Join the Draft! (1200 x 676 px)

NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge: Join the Draft | A unique experience for players around the globe

With six months to go until the inaugural NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge, there is still opportunity for young players from around the world to participate, even if their school is not, through entering the unique Draft.   Taking place at one of the most prestigious rugby playing schools on the planet, Grey College in Bloemfontein, […]

NGXV Coaching Outreach

NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge: Coaching Outreach | Schools to have opportunity to leave a legacy

As momentum gathers ahead of the 2024 NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge, taking place from the 14th-18th December at Grey College in Bloemfonein, South Africa, a number of announcements are due to take place over the coming weeks.   First among those is that every team competing at the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge will have the […]

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