AASE League: Round 6 Roundup – 4 sides qualify for top Phase 2 Groups

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In the penultimate round of the opening league phase in the 2019 AASE season, four sides secured their top four finishes across the two conferences.


In the Northern Conference Gosforth Academy, Brooksby Melton College, and Oaklands College all secured their top four finshes, while in the Southern Conference Hartpury College have secured theirs.


The top four sides in each conference go into two mini conferences after the next round of games, first and third in the north grouped with second and fourth in the south, and vice versa, the winners of each group then meeting in the final. So these last couple of rounds are absolutely crucial for sides as they aim to get into those spots.


Northern Conference


Gosforth Academy booked their place in the top four with a dominant 59-7 victory away at Stourport High School, leaving them as the only side across either conference to remain unbeaten, and keeping them four points clear at the top of the conference.


Next week they host Oaklands College, who had a bye week this week, but with Oaklands also qualified it will be a game for seedings rather than a game for qualification.


Brooksby Melton College have also qualified thanks to a 64-12 victory over Moulton College. They have now played all of their games though so second is the best they can hope for, they will have to sit and watch next week’s results come in to see their seeding and which group they will end up in.


The fight for fourth though is going to be a real dogfight that goes right into next week’s final round. Myerscough College kept their challenge alive by beating current fourth place side Bishop Burton College 38-15 to draw them level on points. It means that all comes down to next week. Both have games they should win, Bishop Burton host Stourport and Myerscough travel to Moulton, but with Moulton struggling to avoid conceding points, it could well be advantage Myerscough.


Southern Conference


Hartpury College secured their place in the top four thanks to a 31-0 victory over SGS Filton College, a result that leaves them four points clear at the top and unable to be caught by the fifth placed side, who happen to be Filton.


It gets really interesting below though because the four sides competing for the three remaining spots all face each other next week. Filton College host St Paul’s Catholic College, who increased their odds massively on Wednesday by beating Beechen Cliff 19-13 moving them into third, a point behind Beechen Cliff, level with Exeter, and three points clear of Filton.


Beechen Cliff meanwhile will host Exeter College, who had a bye week this week. Should St Paul’s do the job against Filton then both of these would be safe next week but if Filton win, then the loser of this game will be very vulnerable indeed.


The final game in the southern conference on Wednesday saw City of Oxford College play their final game of the opening phase, the bottom three in each conference also play mini groups next phase but remain split north/south. They hosted Truro College, going down 31-17.


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AASE Round 6 Results:



Brooksby Melton College 64-12 Moulton College

Myerscough College 38-15 Bishop Burton College

Stourport HS 7-59 Gosforth Academy

Bye: Oaklands College



City of Oxford College 17-31 Truro College

Hartpury College 31-0 SGS Filton College

St Paul’s Catholic College 19-13 Beechen Cliff

Bye: Exeter College




Northern Conference

Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Gosforth Academy 5 5 0 0 5 25
2 Brooksby Melton 6 4 0 2 5 21
3 Oaklands College 5 4 0 1 5 21
4 Bishop Burton 5 2 0 3 3 11
5 Myerscough College 5 2 0 3 3 11
6 Stourport High 5 1 0 4 1 5
7 Moulton College 5 0 0 5 1 1


Southern Conference

Pos Team P W D L BPs Points
1 Hartpury College 5 4 0 1 4 20
2 Beechen Cliff 5 3 0 2 4 16
3 St Paul’s CC 5 3 0 2 3 15
4 Exeter College 5 3 0 2 3 15
5 SGS Filton College 5 2 0 3 4 12
6 Truro College 5 2 0 3 1 9
7 City of Oxford 6 1 0 5 1 5


Remaining Fixtures:


Round 7 (16th October)



Bishop Burton College v Stourport HS

Gosforth Academy v Oaklands College

Moulton College v Myerscough College

Bye: Brooksby Melton College



Beechen Cliff v Exeter College

SGS Filton College v St Paul’s Catholic College

Truro College v Hartpury College

Bye: City of Oxford College


Preview Results:


AASE Round 5 Results:



Bishop Burton College 20-19 Brooksby Melton College

Gosforth Academy 43-12 Myerscough College

Oaklands College 48-15 Stourport HS

Bye: Moulton College



Beechen Cliff 33-10 Hartpury College

Exeter College 26-19 St Paul’s Catholic College

SGS Filton College 27-17 City of Oxford College

Bye: Truro College


AASE Round 4 Results:



Brooksby Melton College 12-33 Gosforth Academy

Moulton College 5-52 Bishop Burton College

Myerscough College 23-24 Oaklands College

Bye: Stourport HS



City of Oxford College 3-31 Beechen Cliff

Hartpury College 46-29 Exeter College

Truro College 8-6 SGS Filton College

Bye: St Paul’s Catholic College


AASE Round 3 Results:



Gosforth Academy 79-13 Moulton College

Oaklands College 26-39 Brooksby Melton College

Stourport HS 12-45 Myerscough College

Bye: Bishop Burton College



Beechen Cliff 26-8 Truro College

Exeter College 14-39 City of Oxford College

St Paul’s Catholic College 0-36 Hartpury College

Bye: SGS Filton College


AASE Round 2 Results:



Bishop Burton College 18-24 Gosforth Academy

Brooksby Melton College 40-19 Stourport HS

Moulton College 0-43 Oaklands College

Bye: Myerscough College



City of Oxford College 12-27 St Paul’s Catholic College

SGS Filton College 28-5 Beechen Cliff

Truro College 15-35 Exeter College

Bye: Hartpury College


AASE Round 1 Results:



Myerscough College 3-27 Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College 24-17 Bishop Burton College

Stourport HS 59-26 Moulton College

Bye: Gosforth Academy



Exeter College 19-12 SGS Filton College

Hartpury College 69-14 City of Oxford College

St Paul’s Catholic College 40-20 Truro College

Bye: Beechen Cliff

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