South Africa: 5 Teams of the Week

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5) St Johns

Katleho Lynch’s boys got their season off to a bang with a great win over rivals St Benedicts. This is certainly a program to watch in the private school space, after a few years of potential the team looks to be a talented unit.

Private schools often do not have the depth that public schools have in terms of playing numbers but there is certainly no lack of enthusiasm. After producing two SA Schools players in 2022 one wonders what 2023 could have in store for the Johannesburg based team.

4) EG Jansen

Last years Under 16’s were unbeaten and our top ranked Northern region team, it was a remarkable achievement for the school but many wondered how they would combine with last years rookies. By the look of things, very well!

A massive victory over Nelspruit showcased their pedigree. Fast backs and the traditional rough and tough Boksburg forwards make this a dual threat outfit that are going to cause some upsets this year.

3) Grey College

Welkom Gim must have been quietly confident going into this game, their remarkable win over Helpmekaar in their last outing would have certainly put them in a good position to finally overcome their central region rivals.

Unfortunately for Gimmies, Grey College had other ideas and there is perhaps nothing more brutal than a cohesive Grey team and it showed from the moment the first kick off was received with their forward pack rampaging down the field.

If this is what things look like in the early part of the season then it could be a long season for Grey’s opponents.

2) Marlow

Marlow are an agricultural school based in Cradock, low on numbers but high on talent last years team was mainly made up of young rookies who took the game to their opponents at every opportunity. The maturity that has set in now with these boys in their final year is a sight to behold, Selborne are no pushovers and the game was hard fought but the farm boys took home the victory in what was probably the game of the weekend.

Keep a close eye on this team and their players, they are absolutely stacked with talent and have to push hard for a Top 10 finish but a Top 5 finish is certainly not beyond them.

1) Secunda

Call it what you will. Practice Match? Chukka? Friendly? It doesn’t matter what the sceptics may say, Hilton are a massive part of South African school rugby culture and any team achieving a victory over them can be proud.

Secunda are certainly not seen as a heavyweight but the program looks to have come on in leaps and bounds and this win over Hilton should certainly have lifted them into the national conversation. When David slays Goliath in any sport it is a day worth remembering and Secunda’s win whatever the circumstances will be remembered by the community at large for some time to come.

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