AASE League: Both conferences wide open after explosive Round 5

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The AASE League was shaken up on Wednesday in Round 5 as the champions were defeated along with another of the form teams of the first four rounds.


With just two rounds now remaining until the league splits, it was a crucial round, and the way the games went it proved just that. For those still working out how the league works, after round 7 each conference splits in half. The bottom three in each conference go into two mini leagues, still spilt north and south, meanwhile the top four from each conference also go into two mini leagues but they are mixed together. 1st and 3rd in the north are grouped with 2nd and 4th in the south, while the reverse is the case in the other mini league.


The major result in the Northern Conference saw Bishop Burton College climb back from a 19-5 deficit at home to Brooksby Melton College to secure a 20-19 victory with a dramatic last minute penalty. The result creates real distance between them in fourth and those in the positions below them that would end up in the bottom tier league after the split. With a game in hand over Brooksby Melton a place above them and Oaklands College at the top of the table, there is a real opportunity to climb higher still.


Gosforth Academy are now the only unbeaten side in the AASE league as a whole after they secured another excellent victory on Wednesday, beating Myerscough College 43-12. The result leaves them in second, just a point behind Oaklands and with a game in hand.


Oaklands College meanwhile also secured a strong victory on Wednesday as they saw off Stourport High School 48-15 to keep them at the top of the pile, albeit having played that extra game compared to Gosforth.


Over in the Southern Conference came perhaps the result of the round as Beechen Cliff beat Hartpury College. It was a repeat of last year’s final, which Hartpury won, but on Wednesday Beechen Cliff were utterly clinical. They were superb in defence and capitalised on their opportunities to secure a quite outstanding 33-10.


The result leaves Beechen Cliff and Hartpury tied at the top of the table on 15 points, and they are joined on that total by Exeter College, who beat St Paul’s Catholic College 26-19 on Wednesday. It leaves this Southern Conference so tightly packed, those three are all level, though Exeter have played a game more, while Filton College are only three points adrift and St Paul’s just one further back, both with a game in hand over Exeter.


SGS Filton College kept themselves in that hunt for a top four spot with their 27-17 victory over City of Oxford College on Wednesday. Next week sees Filton travel to Hartpury and Beechen Cliff travel to St Paul’s, with Exeter having a bye, so the games played will even up and with all the main other contenders going head to head we should be in for an exciting penultimate round.


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AASE Round 5 Results:



Bishop Burton College 20-19 Brooksby Melton College – 19-5 down, last minute pen

Gosforth Academy 43-12 Myerscough College

Oaklands College 48-15 Stourport HS

Bye: Moulton College



Beechen Cliff 33-10 Hartpury College

Exeter College 26-19 St Paul’s Catholic College

SGS Filton College 27-17 City of Oxford College

Bye: Truro College




Northern Conference

Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Oaklands College 5 4 0 1 5 21
2 Gosforth Academy 4 4 0 0 4 20
3 Brooksby Melton 5 3 0 2 4 16
4 Bishop Burton 4 2 0 2 3 11
5 Myerscough College 4 1 0 3 2 6
6 Stourport High 4 1 0 3 1 5
7 Moulton College 4 0 0 4 1 1


Southern Conference

Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Hartpury College 4 3 0 1 3 15
2 Beechen Cliff 4 3 0 1 3 15
3 Exeter College 5 3 0 2 3 15
4 SGS Filton College 4 2 0 2 4 12
5 St Paul’s CC 4 2 0 2 3 11
6 City of Oxford 5 1 0 4 1 5
7 Truro College 4 1 0 3 0 4


AASE Round 4 Results:



Brooksby Melton College 12-33 Gosforth Academy

Moulton College 5-52 Bishop Burton College

Myerscough College 23-24 Oaklands College

Bye: Stourport HS



City of Oxford College 3-31 Beechen Cliff

Hartpury College 46-29 Exeter College

Truro College 8-6 SGS Filton College

Bye: St Paul’s Catholic College


AASE Round 3 Results:



Gosforth Academy 79-13 Moulton College

Oaklands College 26-39 Brooksby Melton College

Stourport HS 12-45 Myerscough College

Bye: Bishop Burton College



Beechen Cliff 26-8 Truro College

Exeter College 14-39 City of Oxford College

St Paul’s Catholic College 0-36 Hartpury College

Bye: SGS Filton College


AASE Round 2 Results:



Bishop Burton College 18-24 Gosforth Academy

Brooksby Melton College 40-19 Stourport HS

Moulton College 0-43 Oaklands College

Bye: Myerscough College



City of Oxford College 12-27 St Paul’s Catholic College

SGS Filton College 28-5 Beechen Cliff

Truro College 15-35 Exeter College

Bye: Hartpury College


AASE Round 1 Results:



Myerscough College 3-27 Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College 24-17 Bishop Burton College

Stourport HS 59-26 Moulton College

Bye: Gosforth Academy



Exeter College 19-12 SGS Filton College

Hartpury College 69-14 City of Oxford College

St Paul’s Catholic College 40-20 Truro College

Bye: Beechen Cliff


Remaining Fixtures:


Round 6 (9th October)



Brooksby Melton College v Moulton College

Myerscough College v Bishop Burton College

Stourport HS v Gosforth Academy

Bye: Oaklands College



City of Oxford College v Truro College

Hartpury College v SGS Filton College

St Paul’s Catholic College v Beechen Cliff

Bye: Exeter College


Round 7 (16th October)



Bishop Burton College v Stourport HS

Gosforth Academy v Oaklands College

Moulton College v Myerscough College

Bye: Brooksby Melton College



Beechen Cliff v Exeter College

SGS Filton College v St Paul’s Catholic College

Truro College v Hartpury College

Bye: City of Oxford College

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