Sedbergh’s unbeaten streak comes to an end

English powerhouse school Sedbergh’s long standing unbeaten run has finally come to and end. Was it Blackrock? Grey College? Wellington College? No in fact in what must be the biggest upset this century it was in fact Millfield School who were to be the team to end the Cumbrians amazing streak.

Sedberghs last loss came against Kirkham Grammar all the way back in 2016 (15-9), since then it was 41 wins on the trot as well as numerous England schools internationals. Ironically this unbeaten run was started against Millfield.

It is not as if Millfield were having their best year either. The boys from Street in Somerset have thus far had a 13-6 season, not close to what you would expect from such a top level school.

So what was it? Some have reported that Sedbergh were suffering from multiple injuries and while this may be true, perhaps what it does is expose a lack of depth at the school? Whatever the case well done to Millfield for pulling off such an upset.

Sedbergh’s famous unbeaten run:

Millfield SchoolEngland286
Llandovery CollegeWales483
Bablake SchoolEngland535
Whitgift SchoolEngland2013
Wilmslow HighEngland5714
RGS NewcastleEngland730
Berkhamsted SchoolEngland699
Durham SchoolEngland286
Barnard CastleEngland310
Kirkham GrammarEngland349
Llandovery CollegeWales735
Lancaster Royal GrammarEngland830
Warwick SchoolEngland2610
Woodhouse GroveEngland317
Wellington CollegeEngland3916
Millfield SchoolEngland5312
Whitgift SchoolEngland3124
RGS NewcastleEngland3118
Bedford SchoolEngland600
Denstone CollegeEngland2617
Durham SchoolEngland3410
Kirkham GrammarEngland367
Berkhamsted SchoolEngland570
Lancaster Royal GrammarEngland5413
Warwick SchoolEngland3820
Woodhouse GroveEngland357
Wellington CollegeEngland1715
Millfield SchoolEngland86
Llandovery CollegeEngland127
Whitgift SchoolEngland277
RGS NewcastleEngland4112
Woodhouse GroveEngland3911
Denstone CollegeEngland327
St Peters, YorkEngland5912
Blackrock CollegeIreland2623
Lancaster Royal GrammarEngland6717
Wellington CollegeEngland2010
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