathedral School w/o The Chase w/d

Queen Mary’s GS 19-12 King Edward VI, Lichfield

KES Aston 10-30 King Edward VI, Five Ways


London & South East A

Havant 6th form College v St John’s College, Southsea

Brockenhurst v Alton College

Cardinal Vaughan 7-57 Gunnersbury

London Oratory 26-5 Latymer Upper

Parmiter’s v Dame Alice Owen’s

Watford GS 46-19 St Clement Danes

Enfield GS v Barking & Dagenham College

Seevic 50-7 Robert Clack


London & South East B

St George’s Weybridge 50-0 Esher College

City of London Freemen’s v Richard Challoner

Brighton, Hove, and Sussex 6th form v The Weald

Wallington CGS v Glyn

St Lawrence College 10-22 Sir Roger Manwood’s

Chatham & Clarendon v Oakwood Park GS

Sevenoaks 17-7 Gravesend GS

Hayes 10-31 Ravens Wood


South West A

Cabot v Monkton Combe

QEH Bristol 12-26 Backwell

Castle School 29-24 The Crypt

Chosen Hill v Katherine Lady Berkeley’s

Wells Cathedral 52-5 Holyrood

Taunton v Yeovil College

Penwith College 5-34 Mount Kelly

Queen Elizabeth Academy v Torquay BGS


South West B

Poole GS 51-10 Corfe Hills

St Peter’s, Bournemouth 26-0 Thomas Hardye

Norton Hill v Sheldon

Clarendon Academy/Melksham Oak v St Laurence

Cokethorpe 29-33 Royal Latin

Dr Challoner’s 50-0 Chesham GS

Reading 19-33 Sir William Borlase’s

Kennett 3-45 Reading Blue Coat


U18 NatWest Vase Round 1 Results:


