Top 5 School Teams of the Weekend


What a superb weekend of schools rugby this was, despite some atrocious weather in some areas, teams still manage to produce some outstanding rugby.


There were a number of teams who put their hands up for inclusion in this weekend’s Top 5 School Teams of the Weekend, from sides produced some outstanding scorelines to sides having to grind out hard fought wins, and even a few dramatic last minute victories. All were considered.


It had to be narrowed down to five though, and here are our Top 5 School Teams of the Weekend.




A trip across the Severn to play Monmouth is never easy, but Bromsgrove travelled there are favourites on Saturday and came away with a solid 23-16 victory.


It was not so much the victory that really caught our attention though as much as it was the sheer relentlessness of Bromsgrove this season. If anything they appear to be even better than last season, the confidence gained from winning the NatWest Cup last season is perhaps elevating them to an even higher level.


They are unbeaten so far this season and are showing no signs of letting up. This one was a big one for them though, Monmouth were one of only two sides to beat them last year, and they have certainly avenged that now.


King’s College Taunton


The Taunton derby between King’s College Taunton and Taunton School is, as with any derby, always a big game. Rarely though do such big games result in the kind of drama that Saturday’s derby did.


Trailing as they went into the last play of the game, King’s College went for broke and sent in a crossfield kick, resulting in a sensational and decisive try right at the end of the game.


A move like that in that situation brings the perfect mix of bravery, skill, and execution. It has not been King’s College’s greatest season, which only makes the victory and the nature of the victory even more special.


Kirkham Grammar School


We could just type the result and leave it at that, Kirkham Grammar School 27-0 Sedbergh. It tells you everything you need to know.


Kirkham were magnificent, and they now remain unbeaten and have beaten the schools rugby giants, Sedbergh, two years running now. In beating Sedbergh they knocked them off top spot in the Daily Mail Trophy and raised themselves up into fourth place. This was not about that though, this result is about the fact that in Kirkham Grammar School there is a side that need to be seriously recognised now as a true northern powerhouse of schoolboy rugby.


The result immediately means that they must, if they were not already, be considered among the top handful of sides in the country again this year. A truly sublime performance and result.


Seaford College


It has been quite a season so far for Seaford College, they have lost just one game all season, to Hampton on the opening weekend. On reflection, that defeat was actually a very impressive one, losing by just two points to the side who have eventually gone on to win the St Joseph’s Festival.


Since then it has been an unbeaten season, and on Saturday they secured arguably their biggest scalp of the season as the beat Brighton College 22-13.


As a measure of what a good victory this was, this is a Brighton College side that last week defeated the Champions Trophy finalists, Epsom College. It was a superb win from Seaford College on Saturday.




Despite being in flying form, Tonbridge had won their last three games, including a win over Cranleigh, Tonbridge were probably the slight underdogs in many minds against St Paul’s. St Paul’s have been sensational this season, only losing to Epsom, and had recently won the oldest four competition.


Tonbridge absolutely destroyed such thoughts though, and showed just how good their form in this second half of the season is with a simply stunning 31-0 victory.


Making the win all the more impressive was the fact that it was played in utterly miserable conditions. To score that many points on a day like that was highly impressive. Against a good St Paul’s side, outstanding.

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