Video: Louie Johnson (Sedbergh School) Interview and Highlights

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Louie thanks for taking the time to join us. Lets start right at the beginning, what is your earliest rugby memory?

My earliest rugby memory is winning a tag rugby tournament with my local rugby club

The lockdown has been hard on South African in particular as they have missed their whole season, England has also been somewhat effected. What have you guys done to keep fit during this challenging time?

For me I just got an injury before lockdown in England so I was already in rehab. The aim at the start of lockdown for me was to get my injury back to normal. Since then it’s been mostly about developing my physical ability and topping up on skills.

Being at one of the top rugby schools in the country must come with its fair share of pressure, how do you as a young player handle that?

There is pressure, but the pressure is only what you make of it. Being positive and confident with yourself helps reduce the pressure. A great set of lads at the school also helps as everyone’s in it together.

Give us an idea of your career so far. Have you always been at Sedbergh? What rep teams have you played for?

I only arrived at sedbergh in September 2019 so I’m fairly new to the school. Previously I was training mostly at my old school, local club and the Newcastle Falcons academy. I’ve yet to had the opportunity to represent on an international level because of coronavirus but I’ll keep pushing towards that.

Who would you say has had the biggest influence on your rugby career?

The biggest influence would be my dad, he’s always given me every opportunity possible and has sacrificed a lot to help me.

What are your personal goals for the season ahead?

My goals for this season is to captain a great sedbergh team. Both on the pitch and off. We’ve got potential to be great and so it’s up to me to help us reach that. On a more personal level I want to keep improving and along with that get some representational rugby

Have you followed South African school rugby at all? What are your thoughts on it? Sedbergh were due to play Grey College this year, so surely some research was done?

We all watched some of the South African schoolboy rugby that’s on YouTube. The standard is clearly very high and the athleticism of the players is immense. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to go over and play them

What is your plan after leaving school? Will you pursue a career in rugby?

I’d like to have a career in rugby and hopefully that’ll start after finishing school. But I’m just focusing on improving.

What is your favourite rugby memory so far?

My favourite rugby memory would be winning the north east cup with my local club in 2019. After playing with some of them boys for 12 years it was special.

Give us a few players from Sedbergh we should keep an eye out for this year

I think we’re gonna be great throughout the team. Ollie Spencer is one to watch after impressing in the lower years.


My last ever meal would be: pasta

My favourite music is: rap

If I wasn’t pursuing a career in rugby I would be: something medical related

A position I would never want to play: prop

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