North A

Austin Friars w/o Cockermouth w/d

QEGS Penrith 44-12 Keswick

Ullswater w/d QES Kirkby Lonsdale w/o

Hutton GS 20-7 Ripley St Thomas

Rydal Penrhos 54-0 Hilbre HS

Wirral GS w/o Liverpool College w/d

St Edward’s College w/o Helsby HS w/d

Sir John Dean’s 5-40 Bishop Heber

Bolton 12-14 Runshaw College

Audenshaw w/o Bury College w/d

King William’s College 21-0 Sale GS

St Joseph’s College 15-22 Falibroome

Ilkley GS 24-7 Bingley GS

Allerton HS w/d Silcoates w/o

St John Fisher 0-50 Ermysted’s GS

South Craven 5-49 Prince Henry’s GS


North B

Carre’s GS 26-22 Priory Academy

King’s Gratham 27-7 Queen Elizabeth’s, Gainsborough

St George’s Academy w/d Worksop College w/o

Wath 10-22 Thomas Rotherham

South Hunsley 43-0 Hull Collegiate

De Aston w/o John Leggott w/d

Hill House 50-0 Hall Cross Academy

Birkdale 36-0 Lady Manners

Ripon GS 50-0 Richmond

Harrogate GS w/o Northallerton w/d

Ashville College w/o Thirsk w/d

Scarborough 6th form College – BYE

QEH Hexham w/o Newcastle School for Boys w/d

Ponteland HS 23-27 King’s Priory

Emmanuel College 31-17 Bede Academy

St John’s w/o Carmel College w/d


Midlands A

RGS Colchester 26-12 Woodbridge

Colchester 6th form 0-50 Ipswich

Bishop Stortford HS 50-0 Saffron Walden

King Edward’s GS, Chelmsford 33-0 St Martin’s

The Perse w/o College of West Anglia w/d

King’s Peterborough 7-57 The Leys

Easton & Otley 0-52 Langley

Thomas Mills 15-40 Wymondham College

Malcolm Arnold 0-43 Akeley Wood

Silverstone UTC w/o St Paul’s, Milton Keynes w/d

Samuel Whitbread 50-7 Hitchingbrooke

Bishop Stopford 12-27 St Ivo

Roundwood Park 10-12 Tring

Beaumont 19-42 St George’s, Harpenden

Sir John Lawes 17-18 Knights Templar

Richard Hale 50-0 St Edmund’s College


Midlands B

King Henry VIII Coventry w/o Alcester GS

Bablake w/o Warwickshire College

King Edward’s Camp Hill 36-5 Arden Academy

Kenilworth w/d Solihull 6th form College w/o

De Lisle 0-29 Trent College

Hinckley Academy 6-49 Welbeck

Ashlawn 7-57 Robert Smyth

KES Stratford – BYE
Prince Henry’s Evesham 31-7 Cotswold School Academy

Hereford 6th form College 52-3 Cleeve

Tewkesbury 5-24 Hereford Cathedral School

The Chase w/o Windsor HS w/d

Shrewsbury 12-15 Queen Mary’s GS

Stafford GS 10-43 King Edward VI, Lichfield

Stafford Collegiate 12-36 KES Aston

Old Swinford Hospital 5-13 King Edward VI, Five Ways


London & South East A

Oaklands Catholic School 14-35 Havant 6th form College

Burgate w/d St John’s Collge, Southsea w/o

Hampshire Collegiate w/d Brockenhurst w/o

Alton College 24-5 Gordons

Isleworth & Syon 10-45 Cardinal Vaughan

Vyners 0-50 Gunnersbury

St Cecilia’s 20-48 London Oratory

Drayton Manor 12-15 Latymer Upper

Parmiter’s w/o Verulam w/d

Dame Alice Owen’s w/o Queen’s School, Bushey w/d

Sandringham 12-36 Watford GS

St Clement Danes w/o Upton Court w/d

Davenant 0-50 Enfield GS

Barking & Dagenham College w/o Palmer’s College w/d

King John School 12-43 Seevic

Robert Clack 43-7 Westcliff HS


London & South East B

St George’s Weybridge 50-0 Cobham International

George Abbot 8-19 Esher College

Rutlish w/d City of London Freemen’s w/o

Richard Challoner 31-17 Ewel Castle

Brighton Hove and Sussex 6th form 21-5 Worth

Cardinal Newman 0-31 The Weald

Wallington CGS 50-0 Reigate College

Graveney 5-45 Glyn

St Lawrence College 31-0 Folkestone Academy

Dover GS 5-12 Sir Roger Manwood’s

Kent College 7-39 Chatham and Clarendon

Norton Knatchbull w/d Oakwood Park GS w/o

Tunbridge Wells GS w/d Sevenoaks w/o

Gravesend GS 6-0 St Olave’s GS

Beth’s GS 0-33 Hayes

Ravens Wood 29-20 Langley Park


South West A

Bristol Cathedral Choir 19-47 Cabot

St Brendan’s 24-31 Monkton Combe

QEH Bristol 18-12 North Bristol 6th form

Wellsway w/d Backwell w/o

Castle School 50-0 Beaufort Academy

Crypt 54-0 Malmesbury

Wycliffe College 19-20 Chosen Hill

Marling 0-33 Katharine Lady Berkeley’s

Wells Cathedral w/o Churchill Academy w/d

Holyrood w/o Woodroffe w/d

West Buckland 0-52 Taunton

Yeovil College 29-0 Bridgwater College

Penwith College w/o Devonport HS w/d

Kinglsey 12-62 Mount Kelly

Queen Elizabeth Academy w/o Kingsbridge CC w/d

South Dartmoor w/d Torquay BGS w/o


South West B

Bournemouth 21-36 Poole GS

Corfe Hills 12-7 Gillingham

QES Wimbourne 14-15 St Peter’s, Bournemouth

Poole HS 10-45 Thomas Hardye

Norton Hill 26-20 Frome

Devizes w/d Sheldon w/o

Clarendon Academy v Melksham Oak

St Laurence 28-10 Corsham

Cokethorpe 17-17 Lord William’s

Royal Latin 64-14 Waddesdon

John Hampden 0-7 Dr Challoner’s

Longdean 0-50 Chesham GS

Desborough College 7-57 Reading

Sir William Borlase’s 46-5 Windsor Boys

Royal Wootton Bassett 19-20 Kennet

Reading Blue Coat 15-7 Lord Wandsworth’s College


U18 NatWest Bowl Round 1 Fixtures:


