RPNS7s: Update from the Rosslyn Park HSBC National School 7s

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The 2021 Rosslyn Park HSBC National School 7s remains on course to go ahead after a statement today from the Tournament Director, Andrew Higgins, outlined their plans for the tournament to go ahead.

The statement read:

“Obviously, there are wider health concerns at the moment and we wish to extend our thoughts to all those affected; with that said, we are still very much in the preparation stages for the 2021 event and we are working with the RFU & ERFSU in order to deliver a safe tournament.”

“We appreciate that decisions have already been made to cancel the Surrey School Senior 7s. However, we have been working with our medical team to produce a Covid Management Plan, which will look at all aspects of the Tournament from gameplay, off field movement, travel, tier restrictions and pre/post event monitoring.”

“In January 2021 we will review this plan in relation to the overall national medical situation – this review will be in conjunction with the RFU & ERFSU and when a final decision to run the Tournament will be made.”

One key takeaway from the update is that the Edwin Doran Surrey Schools Senior 7s, a key tournaments in the build-up to Rosslyn Park, will not be going ahead. In 2020 this was one of the very last events to be able to go ahead and its absence in 2021 will be a great loss. 

Working through the announcement, though, it appears as though the Rosslyn Park HSBC National School 7s committee are determined to find a way to be able to go ahead should they be able to do so safely, and that all stops are being pulled out in order to be able to do that.

With schools rugby so sorely missed and almost every other competition already cancelled, the prospect of the Rosslyn Park 7s, in whatever shape or form it may be, is certainly one to warm the hearts of anyone involved in schools rugby.

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