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World Schools Rugby Festival

The World Schools Festival was the brainchild of former Springbok coach Heynecke Meyer with the idea of creating a showpiece festival showcasing the best rugby playing schools on the planet playing in a single tournament.

Meyer, who at the time was working for Carinat Sports Marketing approached the founder Jon Phelps with the idea and the tournament began in earnest being hosted at Paarl Boys High School during their 150th anniversary celebrations.

The tournament was controversially moved to Paul Roos in Stellenbosch for the 2019 edition with the 2020 edition set to be hosted by Affies in Pretoria.

The competition is a Ryder Cup style format where South African schools are pitted against a Rest of the World contingent with 2 points being awarded per win.

So far South Africa has dominated the tournament but with bigger schools set to enter the competition in the future this will no doubt become a far closer competition.

2019Team South Africa
2018Team South Africa

Day 1, 26 March 2019
Glenwood vs John McGlashan College, 32-17
Monument 32 Hartpury College, 32-21
Paarl Gim vs Africa Pacific Dragons, 50-24
SACS vs Zambezi Steelers, 43-24
World Select XV vs WP Invitational, 76-29

Day 2, 27 March 2019
Affies vs Italian All-Stars, 36-12
Boland Landbou vs Napier Boys’ High School, 30-25
Grey College vs Christchurch Boys’ High School, 73-26
Hilton College vs USA Schools XV, 43-0
Paul Roos vs Southland Boys’ High School, 93-5

Day 3, 29 March 2019
Glenwood vs Africa Pacific Dragons, 33-10
Monument vs John McGlashan College, 48-10
Paarl Gim vs Hartpury College, 41-12
WP Invitational vs Zambezi Steelers, 33-30
World Select XV vs SACS, 25-15

Day 4, 30 March 2019
Affies vs Christchurch Boys’ High School, 31-31
Boland Landbou vs USA Schools XV, 71-3
Grey College vs Southland Boys’ High School, 54-0
Hilton College vs Italian All-Stars, 32-15
Paul Roos vs Napier Boys’ High, 62-7

Day 1, 3 April 2018
Boland Landbou vs Napier Boys, 59-26
Outeniqua vs St Ignatius, 91-0
Oakdale vs Namibia XV, 67-7
Monument vs Cavaliers, 48-14

Day 2, 4 April 2018
Glenwood vs Italian All Stars, 53-0
Paarl Gim vs Rhino Rugby, 84-7
Hilton vs AP Dragons, 35-24
Affies vs Hartpury College, 15-26
Paarl Boys vs Argentina U18, 10-19      

Grey College vs Christchurch Boys, 66-28

Day 3, 6 April 2018
Oakdale vs St Ignatius, 67-19
Glenwood vs Namibia XV, 53-7
Outeniqua vs Italian All Stars, 47-13
Monument vs Napier Boys, 42-37
Boland Landbou vs Cavaliers, 67-0

Day 4, 7 April 2018
Hilton vs Rhino Rugby, 78-19
Paarl Gim vs Argentina U18, 38-36
Grey College vs Hartpury, 60-0
Affies vs AP Dragons, 17-5
Paarl Boys vs Christchurch Boys, 25-7

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