North A

Sale GS 12-13 St Joseph’s College, Stoke

St John Fisher w/d South Craven w/o

Hilbre High v Sir John Deane’s

Keswick v Ripley St Thomas


North B

Hall Cross v Lady Manners

Priory Academy v QEH Gainsborough

Ponteland v Bede Academy

Richmond v BYE


Midlands A

Easton & Otley College w/o Thomas Mills w/d

Hichingbrooke 12-21 Bishop Stopford

Roundwood Park 7-36 Beaumont

Saffron Walden v St Martin’s, Brentwood

Sir John Lawes v St Edmund’s College

Woodbridge w/o Colchester 6th form College w/d


Midlands B

De Lisle v John Cleveland

Shrewsbury w/o Stafford GS w/d

Stafford Collegiate v Old Swinford Hospital

Cotswold v Cleeve

Bye v Arden Academy


London & South East A

Isleworth & Syon v Vyners

Saint Cecilia’s v Drayton Manor

King John 12-43 Westcliff

Bye v Sandringham

Oaklands v Gordon’s


London & South East B

Cobham International 34-17 George Abbott

Beth’s GS 0-57 Langley Park

Folkstone Academy v Dover GS

Reigate College v Graveney

Worth 31-5 Cardinal Newman


South West A

Beaufort w/o Malmesbury w/d

Bristol Cathedral Choir 28-34 St Brendan’s

West Buckland v Bridgwater

Wycliffe College 18-17 Marling

Kingsley v Bye


South West B

Bournemouth v Gillingham

Desborough College 7-36 Windsor Boys

John Hampden 45-0 Longdean

Lord William’s v Waddesdon

Queen Elizabeth’s, Wimbourne v Poole HS

Royal Wootton Bassett v Lord Wandsworth College

Frome v Corsham


U15 NatWest Cup Round 3 Fixtures:


North A

St Edward’s College v Sedbergh

Kirkham GS v QEGS Penrith/RGS Lancaster

Birkenhead v St Ambrose College

Cheadle Hulme v King’s Macclesfield


North B

Durham v RGS Newcastle

King Edward’s Morpeth v QEGS Wakefield/Priory Ruskin

Grammar School at Leeds/Prince Henry’s GS v Woodhouse Grove

St Peter’s York/Queen Ethelburga’s College v Hymers College


Midlands A

Warwick v Northampton School for Boys

Denstone College v Old Swinford Hospital

Loughborough v Oakham

Cheltenham College v Bromsgrove


Midlands B

Hitchin Boys/Aylesbury GS v Berkhamsted

Uppingham v Bedford

Spalding GS v Langley

The Perse v St Joseph’s College


London & South East A

Lord Wandsworth College v Churcher’s College

RGS Guildford v City of London Freemen’s

Hampton/John Fisher v Harrow

Whitgift v St John’s Leatherhead


London & South East B

Hurstpierpoint College v Eastbourne College

Campion/Robert Clack v Trinity

Dulwich College v UCS/Wimbledon College

Chislehurst & Sidcup GS v Judd


South West A

Devonport HS v Ivybridge/St Peter’s Exeter

QE Crediton/Taunton v Millfield

Downside/Bristol GS v Sherborne/Gryphon

Bishop Wordsworth/Clayesmore v Bryanston


South West B

Clifton College v Dean Close

Chosen Hill v St Peter’s Gloucester/Cotswold

Abingdon v RGS High Wycombe

Wellington College v Marlborough College


U15 NatWest Cup Round 2 Results:


