Sedbergh School Super 10s: Day 2 Draw & Schedule | Hat-trick on for Kirkham, but Sedbergh et al ready to pounce

Day 1 of the Sedbergh School Super 10s saw Sedbergh, Ipswich, Brighton College, and Kirkham Grammar School all progress to the Cup groups with unbeaten records.


Joining them are Stamford, King’s Macclesfield, and Seaford College, who all won two of their three games, with RGS High Wycombe completing the Cup cohort after coming through the tightest of pools in Group 1.


RGS were in with Sedbergh, Dulwich College, and QEGS Wakefield, and though the hosts went through unbeaten, their opening game saw QEGS Wakefield push them hard in the first half and that should have acted as a warning sign as to how competitive things would be in the rest of the group.


RGS opened with a victory over Dulwich College, but QEGS then blew things open by beating RGS, which meant that when Dulwich then beat QEGS it left this group down to points difference to see how would progress to the Cup groups on Day 2 alongside Sedbergh – with the top two in each group going through – that would be RGS High Wycombe, whose +10 points difference bettered the negative points difference from the other two.


Group 2 meanwhile opened with an incredibly tight game between Ipswich and Stamford, which Ipswich just edged 12-5, a result that would see them go through top of the group with three victories. Hampton’s early victory over Barnard Castle meant that this one would hang on to the end, but Stamford’s victories over both saw them move through to the Cup as well.


Over in Group 3 Brighton College enjoyed a clean sweep, rotating their squad but still playing top level rugby throughout. King’s Macclesfield sealed second place with victories over Hurstpierpoint College and Cokethorpe, who met in the final game of the day, Hurstpierpoint ending the happier after victory.


Group 4 went right down to the final game, Kirkham Grammar School finished up with a clean sweep and are looking in brilliant form – and hat-trick of titles is definitely on the mind after their performances. KES Bath were at the foot of the table despite some excellent performances across the day, but the key game of the day proved to be the final game on Pitch 3, where Felsted and Seaford College faced a decider to see who would join Kirkham in the Cup groups. It was a fantastic game, both sides had great moment throughout but Seaford College took it to claim the final Cup place.


Day 2 Cup Groups


Group A: Sedbergh, Ipswich, King’s Macclesfield, Seaford College

Group B: Brighton College, Kirkham Grammar, RGS High Wycombe, Stamford


Day 2 Plate Groups


Group A: Dulwich College, Hampton, Cokethorpe, KES Bath

Group B: Felsted, Hurstpierpoint College, Barnard Castle, QEGS Wakefield


The groups look formidable, hosts Sedbergh, who have reached the last six finals in a row, in with an Ipswich side with 10s pedigree, having won the Seaford 10s in January. Alongside them a superb King’s Macclesfield side, the 2005 champions, and this Seaford College outfit that is capable of brilliance, and know the game of 10s inside out.


In the other Group, the back to back champions, Kirkham Grammar School, favourites for the title and looking formidable. Alongside them Brighton College, who have, almost incredibly, never won here and would love to do so. 2016 champions RGS High Wycombe, who have reached two major finals this year, at Seaford and St Jos, are a huge threat, likewise the Howden Rosslyn Park National Schools 7s U18 Vase winners, Stamford.


Over in the Plate things are no less exciting, with Dulwich College, Hampton, Cokethorpe, and KES Bath in one group, and Felsted, Hurstpierpoint College, Barnard Castle, and QEGS Wakefield in the other – a Plate group that could so easily be a Cup group on another day.


Day 2 Live Stream Links:


Day 2 Schedule


Pitch 1 – Live


09.30 Sedbergh v King’s Macclesfield (Cup 1)

10.05 Dulwich College v Cokethorpe (Plate 1)

10.40 Sedbergh v Seaford College (Cup 1)

11.15 Ipswich v King’s Macclesfield (Cup 1)

12.00 Dulwich College v KES Bath (Plate 1)

12.35 Sedbergh v Ipswich (Cup 1)

13.10 Brighton College v RGS High Wycombe (Cup 2)

13.45 Cokethorpe v KES Bath (Plate 1)

15.00 Cup Final


Pitch 2 – Live


09.30 Ipswich v Seaford College (Cup 1)

10.05 Hampton v KES Bath (Plate 1)

10.40 Hurstpierpoint College v Felsted (Plate 2)

11.15 Brighton College v Stamford (Cup 2)

12.00 Hampton v Cokethorpe (Plate 1)

12.35 Felsted v Barnard Castle (Plate 2)

13.10 Kirkham Grammar v Stamford (Cup 2)

13.45 Hurstpierpoint College v Barnard Castle (Plate 2)

14.45 Plate Final



Pitch 3


09.30 Brighton College v Kirkham Grammar (Cup 2)

10.05 RGS High Wycombe v Stamford (Cup 2)

10.40 QEGS Wakefield v Barnard Castle (Plate 2)

11.15 Kirkham Grammar v RGS High Wycombe (Cup 2)

12.00 Hurstpierpoint College v QEGS Wakefield (Plate 2)

12.35 Seaford College v King’s Macclesfield (Cup 1)

13.10 Dulwich College v Hampton (Plate 1)

13.45 Felsted v QEGS Wakefield (Plate 2)

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