Haileybury v Seaford

Live Stream: NextGenXV to live stream Haileybury v Blundell’s (Wednesday, 7.30pm)

This Wednesday at 7.30pm Haileybury and Blundell’s will head to Saracens’ StoneX Stadium for what should be a wonderful occasion for schoolboy rugby.


NextGenXV will be at the stadium to live stream every minute, and you will be able to watch it all on our YouTube Channel, TikTok, and via the embedded link below.



It promises to be a spectacular evening, one which Haileybury put on every September at Saracens’ ground. This year feels extra special though, given the rivalry between Saracens and Exeter Chiefs at senior level and the fact that these two work so closely with each of those academies.


Regardless of that though, as a simple schools rugby occasion it will be superb. It is the sort of evening that these two sides will remember forever, playing at a top level stadium in front of friends and family, on the live stream for those that can’t be there.


Haileybury in particular are looking strong this season, beating Felsted in their opener and then most impressively on Saturday, Stamford, 30-24 away from home. A Stamford side, remember, that defeated one of the season’s most hyped teams, Stowe, in their opening game.


Blundell’s have only the one game under their belt so far, against one of the strongest sides in the country – Millfield. They lost it 53-24, but the 24 points scored against a side that was so defensively obstinate against Clifton College in week one is 24 points that should leave them feeling confident for the challenges that are to come.


Whichever way it goes for either side, it is sure to be a memorable night. One only has to cast their mind back to last year when it was Seaford College’s turn to take on Haileybury at StoneX and a thrilling draw ensued.



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