Top 5 School Teams of the Weekend

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This week’s Top 5 School Teams of the Weekend has a bit of a different feel to it, with a number of so-called ‘smaller’ schools making the list.


It was actually a highly competitive weekend, with not too many stand out results, although some, such as Brighton College, did post some highly impressive scores.


Others, such as Bishop Wordsworth’s and Hampton put on thrilling games that could have gone either way.


Our Top 5 each impressed us in different ways though, some surprising us, and some simply going beyond even what was expected.


Top 5 School Teams of the Weekend


City of London Freemen’s


It is City of London Freemen’s first time in our Top 5, but they could not be more deserving, having beaten Reigate Grammar School 62-0. That they won should perhaps not be too much of a surprise, they are having a wonderful season, winning eight of their ten game, while Reigate have won just two. However while a win was on the cards, one by a staggering 62-0 margin was simply unexpected and deservedly earns them a place in this week’s Top 5.




Colston’s might not generate the headlines that they once used to, but this year they have been performing well. Of late though they were in a bit of a rough patch, having lost their last four games on the bounce. They game up against a Bristol Grammar School side that while not having the sort of top season they had last year, are still a force, for instance beating the KES Bath side that later beat Colston’s. It was a display of real determination then that saw Colston’s emerge from that mini-slump to claim an excellent 23-17 victory.


Denstone College


Beating Stamford in Stamford is really not easy. It is not so long ago that they were unbeaten there in five years. This year they were unbeaten there too, and in formidable form. Denstone meanwhile arrived with an even win/loss record. At Stamford, the odds were against them, yet they dug deep in a game of excellent sportsmanship and came away with a memorable 22-17 victory, the first side this year to beat Stamford at home.




Much like City of London Freemen’s win, it was expected that Reed’s would beat Skinners’. Reed’s are having a phenomenal season, they are unbeaten so far with eleven wins from eleven. Against Skinners’ they were expected to prevail, perhaps even in relative comfort, but certainly by nothing like the 52-7 margin that they eventually did triumph by, a highly impressive result that propelled them into our Top 5.


Wisbech Grammar School


Heading into Saturday with nine wins from eleven, Wisbech Grammar School probably headed into Saturday’s clash with Worksop College full of confidence. However their opponents were unbeaten since 7th October and were in flying form, losing just once all season and they are into the last 16 of the Schools Cup. Wisbech defied that form though, showing their own form for an impressively dominant looking 36-7 victory at the home of the Nottinghamshire men.

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