Enter your team for School Team of the Term


After a brilliant term of schools rugby, the time has come to start thinking about which team has been the best this term.


In the New Year we will be give you the chance to vote for your School Team of the Term.


The process starts today as we ask you to send in your submissions for the School Team of the Term. You can submit your entries via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #TeamOfTheTerm and telling us why you think they should be on the list, or you can email us at promotions@fifteenrugby.com


We will collect entries until the end of next week, then we will put together a shortlist of teams from which you can vote for your School Team of the Term, with the result announced early in the New Year.


You can submit any school 1st XV, from title winners such as Tonbridge, Wellington College, and Cranleigh, unbeaten teams like Kirkham Grammar, Rugby, KES Bath, and Brighton, teams who have performed beyond expectation such as Felsted and UCS, sides with impressive record streaks such as Berkhamsted, or any side that you think has performed in a way that makes you think they should be considered for the School Team of the Term.


Make sure you get those entries in though; if your team is not entered then it will not be considered!


Here as the links to follow and enter your school!


Twitter: (@FifteenRugbyXV)

Facebook: (www.facebook.com/FifteenRugby )

Instagram: (www.instagram.com/fifteenrugbyxv/)

Email: promotions@fifteenrugby.com


We can’t wait to receive your submissions!

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