North A

Calday Grange 0-27 St Edward’s College

Stonyhurst 0-50 Sedbergh

Kirkham GS 27-40 Altrincham GS

QEGS Penrith v RGS Lancaster

Birkenhead v Bye

Bye v St Ambrose College

Cheadle Hulme 24-17 Manchester GS

King’s Maccesfield v Bye


North B

QES Hexham 5-41 Durham

Barnard Castle 10-19 RGS Newcastle

King Edward’s Morpeth 38-12 Ampleforth College

QEGS Wakefield v Priory Ruskin

Grammar School at Leeds v Prince Henry’s GS

Woodhouse Grove 58-7 Bradford GS

St Peter’s, York v Queen Ethelburga’s College

Hymers College 12-7 Hayfield


Midlands A

Warwick 36-21 Solihull

Rugby 21-22 Northampton School for Boys

Denstone College 31-26 Ellesmere College

Old Swinford Hospital 40-14 Adams GS

Loughborough 52-14 Fairfax

Oakham 40-10 Leicester GS

Cheltenham College 13-10 King’s Worcester

RGS Worcester 12-36 Bromsgrove


Midlands B

Hitchin Boys v Aylesbury GS

Berkhamsted 59-0 Watford GS

Uppingham 52-12 Stamford

Stowe 10-36 Bedford

Spalding GS 20-12 Norwich

Langley 27-7 Wymondham HS

Felsted 15-17 The Perse

St Joseph’s College 48-22 Bishop’s Stortford College


London & South East A

Lord Wandsworth College w/o St John’s College w/d

Churcher’s College 31-5 KES Southampton

RGS Guildford 22-14 Reed’s

Reigate GS 3-45 City of London Freemen’s

Hampton v John Fisher

Merchant Taylors 0-50 Harrow

Epsom College 0-36 Whitgift

St John’s Leatherhead – Bye


London & South East B

Hurstpierpoint College 17-7 Brighton College

Eastbourne College 31-26 Christ’s Hospital

Campion v Robert Clack

Trinity 42-3 Dartford GS

Dulwich College 46-5 Ravens Wood

UCS v Wimbledon College

King’s Canterbury 5-36 Chislehurst & Sidcup GS

Simon Langton 19-50 Judd


South West A

Newquay Tretherras 7-36 Devonport HS

Ivybridge CC v St Peter’s, Exeter

QE Crediton v Taunton

Millfield 59-3 Sheldon

Downside v Bristol GS

Sherborne v Gryphon

Bishop Wordsworth v Clayesmore

Bryanston v Bye


South West B

Colston’s 13-32 Clifton College

Dean Close 50-0 Cleeve

Chosen Hill 17-15 Crypt

St Peter’s, Gloucester v Cotswold School

Abingdon 50-0 Magdalen College

RGS High Wycombe 53-0 Salesian

Reading 19-48 Wellington College

Reading Blue Coat 15-26 Marlborough College


U15 NatWest Cup Round 1 Results:


