U18 Schools Vase: Vase competition hots up as the quarter final draw is made

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Thursday saw the 2019 U18 Schools Vase competition really take shape after the quarter finals were drawn.


As in the other national competitions, the quarter final draw divided the regions up North/South, with the four North and Midlands regional champions making up one side of the draw, and the London & South East and South West champions making up the other.


The competition has been a tricky one to follow thus far, but now at the national stage it will really begin to move into full view.


Leicester Grammar (Midlands A) v Langley (Midlands B)


On Thursday Leicester Grammar beat Bablake 25-3 to seal their place in the quarter final draw, just a round after a seriously tight game against Loughborough College. They will be hosting the 2018 Vase champions, Langley, from Norfolk. Langley sailed through in 2018 but have had to work harder this year, their efforts have been rewarded though, sealing the Midlands B spot last time out with a 22-16 victory at Hills Road 6th form College.


Newcastle School for Boys (North A) v King’s Grantham (North B)


The North sections have been thin on the ground in terms of confirmed results but what is clear is the Newcastle School for Boys have emerged as the North A champions after a term’s worth of outstanding rugby. Their regional final was a continuation of that, beating Ripon Grammar 38-15. They will be hosting the North B champions in the quarter final, King’s Grantham, who have had some top performances, including a 33-5 victory away at the excellent Newcastle Under Lyme.


Eastbourne College (London & South East A) v Sutton Valence (London & South East B)


This all London & South East quarter final looks strong, Eastbourne College won the A section and have looked good both in and out of the Vase this year. On Wednesday they sealed this quarter final spot with a 43-0 defeat of Glyn. Sutton Valence are in similarly good form and on Wednesday their booked their berth in this quarter final too, wining 44-12 at Dartford Grammar School. The sense is that the winner is this game could go a long way in the competition.


Wellington School/St Peter’s, Gloucester (South West A) v Exeter (South West B)


The all South West quarter final is the only one still with one of the sides to be confirmed, Wellington School and St Peter’s Gloucester are still to meet in the South West A regional final after St Peter’s beat Tewkesbury 50-0 in midweek to book their slot in that game. On Tuesday Exeter squeaked through as the South West B champions by the slimmest of margins, drawing 17-17 at St Edward’s Oxford to progress as the South West B regional champions.



Thursday also saw the U18 Schools Cup, Plate, and Bowl quarter finals drawn and you can see those draws via the links below:


U18 Schools Cup QFs

U18 Schools Plate QFs

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U18 Schools Vase QF Draw:


Leicester GS (Midlands A) v Langley (Midlands B)

Newcastle School for Boys (North A) v King’s Grantham (North B)

Eastbourne College (London & South East A) v Sutton Valence (London & South East B)

Wellington/St Peter’s Gloucester (South West A) v Exeter (South West B)


U18 Schools Vase Draw:


