Rugby 200: Rugby School U18 International Schools 7s | Day 1 Review, Day 2 Schedule

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After an epic opening day of the Rugby School U18 International Schools 7s the stage is set for an amazing day of international 7s here at Rugby School.


Enjoyment was the order of the day on The Close, as twenty schools from around the globe gathered for a fantastic day of rugby, with spectators around both Old Bigside and Pontines pitches not only associated from the schools in action, but also connected to schools elsewhere, not least two of Oakham’s recent Schools Cup winners.


That excitement and rugby spirit on the touchlines was reflected on the field in a fiercely competitive yet gloriously sportsmanlike day of rugby.


Day 1 Final Group Standings


PosGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup D
1The GrangeMerchiston CastleNelson CollegeBlackrock College
2Rugby SchoolClifton CollegeMount St Mary’s CollegeMichaelhouse
3MonmouthWhitchurch HighMarlborough CollegeLlandovery College
4St Kevin’s CollegeRoyal Belfast AcademicalStrathallanUppingham
5Fettes CollegeShawnigan LakeCampbell CollegeWaseda High School


The groups were incredibly competitive, not least in Group A where The Grange from Chile finished top of the pile, yet drew three of their four games. Behind them were the hosts, Rugby School, and Monmouth, both of whom will also make the Cup pools tomorrow, with the top 3 from each pool going through and the bottom two, in this case St Kevin’s College and Fettes College, heading to the Bowl, which is going to be an incredible competition too, St Kevin’s and Fettes were both superb all day too.


Group B was an interesting one too, Clifton College went through unbeaten but Scotland’s Merchiston Castle pipped them to top spot despite losing a game thanks to plenty of bonus points and a healthy points difference. Whitchurch High join them in the Cup after a strong day, while Northern Ireland’s RBAI and Canada’s Shawnigan Lake head to the Plate from a wickedly competitive group.


Group C was the most competitive of the lot though, all five teams had a chance of Cup qualification heading into the last round, with Nelson College ending up topping the group unbeaten after a brilliant day of play. English sides Mount St Mary’s College and Marlborough College joined them having been superb, while the quality of the pool was reflected in the fact that Strathallan and Campbell College will be in the Bowl, two superb teams.


In Group D Blackrock College of Ireland and Michaelhouse of South Africa quickly became the talk of the touchlines thanks to their outstanding performances through the day, culminating in an epic battle for top spot in the final game of the day, going the way of Blackrock College, who finished top, leaving Michaelhouse in second, and a cracking Llandovery College side heading through with them in third. Uppingham gave it everything and will go into the Bowl from this ultra-competitive group, joined by everyone’s second team, Waseda High School of Japan.


Championship Pools


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Llandovery CollegeMerchiston CastleRugbyMount St Mary’s
Clifton CollegeMarlborough CollegeNelson CollegeMonmouth
The GrangeMichaelhouseWhitchurch HighBlackrock College


Bowl Pools


Group AGroup B
Shawnigan LakeFettes College
St Kevin’s CollegeRoyal Belfast Academical Institution
Waseda HighCampbell College


Day 2 looks outstanding, the Cup teams are divided into four groups of four teams each, with the top two from each heading to the Cup Quarter Finals and the third placed finishers heading to the Plate semi finals.


Meanwhile the Bowl sides are split into two pools of five, from which each side will play their counterpart from the other group for a final rankings place, and the top two playing for the Bowl.



Pitch 1 (Old Bigside):

Live Stream Schedule:


9am Llandovery College v The Grange (Cup)

9.20am Nelson College v Whitchurch High (Cup)

9.40am St Kevin’s College v Strathallan (Bowl)

10am Shawnigan Lake v Waseda High (Bowl)

10.20am Marlborough College v Michaelhouse (Cup)

10.40am Monmouth v Mount St Mary’s College (Cup)

11am Campbell College v RBAI (Bowl)

11.20am Fettes College v Uppingham (Bowl)

11.40am Clifton College v The Grange (Cup)

12pm Nelson College v Rugby (Cup)

12.20pm Shawnigan Lake v St Kevin’s College (Bowl)

12.40pm Strathallan v Waseda (Plate)

1pm Cup Quarter Final 1 – Winner A v Runner Up D

1.20pm Cup Quarter Final 2 – Winner B v Runner Up C

1.40pm Cup Quarter Final 3 – Winner C v Runner Up B

2pm Cup Quarter Final 4 – Winner D v Runner Up A

2.20pm 9th/10th Place Play Off

2.40pm Cup Semi Final 1 – Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 2

3pm Cup Semi Final 2 – Winner QF 3 v Winner QF 4

3.20pm Bowl 3rd Place

3.40pm Bowl Final

4pm 3rd Place Play Off

4.20pm Plate Final

4.40pm Cup Final


Pitch 2 (Pontines):


9am Marlborough College v Merchiston Castle (Cup)

9.20am Blackrock College v Monmouth (Cup)

9.40am RBAI v Uppingham (Plate)

10am Campbell College v Fettes College (Plate)

10.20am Clifton College v Llandovery College (Cup)

10.40am Rugby v Whitchurch High (Cup)

11am St Kevin’s College v Waseda High (Plate)

11.20am Shawnigan Lake v Strathallan (Plate)

11.40am Merchiston Castle v Michaelhouse (Cup)

12pm Blackrock College v Mount St Mary’s (Cup)

12.20pm Fettes College v RBAI (Plate)

12.40pm Campbell College v Uppingham (Plate)

1pm 3rd Cup Group A v 3rd Cup Group D

1.20pm 3rd Cup Group B v 3rd Cup Group C

1.40pm 19th/20th Play Off

2pm 17th/18th Play Off

2.20pm  11th/12th Play Off

2.40pm Plate Semi Final 1

3pm Plate Semi Final 2

4pm 7th/8th Play Off


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