North A

Calday Grange 19-17 Wirral GS

Merchant Taylors 15-20 St Edward’s College

Giggleswick 12-39 Stonyhurst College

Sedbergh 39-7 QES Kirkby Lonsdale

Kirkham GS w/o Birkdale HS w/d

Lymm HS 15-19 Altrincham GS

QEGS Penrith 30-17 Ullswater

Ripley St Thomas 0-48 RGS Lancaster



St Anselm’s College 10-15 Birkenhead



St Ambrose College 50-0 Wilmslow HS

Cheadle Hulme 38-27 Stockport GS

Audenshaw 29-32 Manchester GS

King’s Macclesfield 29-7 Sandbach




North B

Austin Friars 26-36 QES Hexham

St Thomas More w/d Durham w/o

Barnard Castle w/o Carmel College w/d

RGS Newcastle 35-6 Dame Allan’s

King Edward’s, Morpeth 50-0 Newcastle School for Boys

Yarm 19-59 Ampleforth College

Crossley Heath 12-48 QEGS Wakefield

Lincoln Minster 22-34 Priory Ruskin

Grammar School at Leeds 14-0 Mount St Mary’s

Prince Henry’s GS 40-17 Ilkley GS

Harrogate GS 12-51 Woodhouse Grove

Bradford GS w/o St John Fisher w/d

Wickersely 0-50 St Peter’s, York

Queen Ethelburga’s College 33-12 Ripon GS

Hymers College 20-15 South Hunsley

Havelock 12-57 Hayfield


Midlands A

Bloxham 0-47 Warwick

King Edward’s Camp Hill 5-50 Solihull

Princethorpe College 0-50 Rugby

Northampton School for Boys w/o Ashlawn w/d

QEGS Ashbourne 0-56 Denstone College

Newcastle-Under-Lyme 0-53 Ellemsere College

Old Swinford Hospital 49-10 Wrekin College

Lacon Childe 7-47 Adams GS

Bishop Vesey’s GS 26-36 Loughborough

Fairfax 19-17 Lawrence Sherriff

Oakham 39-12 Nottingham HS

Leicester GS 38-26 Trent College

Cheltenham College 41-0 Bishop of Hereford Blue Coat

King’s Worcester 45-12 KES Birmingham

Prince Henry’s HS 12-62 RGS Worcester

Bromsgrove 36-0 Malvern College


Midlands B
St Albans 5-31 Hitchin Boys

Chesham GS 5-54 Aylesbury GS

Berkhamsted 50-0 Richard Hale

St Columba’s College 10-22 Watford GS

Shambrook Upper 0-50 Uppingham

Oundle 5-20 Stamford

Stowe 50-0 Bedford Modern

Bedford 50-0 Harlington

King’s Grantham 17-17 Spalding GS

Wymondham College 0-22 Norwich

Gresham’s 15-38 Langley

Wymondham HS 43-0 KES Bury St Edmunds

Felsted 53-5 Ipswich

The Perse 34-14 Bishop’s Stortford HS

St Joseph’s College 50-0 New Hall

Bishop’s Stortford College 50-0 Saffron Walden


London & South East A

Lord Wandsworth College 50-0 LVS

St John’s College, Portsmouth w/o King’s Winchester w/d

Oaklands 0-50 Churcher’s College

Portsmouth GS 0-58 KES Southampton

RGS Guildford 29-19 Howard of Effingham

George Abbot 0-22 Reed’s

Reigate GS 13-10 St George’s College, Weybridge

Caterham 5-55 City of London Freemen’s

Glyn 0-50 Hampton

Halliford 5-57 John Fisher

Merchant Taylors 34-12 St Benedict’s

Grey Court 0-50 Harrow

Epsom College 15-10 St Paul’s

London Oratory 24-31 Whitgift

KCS Wimbledon 3-48 St John’s Leatherhead

Bye v Bye


London & South East B

Hurstpierpoint College 47-10 Sevenoaks

Seaford College 14-28 Brighton College

Eastbourne College 38-14 Shoreham Academy

Christ’s Hospital 48-0 Steyning GS

Campion 43-19 Westcliff HS

Cooper’s Coborn 15-20 Robert Clack

Colfe’s 0-50 Trinity

Dartford GS 26-24 Davenant

Langley Park 14-26 Dulwich College

Eltham College 17-31 Ravens Wood

UCS 34-29 Emanuel

Latymer Upper 0-52 Wimbledon College

Chatham & Clarendon 10-14 King’s Canterbury

Chislehurst & Sidcup GS 55-5 Sir Joseph Williamson’s

Simon Langton 46-0 Maidstone GS

Duke of York RMS 0-53 Judd


South West A

Newquay Tretherras 50-5 Plymouth College

Devonport HS 65-15 Truro

Richard Lander 14-55 Ivybridge CC

Torquay BGS 0-50 St Peter’s, Exeter

QE Crediton 47-12 Blundell’s

Taunton 50-0 Holyrood Academy

King’s College, Taunton 5-52 Millfield

Sheldon 31-17 Dauntsey’s

Downside 27-22 Beechen Cliff

Churchill Academy 19-31 Bristol GS

Sherborne 35-0 Canford

Gryphon 33-19 Poole GS

Bishop Wordsworth 50-0 Ringwood

Bournemouth 10-45 Clayesmore

St Peter’s Bournemouth 14-64 Bryanston

Bye v Bye


South West B

Colston’s 38-14 St Bede’s

QEH 0-29 Clifton College

Marling 0-50 Dean Close

Thomas Keble 19-19 Cleeve

Chosen Hill 12-10 Sir Thomas Rich’s

Crypt 29-5 Katharine Lady Berkeley’s

Pate’s GS 10-26 St Peter’s Gloucester

Cotswold Academy 32-19 Cheltenham Bournside

Cokethorpe 10-51 Abingdon

Magdalen College 31-33 Lord Williams

Sir William Borlase’s 12-60 RGS High Wycombe

Salesian 40-25 Gordon’s

St Bartholomew’s 29-34 Reading

Wellington College 50-0 Windsor Boys

Reading Blue Coat 50-0 Desborough

Marlborough College 38-12 Pangbourne College


U15 NatWest Plate Round 1 Fixtures:


North A

Giggleswick v QES Kirkby

Stockport GS 50-12 Audenshaw

Ullswater v Ripley St Thomas

Wirral GS 39-5 Merchant Taylors’


North B

Mount St Mary’s College v Ilkley GS

Newcastle School for Boys 0-36 Yarm

South Hunsley v Havelock

Crossley Heath v Lincoln Minster

Wickersley v Ripon GS


Midlands A

Bishop Vesey’s GS v Lawrence Sherriff

Bloxham 35-36 King Edward VI, Camp Hill

Nottingham HS 43-0 Trent College

Prince Henry’s v Malvern College

QEGS Ashbourne v Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Bishop of Hereford v KES Birmingham

Wrekin College v Lacon Childe


Midlands B

Bedford Modern v Harlington

Gresham’s 50-0 KES Bury St Edmund’s

Ipswich 19-41 Bishop’s Stortford HS

New Hall v Saffron Walden

Richard Hale 5-44 St Columba’s College

Sharnbrook w/d Oundle w/o

St Albans v Chesham GS

King’s Grantham 17-10 Wymondham College


London & South East A

Glyn v Halliford

Howard of Effingham v George Abbott

Oaklands 50-0 Portsmouth GS

St Benedict’s v Grey Court

St George’s College, Weybridge v Caterham

St Paul’s v London Oratory


London & South East B

Chatham & Clarendon v Sir Joseph Williamson’s

Colfe’s v Davenant

Emanuel v Latymer Upper

Langley Park v Eltham College

Maidstone GS w/d Duke of York’s RMS w/o

Sevenoaks 5-34 Seaford College

Shoreham Academy v Steyning GS

Westcliff v Cooper’s Coborn


South West A

Beechen Cliff v Churchill

Canford v Poole GS

King’s College Taunton v Dauntsey’s

Plymouth College v Truro

Queen Elizabeth’s, Crediton v Holyrood Academy

Richard Lander v Torquay BGS

Ringwood v Bournemouth


South West B

Cokethorpe 0-12 Magdalen College

Desborough College 19-69 Pangbourne College

Marling v Thomas Keble

Pate’s GS 25-14 Cheltenham Bournside

Sir Thomas Rich’s v Katharine Lady Berkeley’s

Sir William Borlase’s v Gordon’s

St Bartholomew’s v Windsor Boys’

