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Our final 100 prospects list of the year and certainly our most challenging yet.

With hardly any rugby played last year this years Under 19 and Under 20 players who qualify was based on performances we have seen at school level as well as by our network of followers from around the globe.

It should be noted that we are welcome to be proven wrong and there is no doubt there are numerous talents we have likely missed out on, in future with rugby back and with an improved global network we hope this lists can become ever more detailed.

Players are listed alphabetically by first name, our top 15 will be announced on Wednesday with our number 1 prospect being named on Friday.

So please see below our PACS 100 for Under 20 players, players born in 2001 and 2002 qualify for this list.

Aidan MorganFlyhalfNew Zealand
Alex SorokaBack RowIreland
Alexandre BorieBack 3France
Allan CraigLockNew Zealand
Andre-Hugo VenterHookerSouth Africa
Anton SegnerLoose ForwardNew Zealand
Archie VanesHookerEngland
Ben LopasPropNew Zealand
Ben MuncasterBack RowScotland
Billy PollardHookerAustralia
Blair MurrayBack 3New Zealand
Bobby AlexanderScrumhalfSouth Africa
Cam ChurchLoose ForwardNew Zealand
Carwyn TuipulotuBack RowWales
Charlie AtkinsonFly HalfEngland
Christ TshiunzaLockWales
Connor EvansLockSouth Africa
Corey KellowLoose ForwardNew Zealand
Curwin GertseWingSouth Africa
Dan JohnFull BackWales
Dani Long-MartinezWingEngland
Davit NiniashviliBack 3Georgia
Deago BaileyWingEngland
Dom GardinerLoose ForwardNew Zealand
Emeka IlioneBack RowEngland
Ewan RichardsLockEngland
Fin BaxterPropEngland
Fin SmithFly HalfEngland
Finau HalafihiHookerNew Zealand
Franco KnoetzeWingSouth Africa
George CronjeLoose ForwardSouth Africa
George MartinLockEngland
Geraldo FluskWingSouth Africa
Harri MorganScrum HalfWales
Henco van WykCentreSouth Africa
Hugh BokenhamLockAustralia
Ioan LloydFull Back/Fly HalfWales
Jack BoylePropIreland
Jack ClementBack RowEngland
Jack SextonPropNew Zealand
Jack van PoortvlietScrum HalfEngland
Jacob KneepkensBack 3New Zealand
Jacques GoosenHookerSouth Africa
Jamie DobieScrum HalfScotland
Jan-Hendrik WesselsPropSouth Africa
Jarrod TaylorLoose ForwardSouth Africa
Joaquin OvideoLoose ForwardArgentina
John StewartHookerEngland
Jordan HendrikseFullbackSouth Africa
Josh FlookBack 3Australia
Joshua BrennanLockFrance
Kade WolhuterFlyhalfSouth Africa
Karl MartinCentreIreland
Keke MorabeLoose ForwardSouth Africa
Killian TixerontLoose ForwardFrance
Lachlan AlbertScrumhalfAustralia
Lesley BothaCentreSouth Africa
Louis Hillman-CooperCentreEngland
Louis Rees-ZammitWingWales
Manu PaeaBack 3New Zealand
Matthias HaddadLoose ForwardFrance
Matthias HalagahuLockFrance
Max HughesScrumhalfNew Zealand
Maxence DarthouCentreFrance
Meihana GrindlayCentreNew Zealand
Nico SteynScrumhalfSouth Africa
Noah HothamScrumhalfNew Zealand
Nolan Le GarrecScrumhalfFrance
Ollie LewisFlyhalfNew Zealand
Orlando BaileyFly HalfEngland
Oscar BeardCentreEngland
Martin VacaHookerArgentina
Phil BrantinghamPropEngland
Phil CokanasigaCentreEngland
Ramiro WaisbergFlyhalfArgentina
Reesjan PasitoaFlyhalfAustralia
Roderick SoloWingNew Zealand
Ruben LoveBack 3New Zealand
Sacha IdoumiHookerFrance
Sacha MngomezuluFlyhalfSouth Africa
Sam CostelowFly HalfWales
Seb AtkinsonCentreEngland
Seb LombardPropSouth Africa
Simon MillerLockSouth Africa
Stephen VarneyScrum HalfItaly
Tarquin ManuelFullbackSouth Africa
Te Rama ReubenLoose ForwardNew Zealand
Theo BevacquaPropWales
Thibault DebaesFlyhalfFrance
Thomas HooperLockAustralia
Tiaan TauakipuluPropNew Zealand
Tom CurtisFly HalfEngland
Tom RoebuckCentre/WingEngland
Tom StewartHookerIreland
Vaiolini EkuasiLoose ForwardNew Zealand
Vincent GreenPropNew Zealand
Will JosephCentreEngland
Zach GallagherLockNew Zealand
Zane NonggorrPropAustralia
Zeiligna StrydomFullbackSouth Africa
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