Sanlam Sparkle Malawi 7s sees old boy teams meet at Felsted to raise funds

This Sunday the second annual Sanlam Sparkle Malawi 7s takes place at Felsted School.


The event, sponsored by Sanlam, is an old boys competition that raises funds for the Sparkle Malawi Foundation.


The Foundation was set up by a Felsted old boy and it helps to provide education, medical support, and nutrients to hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in the country.


The competition includes old boys teams from Haileybury, Royal Hospital Schools, Bedford Modern, Gresham’s, Bromsgrove, Felsted, and Nowich School, among many others.


There is also a Felsted staff team and many other guest sides in attendance.


In total there are fourteen teams, split into three groups, two groups of five and one of four, with the top side in each group and the best runner up reaching the Cup semi finals.


The remaining two runners up and the best two third place side will meet in the Vase semi finals, while the remaining third place side plus all of the fourth placed sides will compete in the Plate semi finals, the two fifth place sides will be eliminated.


With a full range of food, drinks, and entertainment running alongside the 7s, it should be a fantastic event and all for a very worthy cause.


2017 Sanlam Sparkle Malawi 7s Draw
Group 1Group 2Group 3
Sanlam SevensOld BromsgroviansOld Greshamians
Old Bedford ModerniansStingy RuckersFelsted Professors
Guinness GeckosOld HaileyburiasRoyal Hospital School
Old NorvicenseansGrandfather’s GazpachummusSparkle Baabaas
The Full ClermontyAnother round of warm Carlsberg


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