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Coach Logic

Hi Franco, thanks for taking the time to join us. It’s been a crazy year with hardly any rugby being played. How have the boys at Monnas taken to the season being cancelled due to lockdown?

The Monnas boys have definitely taken it hard because rugby is such a big deal to us. I think the first team especially took it hard because we had a awesome team this year and we could have been number 1 in South Africa. So I think its very heart breaking for the Monnas boys and the lost opportunity will cost a lot of players the opportunity to take the sport further as a professional rugby player.

Monnas had one of the most exciting teams in nearly a decade, what were the goals of the team this year?

I think our biggest goal was to play for the Lord in appreciation for the awesome talents he has given us. Our goal was also to prove to all the people that doubted us over the years that we can play together as a group of brothers and just have fun doing it. Our main goal was also to win Virseker beker and go unbeaten through the season and finally end up nr.1 in SA.

What were your personal goals before the lockdown?

To play every game to the best of my ability. To make the craven week and then also to make the SA schools team. I wanted to develop as a player and to earn myself a contract overseas.

Describe your earliest rugby memory

It would definitely be the times with my dad on Laerskool Kenmares field where he taught me the basics of rugby and passed over his rugby knowledge and skills over to me, he has always been my role model.

Give us an idea of your rugby career. Have you always been at Monnas and what provincial level teams did you play for?

I was in Laerskool Kenmare where i played flank for seven years and when I went to Monnas in gr8 i moved to scrumhalf. I’ve always played for the “A” team. In u16 I made the Lions Grant Khomo Team and in Grade 11 I made the craven week team for the Lions.

Who has been the biggest influence on your rugby career?

It would definitely be my Dad because he taught me the game and he has never missed one of my rugby games in all my career. He’s my inspiration and he always taught me to be humble and work hard.

What are your plans for next year?

I’m going to Wits University to play rugby and study Electrical Engineering

What are your long term ambitions in rugby?

I want to finish my studies at Wits and work myself into the lions system. One of my big dreams is to go overseas and play rugby, I want to make it as a pro rugby player.

Which 2020 rookies do you think will step up for Monnas next year in their matric year?

It would definitely be Waldo Van den Berg and Dries du Preez. They are humble and hardworking guys that are perfect examples of what it means to be a Monnas boy.

If you were ever to go to war name 2 team mates you would want to go into battle with you?

Heiko Pholmann and Francois Weidemann and a third guy would have to be Brandon Beukes


My last ever meal would be: A perfect medium to rare steak

If I could meet one person on earth it would be: Cobus Reinach

My favourite music is: Deep house and country

If I wasn’t pursuing a career in rugby i would be: a professional arm wrestler

A position i would never want to play is: Prop

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