Video: Kyle Meadows Highlights and Interview

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What was your earliest rugby memory?

It would probably be playing rugby for hours in the garden with my brother as a 7 year old 

What were your personal goals before the lockdown happened?

I think seeing our entire house burn down at the end of 2019 and having a injury in 2019 which prevented myself from playing any provincial tournaments it really motivated myself and really gave a hunger to achieve the most so my personal goal was to achieve Craven week and give my best push to make either Sa schools sides 

Pretoria Boys looked to have a talented team this year, what were the teams goals for 2020?

I think under the amazing coaching of Paul Anthony , Mr Geldenhys and Mr Rust wanted us to give our absolute best and to achieve above a 80% win rate

Have you always been at Pretoria Boys? Maybe take us through your rugby career from junior level to senior level.

I was in a primary school in Pretoria and after making u13 craven Week , Coaches from PBHS came in contact and with one visitation to the school and seeing the facilities available I knew this was the school for me. 

What is your favourite school rugby memory so far?

I definitely think seeing the boys pull of the Victory against Affies last year

Tell us about the toughest team you have faced so far as well as the toughest opponent

I’d say the toughest team I’ve played against is Maritzburg College. Toughest opponent would have to be Ngia Selengbe from Kes who now plays for lions 

Who has had the biggest influence on your rugby career so far?

The biggest influence would most likely be Dad

If you were to go into battle, which two team mates would you like to have by your side?

If it was from Boys high I’d take Bradley Mayekiso and Stephan Krugel but if it was overall I’d definitely take a good mate of mine Josh Van Vreeden and Mambo Mkhize 

Will you continue pursuing a career in rugby? I so, what are your goals?

I’m definitely gonna pursue rugby after school . My goals are to use rugby to glorify God and to push to make u20 Springbok squad.

Which player do you model your game on?

I’d have to SBW or Jesse Kriel

Fire round

My last ever meal would be: Sushi

If I could meet one person it would be: Ruben Kruger

Favourite Music: Worship and Hip Hop

If I wasn’t pursuing a career in rugby I would be: a lawyer

A position I would never want to play: Prop

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