King’s Macclesfield Festival: 20 schools ready for final pre-season preparation


One of the biggest pre-season indicators ahead of the new schools rugby season will come on Saturday at King’s Macclesfield.


Twenty schools will come together from all around the country for an intense and exciting pre-season festival on Saturday.


The teams will play over four groups, with group 1 consisting of Reed’s, Rydal Penrhos, Solihull, and schools rugby giants, QEGS Wakefield, as well as one of the strongest sides in the country for the last few year’s, Kirkham Grammar School.


The game to look out for here seems likely to be that big Kirkham Grammar v QEGS Wakefield game, which kicks the Festival off a 10.00am on Saturday.


Group 2 sees Sandbach and RGS Lancaster make the short trip, along with Giggleswick, while Denstone College, so strong a couple of years ago, also make the trip. Bristol Grammar School, who last year boasted two thirds of the England U18 front row, make the long trip up for this exciting pre season competition.


Over in Group 3 there is a huge midlands fixtures between Oakham and Warwick, that game will kick off at 12.15pm. Joining those two are fellow midlanders Old Swinford Hospital, as well as Manchester Grammar and King’s Bruton.


The hosts, King’s Macclesfield, are in Group 4. They open their day at 11.45am against Oundle, before fixtures against KES Bath (12.45pm), St Joseph’s College (2pm), and Trent College (2.30pm).


All in all it should be a good quality tournament, and a useful last chance for teams to get their final preparation in ahead of the start of the full season. For those of us on the outside looking in, it ought to give us a good chance to gauge the relative strengths of each of the twenty schools in attendance.


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King’s Macclesfield Festival Groups and Fixtures:


Group 1 Teams


Kirkham GS

QEGS Wakefield


Rydal Penrhos



Group 1 Fixtures


10am – Kirkham GS v QEGS Wakefield, Solihull v Rydal Penrhos

10.30am – Reed’s v Rydal Penrhos

11am – Kirkham GS v Solihull, QEGS Wakefield v Reed’s

12.15pm – QEGS Wakefield v Solihull

12.45pm – Kirkham GS v Reed’s, QEGS Wakefield v Rydal Penrhos

1.30pm – Reed’s v Solihull

2pm – Kirkham GS v Rydal Penrhos


Group 2 Teams


Bristol GS

Denstone College


RGS Lancaster




Group 2 Fixtures


10am – Bristol GS v Giggleswick, Denstone College v RGS Lancaster

10.30am – Denstone College v Giggleswick, Sandbach v RGS Lancaster

11am – Bristol GS v Sandbach

11.45am – Bristol GS v Denstone College, Giggleswick v RGS Lancaster

12.15pm –Denstone College v Sandbach

12.45pm – Bristol GS v RGS Lancaster

1.30pm – Giggleswick v Sandbach


Group 3 Teams


King’s Bruton

Manchester GS


Old Swinford Hospital



Group 3 Fixtures


10.30am – King’s Bruton v Warwick

11am – Manchester GS v Oakham, Old Swinford Hospital v Warwick

12.15pm – King’s Bruton v Manchester GS, Oakham v Warwick

1.30pm – Manchester GS v Warwick, Oakham v Old Swinford Hospital

2pm – King’s Bruton v Old Swinford Hospital

2.30pm – King’s Bruton v Oakham, Manchester GS v Old Swinford Hospital


Group 4 Teams


KES Bath

King’s Macclesfield


St Joseph’s College

Trent College


Group 4 Fixtures


11.45am – King’s Macclesfield v Oundle, KES Bath v Trent College

12.15pm – Oundle v St Joseph’s College

12.45pm – King’s Macclesfield v KES Bath, St Joseph’s College v Trent College

1.30pm – KES Bath v Oundle

2pm – King’s Macclesfield v St Joseph’s College, Trent College v Oundle

2.30pm – King’s Macclesfield v Trent College, KES Bath v St Joseph’s College

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