Final AASE game ahead of league split set for Wednesday

The last remaining game of the AASE league ahead of the split after half term takes place this week.


Oaklands College host Moulton College on Wednesday in a game that will ultimately be more about pride and avoiding finishing bottom of the Northern Division in this opening group stage.


Each league splits after half term, with the top three in each conference taking place in two mini leagues, where they play for position to meet on finals day at Allianz Park.


The bottom four in each also play in two mini leagues, and Oaklands and Moulton are already confirmed to be in the Northern Division bottom 4 mini group.


AASE Fixture:


Oaklands College v Moulton College


AASE Top 3 Split
North Top 3South Top 3
Hartpury CollegeSt Paul’s Catholic College
Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth IBicton College
Myerscough CollegeSGS Filton College


AASE Bottom 4 Split
North Bottom 4South Bottom 4
Gosforth AcademyHenley College
Worcester 6th form CollegeTruro College
Oaklands CollegeIvybridge Community College
Moulton CollegeBeechen Cliff



AASE Northern Division Table
1Hartpury College (Q)6600630
2Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I (Q)6501424
3Myerscough College (Q)6402117
4Gosforth Academy6303214
5Worcester 6th form College6204412
6Oaklands College500533
7Moulton College500511


AASE Southern Division Table
1St Paul’s Catholic College (Q)6501424
2Bicton College (Q)6501222
3SGS Filton College (Q)6303517
4Henley College6213313
5Truro College6213313
6Ivybridge Community College6222012
7Beechen Cliff600611
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