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One area that we are keen to develop here at Fifteen Rugby is a section of the website dedicated to training, nutrition, and general wellbeing for young rugby players.


We therefore jumped at the chance to share one of Anthony Watson’s workouts when it was offered. The young England star has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of the most highly rated wingers in the World. He was a member of the England U20 side that won the Junior World Championship in 2013, and he was eligible for the 2014 side, however he was already an important part of the senior set up by then.


That meant that he was wearing the Red Rose of England just two years after leaving school, St George’s College Weybridge, so this is a man who knows what it takes to make that jump from the school fields to Twickenham.


Judging by this workout below, it is hard work!


Anthony Watson Workout – Strength, conditioning and explosive footwork.


The cornerstone of my strength and conditioning is to ensure I have powerful legs, a strong core and powerful push to help with the physicality of rugby. Essentially I work on the key aspects needed to be a world class winger.


  1. Warm-up of light jog for 2-5mins and dynamic stretches.
  2. Sprint/turn of pace drills
    • Cone increases
      • 3 cones in a line, two 5metres apart and then last one 10metres on. First few reps jog between 1st and 2nd then 60% pace to 3rd. Increase over a few reps to 60-70% between first two then 100% between 2nd and 3rd. Perform 4-10reps at top speed.
    • Side steps
      • As above but on reaching 3rd cone side step and change direction to beat it. Perform 5-8reps at top speed.
    • Repeated
      • As above but on reaching 3rd cone run backwards to first cone as if re-lining in a back line. Then sprint to 2nd cone, side step to change direction and sprint to 3rd cone. Perform 5-8reps at top speed.

Rest for 3-5mins.

  1. Strength and conditioning
    • Power clean
      • A few warm up sets of lighter weight building up to working weight then. 3-5reps 5sets 60-90secs between sets.
      • Push press
      • A few warm up sets of lighter weight building up to working weight then. 3-5reps 5sets 60-90secs between sets.
      • Single leg plyometric box jumps
      • 4-6reps per leg 4 sets.
      • Plyometric chest flick press-ups
      • Normal press-up position. Lower and press up and touch finger tips onto chest before landing into press up position and repeating. 4-6reps 4 sets. 60-90secs between sets.
      • Lateral barbell lunge
      • Barbell across shoulders. Stood feet shoulder with apart. Side step and lower into lateral lunge. Push down through foot dynamically to return rapidly to start point. Perform same the other side. 8-12reps 4 sets. 60-90secs between sets.
      • Dumbbell thrusters
      • Dumbbells held in neutral position on shoulders. Drop into a squat, drive through the heels and push dumbbells overhead. Returns to shoulder under control and straight into next squat. 4-8reps 4 sets. 60-90secs between sets.
      • Landmine deadlift rotation
      • Load one end of a barbell in a landmine exercise fashion with opposite end secured. Stand at free end of bar to one side. With a straight back deadlift bar off the floor, bring up to the shoulders and rotate around the chest/chin and lower to opposite side and place on the floor. Deadlift again from opposite side and in the same fashion take back to starting position. 6-8reps 4sets. 60-90secs between sets.

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