North A


Round 1

QEGS Penrith 7-40 Austin Friars

Bye v Bye

QEHS Hexham 15-17 Gateshead College

Yarm v Bye

Newcastle School for Boys 50-0 Tyne Metropolitan College

Emmanuel College v Bye

KES Morpeth 48-7 Bede Academy

Bye v Bye

Bye v Bye

Ampleforth College 12-20 Ripon GS

Bye v Bye

Ilkley GS 33-5 Harrogate GS

Bye v Bye

Rodillian 7-60 Crossley Heath

Runshaw College w/o AKS Lytham

Sandbach v Bye


Round 2

Austin Friars v Bye

Gateshead College 29-27 Yarm

Newcastle SfB 50-0 Emmanuel College

KES Morpeth v Bye

Ripon GS v Bye

Ilkley GS v Bye

Crossley Heath v Bye

Runshaw College w/d Sandbach


Round 3

Austin Friars 67-0 Gateshead College

Newcastle SfB v KES Morpeth – TBA

Ripon GS 45-11 Ilkley GS

Crossley Heath v Sandbach – TBA


Round 4

Austin Friars 12-40 Newcastle SfB

Ripon GS v Crossley Heath/Sandbach – TBA


Round 5

Newcastle SfB 38-15 Ripon Grammar


North B


Round 1

Rydal Penrhos 0-53 Bishop Heber

Oswestry 0-45 Shrewsbury

Liverpool College 43-12 Birkenhead

St Anselm’s College 20-12 St Edward’s College

King William’s College 50-3 Castle Rushen

Altrincham GS 22-10 Sale GS

Bolton 50-5 The Grange

Bye v Bye

Bye v Bye

Newcastle Under Lyme 27-20 Adams GS

St Joseph’s College w/o Thomas Alleynes

Birkdale 24-24 Lady Manners

Nottingham HS w/o Priory Ruskin

King’s Grantham 55-10 Carre’s GS

Thomas Rotherham College 43-7 Hill House

South Hunsley v Bye


Round 2

Bishop Heber 50-17 Shrewsbury

Liverpool College 19-19 St Anselm’s College

King William’s 10-22 Altrincham GS

Bolton v Bye

Newcastle Under Lyme v Bye

St Joseph’s College w/d Lady Manners

Nottingham HS w/d King’s Grantham

Thomas Rotherham 33-5 South Hunsley


Round 3

Bishop Heber v Liverpool College/St Anselm’s College

Altrincham GS v Bolton

Newcastle Under Lyme 38-34 Lady Manners

King’s Grantham 57-0 Thomas Rotherham


Round 4

Bishop Heber/Liverpool College/St Anselm’s College v Altrincham GS/Bolton

Newcastle Under Lyme 5-33 King’s Grantham


Round 5

TBA v King’s Grantham


Midlands A


Round 1

Hereford Cathedral School 10-7 Hereford 6th form College

RGS Worcester 28-0 Prince Henry’s

KES Stratford 39-7 Kenilworth

Princethorpe 14-28 KES Camp Hill

Bablake 22-7 King Henry VIII, Coventry

KES Five Ways 28-14 KES Birmingham

Bye v Bye

Queen Mary’s GS 31-27 KES Lichfield

Bye v Bye

KES Aston w/o Birmingham Metropolitan

Bye v Bye

Loughborough College 55-5 Ratcliffe College

Bishop Stopford v Bye

Leicester GS w/o Robert Smyth

Bye v Bye

Wellingborough 12-10 Royal Latin


Round 2

Hereford Cathedral 13-22 RGS Worcester

KES Stratford 35-7 KES Camp Hill

Bablake 49-19 KES Five Ways

Queen Mary’s GS v Bye

KES Aston v Bye

Loughborough College v Bye

Bishop Stopford 0-41 Leicester GS

Wellingborough v Bye


Round 3

RGS Worcester 36-36 KES Stratford

Bablake 57-26 Queen Mary’s GS

KES Aston w/d Loughborough College

Leicester GS 22-0 Wellingborough


Round 4

KES Stratford 12-12 Bablake

Loughborough College 22-23 Leicester GS


Round 5

Bablake 3-25 Leicester Grammar


Midlands B


Round 1

Aylesbury GS 56-5 Sir William Borlase’s GS

Roundwood Park 21-31 St Columba’s College

Sir John Lawes 31-15 Sandringham

Beaumont 50-0 Samuel Ryder

Richard Hale w/o St Edmunds College

The Perse v Bye

Hitchin Boys 58-12 Knights Templar

Bishop’s Stortford College v Bye

Saffron Walden 10-33 Hills Road

Mark Rutherford 20-60 Hitchingbrooke

Spalding GS 8-45 Gresham’s

Bye v Bye

Wymondham College 10-60 Langley

Culford w/o Thomas Mills

Ipswich 51-0 Woodbridge

RGS Colchester v Bye


Round 2

Aylesbury GS 50-0 St Columba’s College

Sir John Lawes 12-24 Beaumont

Richard Hale 3-26 The Perse

Hitchin Boys v Bishop’s Stortford College

Hills Road w/o Hitchingbrooke

Gresham’s v Bye

Langley 34-10 Culford

Ipswich w/o RGS Colchester


Round 3

Aylesbury GS 57-7 Beaumont

The Perse 12-15 Hitchin Boys

Hills Road 29-15 Gresham’s

Langley 30-7 Ipswich


Round 4

Aylesbury GS v Hitchin – TBA

Hills Road 21-24 Langley


Round 5

