Weekend Review: End of term issue – Michaelmas Term 2016

This weekend marks the final weekend of the fifteen-a-side season for most schools.


It has gone by fast, and as this weekend kicks off it is worth highlighting just what an important time in every players’ life their schools rugby career is.


For a great many players school rugby will be the best rugby that they will ever play. There are the lucky few who will go on to professional careers, or even the new BUCS Super League, but for the majority this is the top of the ladder.


School facilities, coaching, and pitches are better than just about anything outside of the professional game, something that most never get to find out until long after they have finished their school career.


Most important though is that at schools level you are playing with your closest friends, people you have grown up with, and boarding schools people that you live with. Those are bonds that will always remain


Schools rugby is at an all-time high, the quality on the field at the moment is outstanding, while the interest in it is continuing to grow, these are the days to treasure as a schools rugby player.


These final games of the season are important for finishing the season on a high and leaving a sense of positivity about the season, but more importantly they are a chance to leave a legacy on the field that will stretch beyond each player’s own time in the jersey.


Most important of all though, they are a chance to leave a performance out there that each player will remember and treasure.


For us it marks the start of the period where we start reflecting on the terms play and looking at which sides have stood out as the best in the business this term. We will shortly be asking you to submit your entries for School Team of the Term, it has been a fantastic term with a number of titles won and superb performances, but we do not just want to look at the sides grabbing the headlines, we want to look at those who have performed beyond expectations at every level of the school game.


Whether it has been a good term, an average term, or a difficult term for your team though, savour tomorrow, these are the days that you will remember forever.

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