The talent hub is about giving young athletes the chance to get exposure and to build up an online profile. The service is completely FREE for athletes and users are able to browse the account for free, but more details are available to paid members.

For athletes creating your profile takes only a few minutes of your time, you will be sent a link to your Talent Hub profile and be able to send it off to universities, clubs and other recruiters. Now is the chance to stand out and be scouted, NextGenXV created the Talent Hub to assist young players who dream of a career in rugby.

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We only accept YouTube links, these can be full fixtures or a highlights reel. If you would like assistance with a highlights reel please contact us

Example: 2021: Daleman College 1st XV 2022: Craven Week (Border)

Example: I’m a young rugby player based in London, I have achieved x, y and z and my long term goal is to become a professional rugby player.

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