Hitchin 16-22 Langley


London & South East A


Round 1

Tring 29-19 Hemel Hempstead

John Hampden GS 19-0 Chesham GS

Longdean w/d Parmiter’s

Rickmansworth 7-14 QES Barnet

Isleworth & Syon 43-10 Orleans Park

Grey Court w/d Saint Cecilia’s

Rutlish 19-24 Esher College

Glyn 22-21 Wallington CGS

George Abbot 24-36 Harris City Academy

Bye v Bye

London Oratory 36-0 Royal Alexandra & Albert

Reigate GS v Bye

Bye v Bye

Worth 5-12 Richard Collyer

Bye v Bye

Worthing 17-24 Eastbourne College


Round 2

Tring 29-19 Hemel Hempsted

Parmiter’s 12-41 QES Barnet

Isleworth & Syon 53-21 Saint Cecilia’s

Esher College 7-18 Glyn

Harris City Academy v Bye

London Oratory 12-22 Reigate GS

Richard Collyer v Bye

Eastbourne College v Bye


Round 3

Tring 20-19 QES Barnet

Isleworth & Syon 17-34 Glyn

Harris City Academy 0-73 Reigate GS

Richard Collyer 19-44 Eastbourne College


Round 4

Tring 5-25 Glyn

Reigate Grammar 11-12 Eastbourne College


Round 5

Glyn 0-43 Eastbourne College


London & South East B


Round 1

Davenant 12-14 Robert Clack

Bye v Bye

Coopers Coborn v Bye

Southend HS w/o King John

Beths GS 5-21 Dartford GS

Bye v Bye

Wilmington GS w/d Gravesend GS

Bye v Bye

Chislehurst & Sidcup GS 43-0 St Dunstan’s College

Darrick Wood 0-46 Hayes

Skinners’ 58-10 Oakwood Park GS

Maidstone GS 17-28 Sutton Valence

Chatham & Clarendon 5-24 St Lawrence College

Bye v Bye

Duke of York’s RMS v Bye

Sir Roger Manwood’s 59-0 Kent College


Round 2

Robert Clack v Bye

Coopers Coborn 30-33 Southend

Dartford GS v Bye

Gravesend GS v Bye

Chislehurst & Sidcup 20-19 Hayes

Skinners’ 25-34 Sutton Valence

St Lawrence College v Bye

Duke of York’s RMS 42-21 Sir Roger Manwood’s


Round 3

Robert Clack v Southend – TBA

Dartford GS v Gravesend GS – TBA

Chislehurst & Sidcup GS 8-41 Sutton Valence

St Lawrence College 11-12 Duke of York’s RMS


Round 4

Robert Clack/Southend v Dartford Grammar – TBA

Sutton Valence 44-3 Duke of York’s RMS


Round 5

Dartford Grammar 12-44 Sutton Valence


South West A


Round 1

Mount Kelly 15-7 Plymouth College

Torquay Boys’ GS 14-42 Wellington

Woodroffe 10-60 Thomas Hardye

Yeovil College 19-26 The Gryphon

Wells Cathedral 10-10 Backwell

Bristol Cathedral Choir 55-5 Frome College

St Laurence 10-21 Hardenhuish

Sheldon 7-45 Malmesbury

St Peter’s, Gloucester v Bye

Royal Wootton Bassett 8-7 Cirencester College

Bye v Bye

Marling 5-15 Wycliffe College

Bye v Bye

Holmleigh Park HS w/d Tewkesbury

Bye v Bye

St Edward’s, Cheltenham 5-47 The Cotswold


Round 2

Mount Kelly 6-8 Wellington

Thomas Hardye 45-10 The Gryphon

Backwell v Bristol Cathedral – TBA

Hardenhuish 0-14 Malmesbury

St Peter’s Gloucester 71-0 Royal Wootton Basset

Wycliffe College v Bye

Tewkesbury v Bye

The Cotswold v Bye


Round 3

Wellington 47-5 Thomas Hardye

Backwell/Bristol Cathedral v Malmesbury – TBA

St Peter’s, Gloucester 37-7 Wycliffe College

Tewkesbury w/o The Cotswold


Round 4

Wellington 52-10 Malmesbury

St Peter’s Gloucester 50-0 Tewkesbury


Round 5

Wellington v St Peter’s Gloucester


South West B


Round 1

St Edward’s, Oxford 64-21 Lord Williams’

The Oratory 57-5 Maiden Erlegh

Forest 36-17 Windsor Boys’

Gordon’s w/o Howard of Effingham

Farnborough 6th form College w/o Godalming College

Bye v Bye

Kennet 28-17 St Bartholomew’s

Park House v Bye

Bye v Bye

Peter Symonds’ College 44-7 KES Southampton

Bye v Bye

Exeter v Bye

Bye v Bye

Brockenhurst College 29-5 Bournemouth

Bye v Bye

Clayesmore 21-26 Poole GS


Round 2

St Edward’s Oxford 21-15 The Oratory

Forest 28-47 Gordon’s

Farnborough v Bye

Kennet 28-7 Park House

Peter Symonds’ College v Bye

Exeter v Bye

Brockenhurst v Bye

Poole GS v Bye


Round 3

St Edward’s, Oxford 38-28 Gordon’s

Farnborough v Kennet – TBA

Peter Symonds’ College 0-24 Exeter

Brockenhurst v Poole GS – TBA


Round 4

St Edward’s, Oxford 20-11 Farnborough

Exeter 61-0 Poole GS


Round 5

St Edward’s Oxford 17-17 Exeter

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