ACE League: Round 6 Review – Top 4 places almost all secured

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Wednesday was the penultimate round of the first league stage of the 2021 ACE League and it delivered in a big way.

The top four sides from each conference head through to two mini-conferences of four after half term, which aren’t split north/south, and the winners of those will meet in the ACE League final.

By the close of play on Wednesday six of those eight sides were confirmed, with a seventh all but, and both tables were completely shaken up.

Northern Conference

The top four in the Northern Conference were all confirmed on Wednesday, with all that remains in the final round being in what order they will finish. Brooksby Melton College, City of Oxford College, Gosforth Academy, and Bishop Burton College will all be in the mix to compete for the ACE title.

It was Brooksby Melton College who sealed the deal for Bishop Burton College who had a bye and were hanging on to the top four. Brooksby Melton hosted Oaklands College, the only side that could sneak into the top four, and defeated them 29-21. It sent Brooksby Melton to the top of the table, sealed a top four spot for them, and also confirmed a finishing place of 4th for Bishop Burton College.

The reason it sent Brooksby Melton top was because of a sensational result at City of Oxford College, where in an incredibly close and tense game they beat the previously unbeaten Gosforth Academy 24-21. It sealed a top 4 spot for City of Oxford, but also sent them up to second place, knocking Gosforth from top to third.

The third game in the Northern Conference saw the two sides that could not reach the top 4 go head to head, Myerscough College, who were looking for their first victory, and Stourport High, who were playing their last game of this first phase. It was a perfect finish for Stourport who won a high scoring game 39-29 to finish up just two points off the Top 4.

Southern Conference

The big news in the Southern Conference was that Exeter College cannot now make the top 4. They started the day in fourth place, but things were close, and with a bye next week their game at Bishop Wand was their crucial final game of this first phase. It wasn’t to be for the former champions though as Bishop Wand sealed a strong 19-5 victory, a result that all but guarantees a top four finish for them as they face the only side that can break into the top four, Beechen Cliff, next week, while they also have the safety net that fourth placed Filton are facing Hartpury College and therefore are less likely to earn a positive result.

Exeter’s loss was SGS Filton College’s gain on Wednesday as they jumped into the top four thanks to a superb 32-17 victory at Gordon’s. If Bishop Wand can do the business against Beechen Cliff next week, Filton will have top four finish.

Despite just one victory to their name, Beechen Cliff remain on the cusp of the top four thanks to six bonus points in five games, and an incredibly two bonus points in a thrilling defeat to Hartpury College on Wednesday, whose top four status was already sealed prior to the game along with Truro College, who had a bye. Beechen Cliff gave Hartpury their toughest game to date, but the perennial champions still found a way to win and sealed a 34-33 that keeps them at the top of the table and with a perfect record.

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ACE Round 6 Fixtures (13th Oct)


Brooksby Melton College 29-21 Oaklands College

City of Oxford College 24-21 Gosforth Academy

Myerscough College 29-39 Stourport High

Bishop Burton College v Bye


Gordon’s 17-32 SGS Filton College

Hartpury College 34-33 Beechen Cliff

Bishop Wand 19-5 Exeter College

Truro College v Bye

ACE League Standings:


1Brooksby Melton5401622
2City of Oxford5401622
3Gosforth Academy5401521
4Bishop Burton5302214
5Stourport High6204412
6Oaklands College510448
1Hartpury College5500525
2Truro College5401319
3Bishop Wand5302315
4SGS Filton College5203412
5Exeter College6204311
6Beechen Cliff5104610

Further ACE League Fixtures:

Round 7 (20th Oct)


Bishop Burton College v City of Oxford College

Gosforth Academy v Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College v Myerscough College

Stourport High v Bye


Beechen Cliff v Bishop Wand

SGS Filton College v Hartpury College

Truro College v Gordon’s

Exeter College v Bye

Previous Results:

Round 5 Results:


Gosforth Academy 34-14 Bishop Burton College

Oaklands College 14-20 City of Oxford College

Stourport High 22-50 Brooksby Melton College

Myerscough College v Bye


Beechen Cliff 33-12 Gordon’s

Exeter College 19-55 Hartpury College

SGS Filton College 31-33 Truro College

Bishop Wand v Bye

Round 4 Results:


Bishop Burton College 10-26 Oaklands College

Brooksby Melton College 59-0 Myerscough College

City of Oxford College 36-26 Stourport High

Gosforth Academy v Bye


Gordon’s 20-10 Exeter College

Hartpury College 31-15 Bishop Wand

Truro College 46-28 Beechen Cliff

SGS Filton College v Bye

Round 3 Results:


Myerscough College 7-38 City of Oxford College

Oaklands College 17-31 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High 10-17 Bishop Burton College

Brooksby Melton College v Bye


Beechen Cliff 28-29 SGS Filton College

Exeter College 31-35 Truro College

Bishop Wand 33-5 Gordon’s

Hartpury College v Bye

Round 2 Results:


Bishop Burton College 31-17 Myerscough College

City of Oxford College 26-29 Brooksby Melton College

Gosforth Academy 22-8 Stourport High

Oaklands College v Bye


Gordon’s 0-38 Hartpury College

SGS Filton College 15-24 Exeter College

Truro College 22-21 Bishop Wand

Beechen Cliff v Bye

Round 1 Results:


Brooksby Melton College 29-33 Bishop Burton College

Myerscough College 19-22 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High 33-29 Oaklands College

City of Oxford College v Bye


Exeter College 24-7 Beechen Cliff

Hartpury College 54-12 Truro College

Bishop Wand 26-17 SGS Filton College

Gordon’s v Bye

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