AASE League: Round 7 Preview – Final top half split places up for grabs

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The final round of the first phase of the 2018 AASE League takes place on Wednesday, with the battle for those all important final top 4 spots still wide open in both conferences.


After this round the league breaks for half term, and on the teams return from half term the second phase of the league begins. It sees both conferences split in half, with the top four going into one conference and the bottom three in another, leaving us four conferences. For those in the bottom three, their conferences remain North and South, for those in the top 4 things are a little different. The two conferences mix in a slight change from last year. 1st and 3rd in the North go into a conference with 2nd and 4th in the South and vice versa.


The four sides in each premier conference face each other once each, and the winners of those two mini conferences then meet at Allianz Park in the AASE League final. Second place plays second from the other premier conference for third place overall, and so on. Meanwhile in the two lower conferences the same process happens, but with the top side in each in a 9th place play off, second in an 11th place play off, and third in a 13th place play off.


Northern Conference


Gosforth Academy, Bishop Burton College, and Brooksby Melton College have all already qualified to be in the top half split, all that remains for them now is to battle it out for the bragging rights of finishing top. Gosforth have them best shot of that, they are four points clear of Bishop Burton and 6 clear of Brookby Melton with five to play for, and they host Brooksby Melton on Wednesday.


Bishop Burton meanwhile are at home to Moulton College, who chances of qualification for the top half are over by virtue of the fact that Oaklands College, currently 4th, host Myerscough College, currently 5th, which means that they cannot amass more points that either as one will surely win and even a draw would see Moulton edged out anyway.


The task is easier for Oaklands than Myerscough as they are at home and are two points clear so they could go through with just a draw, even potentially a loss should Myerscough fail to get a bonus point and Oaklands get two. Essentially though, whoever wins it will qualify for the top half split.


Southern Conference


No matter what, Beechen Cliff will top the Southern Conference. They have a bye week but won all six games with a bonus point and are nine points clear of Exeter College at the top.


Exeter College are also safely qualified though, they travel to a resurgent SGS Filton College, who picked up their first win of the campaign last week against St Paul’s Catholic College.


It gave them a very very slender chance of going through to the top half, but only if Henley lose to Hartpury College and St Paul’s beat Truro without a bonus point while Filton beat Exeter with one.


What is more likely is that the winner of Truro v St Paul’s Catholic College will go through. Truro are favourites to make it, they are in fourth now, 3 points clear of Henley and St Paul’s so even a narrow defeat could be enough for them.


Henley College also have a chance, but they have to beat a Hartpury College side that have already qualified, they sit in third, and are reigning champions. It has been an odd campaign for Hartpury, they have lost twice but against Truro College and St Paul’s they have been utterly dominant.


Whatever happens, it is sure to be an exciting afternoon of AASE rugby on Wednesday as we await the confirmed top 4 in each conference.


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AASE Round 7 Fixtures (predictions in bold):



Bishop Burton College v Moulton College

Gosforth Academy v Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College v Myerscough College

Stourport High School – Bye



Henley College v Hartpury College

SGS Filton College v Exeter College

Truro College v St Paul’s Catholic College

Beechen Cliff – Bye


Northern Conference Table


Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Gosforth Academy 5 5 0 0 5 25
2 Bishop Burton 5 4 0 1 5 21
3 Brooksby Melton 5 3 0 2 7 19
4 Oaklands College 5 2 0 3 5 13
5 Myerscough 5 2 0 3 2 11
6 Moulton College 5 2 0 3 1 9
7 Stourport HS 6 0 0 6 1 1


Southern Conference Table


Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Beechen Cliff 6 6 0 0 6 30
2 Exeter College 5 4 0 1 5 21
3 Hartpury College 5 3 0 2 5 17
4 Truro College 5 2 0 3 2 10
5 Henley College 5 1 0 4 3 7
6 St Paul’s 5 1 0 4 3 7
7 SGS Filton 5 1 0 4 2 6


Previous Results:


Round 6:



Brooksby Melton College 29-33 Oaklands College

Moulton College 17-64 Gosforth Academy

Myerscough College w/o Stourport High School

Bishop Burton College – Bye



Exeter College 17-24 Beechen Cliff

Hartpury College 64-5 Truro College

St Paul’s Catholic College 19-38 SGS Filton College

Henley College – Bye


Round 5:



Gosforth Academy 36-31 Bishop Burton College

Oaklands College 22-31 Moulton College

Stourport High School 5-59 Brooksby Melton College

Myerscough College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 40-21 St Paul’s Catholic College

SGS Filton College 12-26 Hartpury College

Truro College 38-19 Henley College

Exeter College – Bye


Round 4:



Bishop Burton College 18-10 Oaklands College

Brooksby Melton College 57-0 Myerscough College

Moulton College 20-17 Stourport High School

Gosforth Academy – Bye



Hartpury College 19-50 Beechen Cliff

Henley College 36-26 SGS Filton College

St Paul’s Catholic College 42-43 Exeter College

Truro College – Bye


Round 3:



Myerscough College 41-5 Moulton College

Oaklands College 24-31 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High School 7-27 Bishop Burton College

Brooksby Melton College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 39-10 Henley College

Exeter College 47-40 Hartpury College

SGS Filton College 7-24 Truro College

St Paul’s Catholic College – Bye


Round 2:



Bishop Burton College 24-14 Myerscough College

Gosforth Academy 39-12 Stourport High School

Moulton College 19-29 Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College – Bye



Hartpury College 76-24 St Paul’s Catholic College

Henley College 22-29 Exeter College

Truro College 17-29 Beechen Cliff

SGS Filton College – Bye


Round 1:



Brooksby Melton College 24-29 Bishop Burton College

Myerscough College 30-43 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High School 5-46 Oaklands College

Moulton College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 42-7 SGS Filton College

Exeter College 34-21 Truro College

St Paul’s Catholic College 19-17 Henley College

Hartpury College – Bye

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