Exclusive: Details on School Rugby’s potential return

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While rumours have been flying around that school rugby in South Africa will be cancelled until July or perhaps indefinitely a reliable source has provided the NextGenXV team with information that may put the school rugby players and fans alike a bit more at ease.

In a virtual meeting between officials from SARU and SASRA the impact of the current level 3 restrictions was discussed, topics revolved around the welfare of the players as well as the financial considerations of testing among others.

The following consensus was taken according to our sources:

1. All rugby activities will be suspended until 8th February 2021

2. The transmission and infection status of the virus will be monitored on an ongoing basis

3. All associations and schools will be informed when a return to train will be implemented

4. When rugby returns to training a structured approach will be adopted to ensure the safety of players is taken into consideration

Phase 1: A minimum of 4 weeks of non-contact training, the emphasis will be focused on fitness and strength

Phase 2: Following Phase 1 and if permitted by the relevant authorities a minimum of 4 weeks gradual integration of contact training

We are sure that all fans will welcome this news and it is fantastic to see SARU and SASRA truly take the lead in what is sure to be another challenging year for young rugby talent.

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