England International Players’ Backgrounds: Can you help? Just 5 to go!

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As you will have recently seen, we have been asking you for help in uncovering the schools attended by every England International.

At the start of the process there were almost 60 players post-WW2 that we had no information for but now, thanks to your help, that number is down to just 5! A special thank you must go to rugby historian John Griffiths, without whom we would still be some way away from being able to have the list completed.

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing videos covering England U18, England U20, and the England Men’s Senior Team, looking at which schools have produced the most players in each category since the Second World War (or, in the case of the U20s, since the team came into being.

As access to archives opens up when the country opens up, we will then move that on to look at the years 1871-1939 as well (we already have the data for approximately half of those players).

For now though, we would still be endlessly grateful if you could help us find the schools that the remaining 5 players below (date of first cap in brackets) attended, either through commenting below, emailing us at admin@nextgenxv.com or via Twitter or Instagram on @nextgenxv – or indeed via the contact page above!

Thank you so much for your help so far, hopefully we can get these final 8 done!

George Sherriff (1966)

John (Philip) Collins (1952)

Trevor Smith (1951)

James (Jim) George (1947)

Arthur Gray (1947)

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