New Partnership: Fiibac and NextGenXV Agree Partnership | Feedback App and School Sports Broadcasters Link Up

NextGenXV can announce a brand new partnership with player/coach feedback app, Fiibac, enhancing both NextGenXV’s coverage and player development.


Fiibac is a quick and easy to use feedback tool, helping to fill a gap that is so often missing – effective, quick, and simple feedback between player and coach.


It enhances the communication and trust between athlete and coach, providing individualised development against standardised definitions.


Combining the results of the athlete’s latest fitness tests and assessments to create an overall Fiibac score. The score dynamically changes with each assessment. Athletes have the ability to take personal ownership and accountability of their performance and progress, while the coach provides an expert perspective of feedback, providing a holistic view of strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.


There is an easy-to-use phone app, as well as a more detailed website, and through the phone app athletes can record their own:


  • Fitness performance, tracking improvement over time.
  • Register for Fixtures/Training/Review sessions etc – feedback is stored for each event.
  • Self-assess performance, using a satisfying slide-rule scorer against the clearly defined set of skills and mindful attributes.
  • Add self-reflection notes and set goals.
  • View coach feedback


Coaches meanwhile also use the app and can:


  • Select a player from an event to assess.
  • Assesses players using the slide-rule scorer.
  • Add positives and work ons/goals notes for players.
  • View player self-assessments


Through the Admin Dashboard, those in charge can:


  • Create a unique School/Club/Academy
  • Create Events
  • Assign Assessors to games.
  • Review feedback and amend.
  • Compare feedback.
  • Export individual reports


As part of the partnership with Fiibac, any school that signs up to use fiibac will earn a FREE live stream!


To find out more please visit the fiibac website or contact Norton Bloomfield for any

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