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Central Region Schools Rugby Competition

The Central competition consists of our thoughts of who would be the best regional school between the following districts:

Free State



We have collected all the results of the Grey College games and use that as well as limited scores we have access to for the other regional schools to determine a winner.

Please note that we are completely open to suggestions for changes, please get in touch with us if you feel we have been inaccurate in any way and we will make the necessary changes as well as credit you with said changes.

Grey College44
Louis Botha1
Kimberly HTS1
2019Grey College
2018Grey College
2017Grey College
2016Grey College
2015Grey College
2014Grey College
2013Grey College
2012Grey College
2011Grey College
2010Grey College
2009Grey College
2008Grey College
2007Grey College
2006Grey College
2005Grey College
2004Grey College
2003Grey College
2002Grey College
2001Grey College
2000Grey College
1999Grey College
1998Grey College
1997Grey College
1996Grey College
1995Grey College
1994Grey College
1993Grey College
1992Grey College
1991Grey College
1990Grey College
1989Grey College
1988Grey College
1987Grey College
1986Grey College
1985Grey College
1984Grey College
1983Louis Botha
1982Grey College
1981Grey College
1980Grey College
1979Kimberly HTS
1978Grey College
1977Grey College
1976Grey College
1975Grey College
1974Grey College
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