St Bede’s v QEH


U15 NatWest Vase Round 3 Fixtures:


North A

Keswick/Cockermouth v Emmanuel College/St John’s School

Bolton v Castle Rushen

Helsby HS/Hilbre HS v Bridgewater HS/Weaverham HS

Westwood College/St Joseph’s College v Bishop Heber HS


North B

High Tunstall College/Ian Ramsey v Outwood Academy/Hull Collegiate

Ashville College/South Craven v Bingley GS/Parkdale

Horsforth/Brighouse v King’s Pontefract/Rodillian

Worksop College v Wales HS/Lady Manners


Midlands A

King Edward VI Five Ways v KES Aston

Carre’s GS/Priory Academy v Ashby/Welland Park

Royal Latin v Sir Henry Floyd

Biship Stopworth v Bilton


Midlands B

Thomas Mills/Woodbridge v Downham Market/King’s Peterborough

Parkside Federation v Swavesey/Samuel Whitbread

St Paul’s Milton Keynes v Dr Challoner’s

Verulam/Parmiter’s v Beaumont/Stockwood Park


London & South East A

Cardinal Newman/Warden Park v Wallington CGS

The Cedars/Twyford v Graveney/Rutlish

Gunnersbury/Richard Challoner v John Hampden

Mill Hill/Orleans Park v Tiffin/Harrodian


London & South East B

St Lawrence College v Norton Knatchbull

Skinners’ v Gravesend GS/St Dunstan’s College

King John’s/St Martin’s v King Edward VI GS/Hall Mead

Epping St John’s/Bancroft’s v Woodlands


South West A

Mounts Bay/Penryn v Redruth/Penrice

Exmouth v Uffculme

Thomas Hardye v Huish Episcopi/Crispin

Chew Valley/Backwell v Monkton Combe


South West B

Claires Court/Kennet v Forest/Amery Hill

Perins/Hampshire Collegiate v Gillingham/QES Wimbourne

Churchdown/The Castle v Malmesbury

Millbrook v Dene Magna/Beaufort Academy


U15 NatWest Vase Round 2 Results:


North A

Keswick v Cockermouth

Emmanuel College v St John’s School

Hutton GS 31-33 Bolton

Castle Rushen 19-12 Bramhall HS

Helsby HS v Hilbre HS

Bridgewater HS v Weaverham HS

Westwood College v St Joseph’s College

Bishop Heber HS 50-0 Marches


North B

High Tunstall College v Ian Ramsey

Outwood Academy v Hull Collegiate

Ashville College v South Craven

Bingley GS v Parkdale

Horsforth v Brighouse

King’s Pontefract v Rodillian

Hill House 10-22 Worksop College

Wales HS v Lady Manners


Midlands A

King Edward VI, Five Ways 50-0 Abraham Darby

KES Aston 43-38 Tudor Grange

Carre’s GS v Priory Academy

Ashby v Welland Park

Kenilworth 12-26 Royal Latin

Sir Henry Floyd 47-0 Akeley Wood

Lutterworth 12-38 Bishop Stopworth

Bilton 45-10 Queen Mary’s GS


Midlands B

Thomas Mills v Woodbridge

Downham Market v King’s Peterborough

Hitchingbrooke 5-12 Parkside Federation

Swavesey v Samuel Whitbread

St Paul’s, Milton Keynes w/o St Edmund’s College w/d

Tring 12-47 Dr Challoner’s

Verulam v Parmiter’s

Beaumont v Stockwood Park


London & South East A

Cardinal Newman v Warden Park

The Forest 10-38 Wallington CGS

The Cedars v Twyford

Graveney v Rutlish

Gunnersbury v Richard Challoner

Sir William Ramsey 0-50 John Hampden

Mill Hill v Orleans Park

Tiffin v Harrodian


London & South East B

St Lawrence College 61-0 Sir Roger Manwood’s

Oakwood Park 14-43 Norton Knatchbull

St Olave’s GS 17-19 Skinners’

