ISRFC Lambs season set to kick off

The ISRFC Lambs season begins this weekend with the Regional Trials on the 6th December.


It is the first in a long series of trial stages before the Lambs National Squad is announced at the end of January.


Players have been selected for Sunday’s trials following nominations from school coaches around the country.


The Lambs split the trials in four across the four ‘rugby regions’. The North trials take place at Woodhouse Grove School and the Midlands trials take place at Uppingham School. In the South, the South East trials are being held at Esher RFC, with the South West trials taking place at Clayesmore School.


Following the trials, a team for each of those four regions will be selected, and those teams will each compete in fixtures the following Sunday, the 13th December.


The North XV will place Woodhouse Grove, at Woodhouse Grove, with the Midlands place Shelford U19s, at Shelford RFC.


The South East will play a tough game against Esher U19 at Esher RFC, while the South West are in Cornwall against Cornwall U18s at Bodmin RFC.


The Lambs then take the Christmas period off before they are back in action again on Sunday 10th January.


These games see the four regions compete in games against each other for selection to the Northern and Southern XVs.


The North XV will play the Midlands XV in a selection battle for places in the Northern XV, while the South East and South West meet at Esher RFC as they aim for selection to the Southern XV.


A week later the Northern and Southern XVs will meet in what is the final round of selection, with those impressing in that one selected for the Lambs National XV.


Speaking ahead of the official start of the Lambs season, Lambs National Director Alex Laybourne said:


“We have another exciting season for the English Independent School LAMBS lined up this year. What is great is that the U18s regional program this year is stronger than ever. Across the board I think we can look forward to good squads who will give us lots of competitive, top class rugby on show.”


With their ‘fast and free’ approach to rugby, the Lambs always provide plenty of entertaining and exciting rugby, we would urge you to go along and watch if you have the chance!

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