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After a week of your submissions we have now selected five teams from which you can vote for the ultimate Schools Rugby 2019/20 Counties XV.


The response through the week after submissions opened has been fantastic and over 200 names were submitted, with the South-East in particular having a huge number of names sent in to us.


From all of those names from the four regions we have selected four regional sides, North, Midlands, South East, and South West and, such was the overwhelming number of submissions, a fifth team that is a mix of all four regions (though it is worth ensuring a thorough look through all teams as we have been a touch creative on the location of some schools).


The five teams are published below, and under that you can vote for your Schools Rugby 2019/20 Counties XV position by position.


First though it is worth mentioning some of the players that missed out on these sides through no major reason other than the sheer weight of numbers. There are a huge number that miss out and it is worth remembering that in the construction of these regional teams from the submissions ultimately it is just one man’s opinion.


From that opinion though is the chance for you all now to give yours and to vote for the Schools Rugby 2019/20 Counties XV.


Here are the teams!


North XV:

15 Will Morris (Wirral Grammar), 14 Lewis Hyland-Dugbo (Woodhouse Grove), 13 Matthew Smith (Woodhouse Grove), 12 Fergus Simpson (Newcastle School for Boys), 11 Alfie Kimption (Wirral Grammar), 10 Ralph Makepeace (Barnard Castle), 9 Dan Baines (Newcastle School for Boys), 1 George Southall (Barnard Castle), 2 Jack Popely (Woodhouse Grove), 3 Joe Higgins (Kirkham Grammar), 4 Adam Scott (Gosforth Academy), 5 Ollie Casson (Cheadle Hulme), 6 Dylan Gittins (Gosforth Academy), 7 Cameron Briggs (Grammar School at Leeds), 8 Cameron Mercer (Wirral Grammar).


Midlands XV:

15 Archie Hogan (Uppingham), 14 Ollie Butler (Felsted), 13 James Boardman (Bloxham), 12 Charlie McHale (Felsted), 11 Sam Everett (Coventry College), 10 Callum Hall (King’s Ely), 9 James Crabtree (Princethorpe College), 1 Henry Langford (Uppingham), 2 Jack Hussey (Berkhamsted), 3 Seb Dickens (Felsted), 4 Sulayman Aurangzeb (Tettenhall), 5 George Dady (Wisbech Grammar), 6 Ben Hampden Smith (Oundle), 7 Patrick Noroozi (The Perse), 8 Jack North (Felsted).


South East XV:

15 Jonny Haynes (Epsom College), 14 Henry Pointer (Hurstpierpoint College), 13 Alex Ugoh (Campion), 12 Oliver Walker (Tonbridge) 11 Luke Trigg (Sutton Valence), 10 Louis Goodall (Reed’s), 9 Dan Davies (Epsom College), 1 Finn Lyttle (Emanuel), 2 Josh Naftalin (UCS), 3 Dom Brooks (John Fisher), 4 Tom Wooldridge (Tonbridge), 5 Ed Blake (KCS Wimbledon), 6 Frazer Falzon (Hurstpierpoint College), 7 Paddy Mallows (John Fisher), 8 Harrison Leadbitter (Campion).


South West XV:

15 Eddie Pearce (Truro), 14 Patrick Silcox (Hampton), 13 Chris Chaddock (Bishop Wordsworth’s), 12 Harvey Boardman (Bishop Wordsworth’s), 11 Aidan Barry (Hampton), 10 Ollie Andrews-Hirons (Pangbourne College), 9 Luke Greenall (Hampton), 1 Elvis Millen (Seaford College), 2 Will Murley (Bishop Wordsworth’s), 3 Chris Romano (Bablake), 4 Conrad Holmes (Sir Thomas Rich’s), 5 Jake Aspinall (RGS High Wycombe), 6 Jared Nuttall (Sir Thomas Rich’s), 7 Ben Smith-Bannister (Pangbourne College), 8 Olly Garratty (RGS High Wycombe).


Mixed Region XV:

15 Tom Tribe (Tonbridge), 14 Kier Gordon (Kirkham Grammar), 13 Kristian Thomson (St Benedict’s), 12 Chris Lipczynski (Trinity), 11 Paul Brown (Reed’s), 10 Harvey Graham (Berkhamsted), 9 Callum Posa (Mount St Mary’s College), 1 Zahran Obozuwa (Berkhamsted), 2 Theo Mostert (KES Birmingham), 3 Archie Khouri (Hurstpierpoint College), 4 Alex Connaghton (Trinity), 5 James Newall (Barnard Castle), 6 Tomiwa Agbongbon (New Hall), 7 Andrew Fadera (Hurstpierpoint College), 8 Nathan Berrecloth (Wycliffe College).


Those are your teams, a huge number of people very unfortunate to miss out, but 75 outstanding players from the 2019/20 Schools Rugby season! All you have to do now is to vote for the player from those options that you want to see in the Schools Rugby 2019/20 Counties XV – so let’s spread the word and get voting!


Schools Rugby 2019/20 Counties XV Vote:

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