Gravesend GS v St Dunstan’s College

King John’s v St Martin’s

King Edward VI GS v Hall Mead

Epping St John’s v Bancroft’s

Woodlands 44-12 Enfield GS


South West A

Mounts Bay v Penryn

Redruth v Penrice

Mount Kelly 0-39 Exmouth

Uffculme 50-10 King’s Devon

Thomas Hardye 21-0 Budmouth

Huish Episcopi v Crispin

Chew Valley v Backwell

Monkton Combe w/o Frome College w/d


South West B

Claires Court v Kennet

Forest v Amery Hill

Perins v Hampshire Collegiate

Gillingham v QES Wimbourne

Churchdown v The Castle

Malmesbury 55-5 Cabot

Archway 25-35 Millbrook

Dene Magna v Beaufort Academy


U15 NatWest Vase Round 1 Results:


North A

Kewswick w/o Workington Academy w/d

Cockermouth 47-0 Netherhall

Emmanuel College 35-10 Bede Academy

King’s Priory 20-22 St John’s School

Hutton GS 50-10 AKS Lytham

Bolton 20-7 West Hill

Castle Rushen 50-0 King William’s College

Bramhall HS w/o Sale GS w/d

Helsby HS 51-5 Rydal Penrhos

Hilbre HS 26-17 St Francis Xavier

Liverpool College 15-43 Bridgewater HS

Weaverham HS 19-15 Fallibroome Academy

Holmes Chapel 12-54 Westwood College

St Joseph’s College 55-15 Stafford GS

Bishop Heber HS w/o Corbet w/d

Church Stretton 24-28 Marches


North B

High Tunstall College 50-0 Egglescliffe

Ian Ramsey 36-24 Richmond

Outwood Academy 27-5 Wolfreton

Pocklington 17-21 Hull Collegiate

Millthorpe 12-45 Ashville College

Ermysted’s GS 7-50 South Craven

Thirsk w/d Bingley GS w/o

Guisley w/d Parkdale w/o

Whitcliffe Mount 0-52 Horsforth

Brighouse w/o Pudsey Grangefield w/d

Silcoates 15-20 King’s Pontefract

Rodillian w/o Hall Cross w/d

Wath 14-46 Hill House

Birkdale 26-26 Worksop College

Wales HS 55-5 Samworth Church

Lady Manners 50-0 Christ the King


Midlands A

Chase 5-48 King Edward VI Five Ways

Abraham Darby 31-26 Barr Beacon

Arden Academy 23-27 KES Aston

King’s Norton 24-47 Tudor Grange

Uppingham CC 0-32 Carre’s GS

St George’s Academy 19-48 Priory Academy

De Lisle College 24-54 Ashby

Welland Park w/o Corby Business Academy w/d

Bablake 22-28 Kenilworth

Royal Latin 24-17 Chiiping Norton

Sir Henry Floyd 35-12 Waddesdon

Akeley Wood 38-5 Malcolm Arnold

Kettering Buccleuch w/d Lutterworth w/o

Bishop Stopford w/o King Edward VI Lichfield w/d

Bilton 15-14 King Henry VIII

Queen Mary’s GS 44-5 Kind Edward VI Sheldon Heath


Midlands B

City of Norwich 0-48 Thomas Mills

Hartismere 15-14 Woodbridge

Thomas Clarkson w/d Downham Market w/o

King’s Peterborough w/o Sir Harry Smith w/d

Deepings 3-39 Hichingbrooke

Parkside Federation 50-5 St Ivo

Swavesey 29-22 Mark Rutherford

Samuel Whitbread 28-12 Wootton Upper

Cottesloe 24-54 St Paul’s, Milton Keynes

Knights Templar 0-45 St Edmund’s College

Tring 52-5 John F Kennedy

Dr Challoner’s 46-0 St Clement Danes

Longdean 5-45 Verulam

QES Barnet 13-62 Parmiter’s

Beaumont 49-7 St George’s, Harpenden

Stockwood Park 31-26 Sandringham


London & South East A

Gildredge House 5-47 Cardinal Newman

Dorothy Stringer 7-13 Warden Park

Worth 17-38 The Forest

Royal Alexandra & Albert 17-24 Wallington CGS

Drayton Manor 5-51 The Cedars

Twyford 22-0 Harris Academy

Cardinal Wiseman 5-55 Graveney

Ewell Castle 0-50 Rutlish

Gunnersbury 12-5 Hinchley Wood

Richard Challoner 33-21 Saint Cecilia’s

Sir William Ramsey 20-19 Great Marlow

