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As we all know, 2020 has been a strange old year. That has been no different for rugby as the sport at all levels saw cancellations galore.

At school level that was no different, South Africa barely saw any competition, while England, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia all saw cancellations really curtail their seasons.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of keeping the debate and engagement in school rugby going strong, we took a look at the 2019/20 season in the northern hemisphere and the 2020 season in the southern hemisphere and tried to analyse what had happened as best we could to bring you our 2020 Global Top 20 Rugby Schools.

Debate was fierce between the NextGenXV team and added to by Herschelle from High School Top 200 in New Zealand as the case was made for all number of schools from around the world.

In the end the list compromised 5 Australian schools, 2 from Ireland, 5 from England, 6 from New Zealand, and 2 from Wales, reflecting the spread of quality school rugby across the globe this year despite a global pandemic getting in the way. South African schools were not considered for this particular list due to the lack of fixtures as a result of the pandemic.

Of course these things generate debate, though, and the debate still rages on here at NextGenXV even now. So please do watch the video below with the full 2020 Global Top 20 Rugby Schools, and then let us hear your thoughts, who would you have ranked where, who is missing that you think should be on the list? Perhaps your school should be ranked higher?

So let us hear your thoughts and comments on the comment section below or on @nextgenxv on Twitter and Instagram!

NextGenXV 2020 Global Top 20 Rugby Schools
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