AASE League: Round 6 Preview – Battle for top half split intensifies

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The AASE League moves into a crucial stage this week as the penultimate round of Phase 1 of the League takes place.


Following the next two rounds each conference splits in two. The top 4 in the Northern Conference will play their own mini-conference, as will the bottom 3, with the same process taking place in the Southern Conference.


After those mini-conferences each sides will have a final league placing in their conference and will play the equivalent side from the other conference on AASE Finals Day.


The next two weeks then are crucial for sides securing those all important top four places in each conference, opening up the chance to compete for a place in the main AASE final at Allianz Park in December.


Northern Conference


Bishop Burton College and Gosforth Academy already have their places in the top half split confirmed. Bishop Burton are currently top of the league, a point clear of Gosforth, but have a bye week. That gives Gosforth the opportunity to go top when they travel to Moulton College on Wednesday, however with Moulton currently in fourth and in a real scrap with Myerscough College and Oaklands College, you can be sure that they will be going all guns blazing.


Brooksby Melton College currently sit in third, just a point away from mathematically confirming a top 4 place that looks virtually certain at this point anyway. They host Oaklands on Wednesday, who also have every chance of a top 4 place and will be itching to achieve it.


At the foot of the table Myerscough College, who could yet sneak into the top 4, host Stourport High School, who are yet to pick up a win. This is Stourport’s last chance prior to the split to pick up a win as they have a bye next week.


Southern Conference


As in the Northern Conference, the top two sides in the Southern Conference have already confirmed their places in the Top 4 split. Beechen Cliff sit top of the table, five points clear of Exeter College, who have a game in hand.


This week the two meet in an enthralling top of the table clash, Beechen Cliff’s last game prior to the split, while Exeter play next week too. Both have beaten Hartpury, utterly changing the dynamics of the conference, and are sure to put on a wonderful game of rugby in Exeter on Wednesday.


Hartpury sit in third currently and are likely to make it through to the top half, however they face a tough challenge on Wednesday as they welcome Truro College who are in fourth place at the moment and will be desperate for points to ensure they stay in that top half.


St Paul’s Catholic College also have every chance, they host SGS Filton College this week and the Bristol side are without a win this season. A bonus point win would all but guarantee St Paul’s moving into the top four at least for this week, given that Hartpury and Truro are meeting and one will therefore lose points.


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AASE Round 6 Fixtures (predictions in bold):



Brooksby Melton College v Oaklands College

Moulton College v Gosforth Academy

Myerscough College v Stourport High School

Bishop Burton College – Bye



Exeter College v Beechen Cliff

Hartpury College v Truro College

St Paul’s Catholic College v SGS Filton College

Henley College – Bye


Northern Conference Table


Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Bishop Burton 5 4 0 1 5 21
2 Gosforth Academy 4 4 0 0 4 20
3 Brooksby Melton 4 3 0 1 5 17
4 Moulton College 4 2 0 2 1 9
5 Oaklands College 4 1 0 3 4 8
6 Myerscough 4 1 0 3 2 6
7 Stourport HS 5 0 0 5 1 1


Southern Conference Table


Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Beechen Cliff 5 5 0 0 5 25
2 Exeter College 4 4 0 0 4 20
3 Hartpury College 4 2 0 2 4 12
4 Truro College 4 2 0 2 2 10
5 Henley College 5 1 0 4 3 7
6 St Paul’s 4 1 0 3 3 7
7 SGS Filton 4 0 0 4 1 1


Further Fixtures:


Round 7



Bishop Burton College v Moulton College

Gosforth Academy v Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College v Myerscough College

Stourport High School – Bye



Henley College v Hartpury College

SGS Filton College v Exeter College

Truro College v St Paul’s Catholic College

Beechen Cliff – Bye


Previous Results:


Round 5:



Gosforth Academy 36-31 Bishop Burton College

Oaklands College 22-31 Moulton College

Stourport High School 5-59 Brooksby Melton College

Myerscough College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 40-21 St Paul’s Catholic College

SGS Filton College 12-26 Hartpury College

Truro College 38-19 Henley College

Exeter College – Bye


Round 4:



Bishop Burton College 18-10 Oaklands College

Brooksby Melton College 57-0 Myerscough College

Moulton College 20-17 Stourport High School

Gosforth Academy – Bye



Hartpury College 19-50 Beechen Cliff

Henley College 36-26 SGS Filton College

St Paul’s Catholic College 42-43 Exeter College

Truro College – Bye


Round 3:



Myerscough College 41-5 Moulton College

Oaklands College 24-31 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High School 7-27 Bishop Burton College

Brooksby Melton College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 39-10 Henley College

Exeter College 47-40 Hartpury College

SGS Filton College 7-24 Truro College

St Paul’s Catholic College – Bye


Round 2:



Bishop Burton College 24-14 Myerscough College

Gosforth Academy 39-12 Stourport High School

Moulton College 19-29 Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College – Bye



Hartpury College 76-24 St Paul’s Catholic College

Henley College 22-29 Exeter College

Truro College 17-29 Beechen Cliff

SGS Filton College – Bye


Round 1:



Brooksby Melton College 24-29 Bishop Burton College

Myerscough College 30-43 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High School 5-46 Oaklands College

Moulton College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 42-7 SGS Filton College

Exeter College 34-21 Truro College

St Paul’s Catholic College 19-17 Henley College

Hartpury College – Bye

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