England International players’ backgrounds: Can you help?

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Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at which schools players for England U18, U20, and the England Men’s Senior Team all played for.

The U18 and U20 players are all now covered and we will be publishing the results very soon, but there is still some way to go on the full England Internationals, with that in mind we thought it best to ask the very people that know best – the schools themselves!

We would therefore be endlessly grateful if you could get in touch if you know the schools attended by the following players (date of first cap in brackets) either by commenting below, emailing us at admin@nextgenxv.com via Twitter/Instagram @nextgenxv or via the contact page above:

Barry Jackson (1971)

Terence Brooke (1968)

Jim Parsons (1968)

Peter Larter (1967)

Christopher Jennins (1967)

George Sherriff (1966)

David Powell (1966)

Peter Cook (1965)

Mike Davis (1963)

Stanley Purdy (1962)

Thomas Pargetter (1962)

John Price (1961)

Peter Wright (1960)

William Morgan (1960)

Herbert Goodwin (1959)

Larry Webb (1959)

John Wackett (1959)

Bob Challis (1957)

Peter Thompson (1956)

Pat Quinn (1954)

Philip Collins (1952)

Elliott Woodgate (1952)

Trevor Smith (1951)

John Baume (1950)

Akker Adkins (1950)

Thomas Price (1948)

Richard Madge (1948)

John Keeling (1948)

James George (1947)

Geoffrey Kelly (1947)

Arthur Gray (1947)

Anyone Pre-WW2

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