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The PACS 100 is our annual list of the top prospects we will be keeping an eye out on for the forthcoming 2021 season.

Last year a rankings system was in play but we have opted against that this year rather listing all players alphabetically and not focusing on individual rankings as of yet.

On Wednesday we will release via YouTube our Top 15 prospects to watch and finally on Friday we will announce our Number 1 prospect for the 2021 season.

When doing this list we tried to avoid just focusing on the top schools and introduced some talent from the lesser known schools who we think may need the extra exposure, with no rugby played last year we had to rely a lot on Grant Khomo footage as well as our network.

We are focusing only on Under 18 players, there are an abundance of Under 17 talents that will get their turn next year and there are Under 19’s who will be returning that are massive players, if we did not mention Merwe Olivier and Ebenezer Tshimanga as examples we would be doing any list of prospects a disservice.

This is not to say these are the only players we will be watching and nor is it saying players not included are not worth keeping an eye on, the sheer abundance of talent in South Africa is truly beyond the grasp of many and it will be our mission to give as many of these young players exposure as we possibly can.

Keep an eye out for our release of the English 100 followed by our World Under 20 100.

Herewith the South African PACS 100 for 2021:

Abulele NdabamiLoose ForwardPaarl Boys
Aidan OosthuizenLockEG Jansen
Barend BezuidenhoutPropMenlopark
Ben CurrieFlyhalfWynberg
Bevan SimonsBack 3Paul Roos
Bouwer du PlessisScrumhalfSelborne
Bradley MokwenaLoose ForwardBen Vorster
Bronson MillsFlyhalfKES
Bryce CalvertHookerWestville
Christian ElsScrumhalfGlenwood
Coetzee le RouxLockPaarl Boys
Compion von LudwigFlyhalfPaarl Boys
Corbin ThunderHookerMaritzburg
Corne LavangaPropPaarl Gim
Damian EngelbrechtLockMonument
Damian MarkusCenterStellenberg
Damian OosthuizenLoose ForwardAffies
Daniel BothaLockMaritzburg
Daniel DeutschmannLoose ForwardSelborne
Dante BurgerLockPaarl Boys
Deacon PretoriusBack 3Piet Retief
Deleon BernarduLockGrey College
Dendre AucampCenterWelkom Gim
Dian HeunisPropOakdale
Diego CupidoBack 3Helpmekaar
Diego LotteringBack 3Grey College
Dillon OppeltCenterGarsfontein
Divan MossFlyhalfGrey High
Dries du PreezLockMonument
Dwayne PharoBack 3Kingswood
Ethan HookerCenterWestville
Francois OosthuizenLockMenlopark
Gcino MdletsheLoose ForwardWestville
Gerrit OckerseLoose ForwardGlenwood
Gershwone SmithBack 3Aliwal North
Gert SteynCenterGrey College
Ghudian van ReeneLoose ForwardWorcester Gim
Gustav LaubscherHookerBoland Landbou
Hakeem KuneneCenterPaarl Boys
Hanno WesselsCenterPaarl Boys
Jack HaynesPropPaarl Gim
Jannes PotgieterLockHilton
Jared ReesBack 3Paarl Boys
Jason JohnsonPropPaul Roos
Jean SmithFlyhalfGrey College
JH GouwsLoose ForwardVolkskool (EP)
Johan LeonardCenterOuteniqua
Jorim Bangue*Loose ForwardPretoria Boys
Josh HanekomLoose ForwardBoland Landbou
Joshua AfricaBack 3Paul Roos
Juan SteylLoose ForwardGarsfontein
Juann ElsePropGrey College
Justin FourieLockMenlopark
Keagan SmithBack 3Paarl Boys
Kelly MpekuBack 3KES
Kerneels CoetzerCenterGarsfontein
Kevin LockePropMenlopark
Kristof du RandtLockGrey College
Kwakanya KamteniLockQueens
Layron WillborrowFlyhalfGlenwood
Layton HornScrumhalfAffies
Liam Zocchi-DommannPropHilton
Luca RibbensLoose ForwardPaarl Boys
Ludick MullerLoose ForwardOuteniqua
Lyle O’ConnellLoose ForwardGrey High
Matthew CoetzerLoose ForwardSelborne
Michael KochScrumhalfPaarl Gim
Mogamad KhanScrumhalfBishops
Morne ElseFlyhalfOakdale
Munashe DukuswaBack 3Glenwood
Nasser de KockLoose ForwardBishops
Nathan LainisLoose ForwardHelpmekaar
Nayren SolomonsBack 3Drostdy
Neels VolschenkLoose ForwardGrey College
Neil le RouxScrumhalfOakdale
Nicholas HattonLoose ForwardHilton
Nick MoekestiHookerAffies
Paul de VilliersLoose ForwardOakdale
Percy BassonCenterDrostdy
Phatu GanyanePropGlenwood
Philasande NgcoboBack 3SACS
Philip KleynhansLoose ForwardOakdale
Quewinn NorjeBack 3Affies
Reagan IzaksCenterGrey College
Riaan GerberFlyhalfAffies
Roger PetersonPropMonument
Roydon SwiftPropMaritzburg
Ryan ManuelCenterGlenwood
Simion OosthuizenCenterOakdale
Suleiman HartzenbergBack 3Bishops
Thansville MaymanPropGarsfontein
Thonga MbathaHookerHelpmekaar
Tiaan KriekFlyhalfWestville
Tiaan MullerLoose ForwardAffies
Tristan van DykLoose ForwardPaul Roos
Tshireletso NokoPropLichteburg
Vusi NhlaphoLockParktown
Waldo van den BergCenterMonument
Wela TakataLoose ForwardMaritzburg
Wian FaberCenterMenlopark

*Player has matriculated but still fall in the under 18 category

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