Upton Court w/d John Hampden w/o

Cardinal Vaughan w/d Mill Hill w/o

Vyners 7-26 Orleans Park

Tiffin 51-24 Isleworth & Syon

Harrodian 50-0 Burlington Danes


London & South East B

Kent College 0-50 St Lawrence College

Sir Roger Manwood’s w/o St Simon Stock w/d

Folkestone Academy 5-19 Oakwood Park

Dover GS 15-42 Norton Knatchbull

St Olave’s GS 60-10 Tunbridge Wells GS

Skinners’ 19-12 Beths

Gravesend GS 48-0 Hutsmere

St Dunstan’s College w/o Haberdashers w/d

Brentwood 7-46 King John

Eastbrook 29-47 St Martin’s

King Edward VI GS Chelmsford 43-10 East Bergholt HS

RGS Colchester 24-40 Hall Mead

Epping St John’s 34-19 Brampton Manor

Bancroft’s v Bye

Trinity Catholic HS 7-21 Woodlands

City Academy 0-50 Enfield GS


South West A

Mounts Bay w/o St Ives w/d

Pool Academy w/d Penryn w/o

Redruth 46-12 Fowey River

Penrice 50-14 Looe

Mount Kelly w/o South Dartmoor w/d

Exmouth 29-17 Kingsbridge

West Buckland 0-50 Uffculme

Tiverton HS 17-31 King’s Devon

Woodroffe 7-50 Thomas Hardye

Budmouth 36-10 Colyton GS

Huish Episcopi 39-14 Wells Cathedral

Crispin 17-12 Brymore Academy

Chew Valley 29-22 Clevedon

Backwell 50-0 Bristol Cathedral Choir

Wellsway 0-50 Monkton Combe

Old Field 5-40 Frome College


South West B

Claires Court 30-5 Maiden Erlegh

Kennet 28-12 Royal Wootton Bassett

St James 17-63 Forest

Westgate w/d Amery Hill w/o

Hounsdown 16-49 Perins

Hampshire Collegiate 29-7 Ryde

Corfe Hills 0-31 Gillingham

QES Wimborne 17-5 Poole HS

Churchdown 22-15 Wycliffe College

Redland 12-29 The Castle

St Laurence 22-33 Malmesbury

Cabot 29-27 Marlwood

Tewkesbury w/d Archway w/o

Millbrook w/o Newent w/d

Winchcombe 0-50 Dene Magna

Beaufort Academy w/o Cirencester Deer Park w/d


U15 NatWest Bowl Round 1 Fixtures:


North A

AKS Lytham v West Hill

Bede v King’s Priory

Holmes v Stafford GS

Liverpool College v Fallibroome

Rydal Penrhos v Sir Francis Xavier


North B

Egglescliffe v Richmond

Millthrope 48-0 Ermysted’s GS

Samworth v Christ the King

Wath v Birkdale

Wolfreton 0-50 Pocklington


Midlands A

Arden v King’s Norton

Bablake v Chipping Norton

King Henry VIII, Coventry 52-0 King Edward VI, Sheldon

Chase v Barr Beacon

Uppingham CC 29-12 St George’s, Sleaford

Waddesdon v Malcolm Arnold


Midlands B

City of Norwich v Woodbridge

John F Kennedy v St Clement Danes

Mark Rutherford v Wootton Upper

QES Barnet v Longdean

St George’s, Harpenden 7-34 Sandringham

Cottesloe v Knights Templar

Deepings v St Ivo


London & South East A

Drayton Manor v Harris Academy

Gildredge House v Dorothy Stringer

Hinchley Wood v Saint Cecilia’s

Isleworth & Syon v Burlington Danes

Cardinal Wiseman v Ewell Castle

Worth 24-36 Royal Alexandra and Albert


London & South East B

Brentwood CHS v Eastbrook

East Bergholt v RGS Colchester

Folkestone Academy v Dover GS

Trinity Catholic w/o City Academy, Hackney w/d

Tunbridge Wells GS v Beth’s GS


South West A

Clevedon v Bristol Cathedral Choir

Fowey v Looe

Woodroffe v Colyton GS

Wells Cathedral 31-7 Brymore

Wellsway v Oldfield

West Buckland v Tiverton


South West B

Corfe Hills v Poole HS

Hounsdown v Ryde

Maiden Erlegh v Royal Wootton Bassett

St Laurence 49-5 Marlwood

Wycliffe College v Redland Green

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