RPNS7s: Prep Schools Tournament once again a thrill in the sunshine

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The Prep Schools Tournament at the Rosslyn Park HSBC National School 7s was once again a huge success on a glorious final day in South West London.


Though the tournament is just a series of groups, with no knockout rounds or trophy wins, but there is still plenty of tough competition.


Ten different schools went through the day without defeat, one from each of the groups on what was a brilliant day of rugby.


In Group A St Olave’s York enjoyed a fine day, while in Group B Felsted were also unbeaten, suggesting that good things lie ahead for them in senior competition after the outstanding work of their U18s this week.


In Group C St Paul’s enjoyed a perfect day, so too Westbourne House in Group D, a standalone Prep School.


Bromsgrove prep built on the good work of their senior sides through the week with an unbeaten run on Friday, similarly Clifton, whose Colts and U18s really impressed, they were unbeaten in Group F.


Dragon School, one of the most well known of all Prep School, were unbeaten in Group G, while The Oratory, who have such a well-known prep tournament, were unbeaten in Group H.


Group I meanwhile saw Shrewsbury House secure the perfect day, while in Group J the outstanding KCS Wimbledon side had a perfect day, one that will no doubt excite their senior school for future years.


In the main though, today was about enjoyment, and in good temperatures and glorious sunshine, enjoyment was to be found in abundance and will hopefully inspire many of these players to come back as U14s next year.


Prep Schools Final Group Standings:


Pos Group A Group B Group C Group D
1 St Olave’s, York Felsted St Paul’s Westbourne House
2 Feltonfleet Millfield Prep Caldicott Rokeby
3 Mouslford Prep Aldro Thomas’s Clapham King’s House
4 Cheltenham College Prep King’s Hall Cathedral School, Llandaff Downs Malvern
5 Danes Hill Llandovery College Dulwich Prep Sedbergh Prep
6 Bedford Prep Terrington Hall Mount Kelly Downsend


Pos Group E Group F Group G Group H
1 Bromsgrove Clifton College Prep Dragon School Oratory Prep
2 Packwood Haugh Sherborne Prep Epsom College Stonyhurst St Mary’s
3 Lord Wandsworth St John’s, Beaumont Dean Close Prep Northcote Lodge
4 Aysgarth Merchiston Castle Worth Cundall Manor
5 IAPS Kenya Brighton College Barnardiston Hall Sandroyd
6 Wycliffe College St John’s, Northwood St Martin’s, Ampleforth Weatherby


Pos Group I Group J
1 Shrewsbury House KCS Wimbledon
2 Beaudesert Park Prestfelde
3 Highfield Hall Grove
4 All Hallows Terra Nova
5 St John’s, Dean Close Cumnor House
6 The Chorsiter Newland House
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