Worth 7s: Brighton College storm to title in torrid conditions

Brighton College picked up the Worth 7s title yesterday despite some torrid weather conditions, that saw fixtures and tournaments elsewhere in the country called off.


Wind, rain, hail, almost snow, all came down, but the rugby ploughed on, and thank goodness, as a thrilling tournament ensued.


The crowning glory in Brighton College’s triumph was the final, where they beat The Oratory, who had a stunning day, 31-0. It followed a 17-12 win over a strong Seaford College side in the semi finals, and a very good 14-5 effort over Hampton in the quarter finals.


Brighton had blitzed through a group that included Shiplake College, Steyning Grammar, and Cardinal Newman on what was a true triumph for the South Coast side.


It was a strong day for their opponents in the final too, The Oratory. They came top of a group that included hosts Worth as well as Campion and Bethany.


They then beat Shiplake College 24-5 in the quarter finals, before a brilliant 22-0 win over Reigate Grammar in the semi finals. Reigate’s lower 6th, remember, won the Colts competition at Rosslyn Park last year.


The end of the road came in the final though, in the face of a storming Brighton College performance.


Campion meanwhile picked up the Plate with a 36-5 win over Bethany in the final. The 2nd VII competition was won by Hampton, for the third year in a row, a superb achievement, displaying the quality of depth at Hampton.


Worth 7s Champions – Brighton College



Brighton College 31-0 The Oratory


Semi Finals

Brighton College 17-12 Seaford College

The Oratory 22-0 Reigate Grammar


Quarter Finals

Brighton College 14-5 Hampton

Seaford College 27-12 Steyning Grammar

The Oratory 24-5 Shiplake College

Reigate Grammar 7-5 Worth


Worth 7s Plate Champions – Campion


Plate Final

Campion 36-5 Bethany


Plate Semi Finals

Campion 22-0 Worth 2nd VII

Bethany 20-0 Cardinal Newman


Shield (2nd VII Comeptition) Champions – Hampton 2nd VII


Shield Final

Hampton 2nd VII 24-0 The Oratory 2nd VII


Shield Semi Finals

Oratory 2nd VII 19-12 Campion 2nd VII

Hampton 2nd VII 17-0 Worth 3rd VII


Shield Quarter Finals

Hampton 2nd VII 60-0 Reigate 2nd VII

Oratory 2nd VII 17-0 St John’s College 1st VII

Campion 2nd VII 20-0 Steyning Grammar 2nd VII

Worth 3rd VII 20-0 Cardinal Newman 2nd VII


2016 Worth 7s – Final Group Standings
Pos Group A Group B Group C
1 Seaford College Brighton College The Oratory
2 Reigate Grammar Shiplake College Worth
3 Hampton Steyning Grammar Campion
4 Worth 2nd VII Cardinal Newman Bethany


2016 Worth 7s 2nd VII – Final Group Standings
Pos Group X Group Y
1 The Oratory 2nd VII Hampton 2nd VII
2 Campion 2nd VII Worth 3rd VII
3 Reigate Grammar 2nd VII St John’s College 1st VII
4 Cardinal Newman 2nd VII Steyning Grammar 2nd VII
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