Schools Rugby: ACE League | Stage 2, Round 2 Preview

The opening round of Stage 2 in the 2023 ACE League saw the southern sides strike a heavy blow, winning all four division one fixtures.


That will change in Round 2 though as it pits North v North and South v South in the penultimate games of the league campaign. Meanwhile in Division 2 the North Division kicks off, while Exeter College play their final game of the league stage.


Round 2 Fixtures (Wednesday 15th November)


Division 1


Pool A

Gosforth Academy v Brooksby Melton College

Hartpury College v Beechen Cliff


Reigning champions Hartpury College got off to a flyer last week with a stunning 52-3 defeat of Brooksby Melton College. They now take on Beechen Cliff, who themselves were sensational last week in their 36-14 defeat of Gosforth Academy, who had topped the Northern Conference in Stage 1. Meanwhile Gosforth will be hosting Brooksby Melton College in a key game, whichever side misses out will be out of the running for a place in the final.


Pool B

City of Oxford College v Stourport High

Gordon’s v Truro College


Over in Pool B Gordon’s first foray into Division 1 started with a bang, winning 55-24 at Stourport High. This week they host Truro College, who also got Stage 2 off to a brilliant start with a 47-12 victory at City of Oxford College. City of Oxford meanwhile play host to Stourport High and, much like the game in Pool A, it is a must win encounter to stay in contention for a place in the final.


Division 2



Myerscough College v Bishop Burton College


With no game taking place last week in the North Pool, this is the first game of the Pool in Stage 2. These two met back in early October, when Bishop Burton hosted and sealed a 38-3 victory. On home soil, Myerscough will be hoping for a better return this time around.



Exeter College v SGS Filton College


The South got underway with a thriller last week as Bishop Wand just edged out Exeter College 24-20. Now Exeter College play their final game of the league stage, and it promises to be another close one. When they travelled to Filton earlier in the season it was a tight 13-10 victory, Filton would another like that, while Exeter will be determined to finish up on a high.


Stage 2 Pools & Results


Round 1 Results (Wednesday 8th November)


Division 1


Pool A

Beechen Cliff 36-14 Gosforth Academy

Hartpury College 52-3 Brooksby Melton College


Pool B

City of Oxford College 12-47 Truro College

Stourport High 24-55 Gordon’s


Division 2



Oaklands College v Myerscough College (29th November)



Bishop Wand 24-20 Exeter College


Division 1


1Hartpury College110015
2Beechen Cliff110015
3Gosforth Academy100100
4Brooksby Melton College100100


1Truro College110015
3Stourport High100111
4City of Oxford College100100


Division 2


1Bishop Burton College000000
2Myerscough College000000
3Oaklands College000000


1Bishop Wand110015
2Exeter College100111
3SGS Filton College000000


Round 3 Fixtures (Wednesday 22nd November)


Division 1


Pool A

Brooksby Melton College v Beechen Cliff

Gosforth Academy v Hartpury College


Pool B

Gordon’s v City of Oxford College

Truro College v Stourport High


Division 2



Bishop Burton College v Oaklands College



SGS Filton College v Bishop Wand


Stage 1 Final Tables




1Gosforth Academy6600630
2City of Oxford College6501626
3Brooksby Melton6402622
4Stourport High6303416
5Bishop Burton College6204311
6Oaklands College610537
7Myerscough College600611




2Hartpury College6501626
3Truro College6411321
4Beechen Cliff6303618
5SGS Filton College620419
6Bishop Wand600677
7Exeter College610526


Past Results


Round 7 Results (Wednesday 1st November, unless stated otherwise)



Gosforth Academy 45-26 Stourport High (25th October)

Myerscough College 8-22 Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College 5-43 City of Oxford College

Bishop Burton – Bye



Beechen Cliff 26-0 SGS Filton College

Bishop Wand 24-33 Gordon’s

Exeter College 15-17 Truro College

Hartpury College – Bye


Round 6 Results (Wednesday 18th October)



Bishop Burton College 12-31 Gosforth Academy

City of Oxford College 78-0 Myerscough College

Stourport High School 31-3 Oaklands College

Brooksby Melton College – Bye



Hartpury College 26-21 Beechen Cliff

SGS Filton College 13-10 Exeter College

Truro College 36-10 Bishop Wand

Gordon’s – Bye


Round 5 Results (Wednesday 11th October)



Brooksby Melton College 27-34 City of Oxford College

Myerscough College 15-20 Stourport High School

Oaklands College 24-61 Bishop Burton College

Gosforth Academy – Bye



Bishop Wand 24-31 SGS Filton College

Exeter College 21-76 Hartpury College

Gordon’s 43-43 Truro College

Beechen Cliff – Bye


Round 4 Results (Wednesday 4th October)



Bishop Burton College 38-3 Myerscough College

Gosforth Academy 41-7 Oaklands College

Stourport High School 36-41 Brooksby Melton College

City of Oxford College – Bye



Beechen Cliff 38-12 Exeter College

Hartpury College 38-27 Bishop Wand

SGS Filton College 14-42 Gordon’s

Truro College – Bye


Round 3 Results (Wednesday 27th September)



Brooksby Melton College 32-12 Bishop Burton College

City of Oxford College 31-7 Stourport High School

Myerscough College 12-52 Gosforth Academy

Oaklands College – Bye



Bishop Wand 28-33 Beechen Cliff

Gordon’s 26-19 Hartpury College

Truro College 18-8 SGS Filton College

Exeter College – Bye


Round 2 Results (Wednesday 20th September)



Bishop Burton College 5-26 City of Oxford College

Gosforth Academy 24-7 Brooksby Melton College

Oaklands College 34-5 Myerscough College

Stourport HS – Bye



Beechen Cliff 20-22 Gordon’s

Exeter College 21-20 Bishop Wand

Hartpury College 29-0 Truro College

SGS Filton College – Bye


Round 1 (Wednesday 13th September)



Brooksby Melton College 54-24 Oaklands College

City of Oxford College 20-24 Gosforth Academy

Stourport High School 19-17 Bishop Burton College

Myerscough College – Bye



Gordon’s 33-14 Exeter College

SGS Filton College 19-54 Hartpury College

Truro College 38-24 Beechen Cliff

Bishop Wand – Bye

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