ISRFC Lambs: Northern & Southern squads decided after exciting regional games

The ISRFC Lambs Northern and Southern squads have been named following the regional fixtures between the South East and South West and the North and Midlands on Sunday.


The Northern squad is a combined squad, selected from the best of the Midlands and North teams, while the Southern squad is selected from the South East and South West. The who combined sides will face each other on Sunday 24th January at Loughborough University.


Prior to that, the two sides will play warm up games, with the Southern XV taking on the RFY South West U18 Counties side on Sunday 17th January at West Buckland School, while the Northern XV will play Yorkshire U17 at Woodhous Grove on the same day.


The two squads were selected from Sunday’s two regional games, which took place despite the weather, with 3G pitches allowing for some ambitious running rugby, reflected I the 16 tries across the two games.


At Maidenhead RFC, it was the South West who took bragging rights for the first time in five years as they defeated the South East 20-10, Dan Hubble of Truro School bagging an impressive hat-rick. Meanwhile in Loughborough the North took on the Midlands with a high scoring game finishing 42-24 to the North.


Following the squad announcements Lambs National Director Alex Laybourne said:


“The standard of the regional squads has been very good this year, the management teams in each region have worked hard and that can be seen in the style of rugby that has been on show. “


“After some tough calls there are two strong squads going into the final stages before we select the final LAMBS squad, and I am excited to see what they will do.”


Northern Lambs Squad:


1 Nick Atkinson (Giggleswick)

2 Jack Starkey (Queen Ethelburgar’s College)

3 Ben Parker (RGS Newcastle)

4 Harry Johnson (Ashville College)

5 Eddie Goss (Wellingborough)

6 Henry Wills (Stamford)

7 Louis Fraser (Woodhouse Grove)

8 Sam Hudson (St Peter’s, York)

9 Charles Guthrie (Yarm)

10 Matthew Wray (Yarm)

11 Alfred Nordgren (Woodhouse Grove)

12 Alex Brown (Berkhamsted)

13 ScottDuguid (Berkhamsted)

14 Harry Sagar (Bradford Grammar)

15 Will Hughes (Berkhamsted)


16 Edward Linkogel (Woodhouse Grove)

17 Oliver Short (Wisbech Grammar)

18 Callum Manchester (Bradford Grammar)

19 Will Burns (Pocklington)

20 George Cassell (Bloxham)

21 Adam Penistone (Queen Ethelburga’s)

22 Toby Buckland (Royal Hospital School)

23 Callum Corbett (Stamford)

24 Jacob Weightman (Durham)

25 Harry Pearson (Durham)

26 Mason Knowles (Woodhouse Grove)


Southern Lambs Squad:


Arthur Friend (Blundell’s)

Euan Friend (Blundell’s)

Ben Oliphant Thomson (Blundell’s)

Charlie Wilder (Blundell’s)

Ben Coker (Brentwood)

Charlie Bannister (Canford)

Cory Nelson (Caterham)

Daniel Ali (Cheltenham College)

Samuel Bloomer (Churcher’s College)

Charlie Lower (Clayesmore)

Oscar Waite (Epsom College)

George Hitchcock (Felsted)

Jordan Gray (Hampshire Collegiate)

Joe Thomas (Hartpury College)

Ed Grinsted (King Edward VI School)

Alec Hampden-Smith (Mount Kelly)

James Costin-Pratt (Pangbourne College)

Will Vaughan (Pangbourne College)

Devon Brown (Plymouth College)

Isaac Rayworth (Plymouth College)

George Cropper (Reed’s)

Ed Scott (Reed’s)

Oliver Taylor (Reed’s)

Joseph Triegaardt (Reed’s)

Reece McCarthy (Trinity)

Daniel Hubble (Truro)

Ben Clarke (Wycliffe College)

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