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Saturday sees the launch of our new multi-sport service, NextGen Sports as we bring you live coverage from the Seaford 7s Netball Tournament at Seaford College.

NextGen Sports will see the team at NextGenXV bring you coverage of the full range of school sports, male and female. It will begin life as a subsidiary of the main NextGenXV hub – whenever we have live coverage of a sport other than rugby it will be a part of the NextGenSports subsidiary. Over time it will develop greater space of it’s own. So if you want any of your school sports to feature on our live streams, please contact

The new platform begins on Saturday with the Seaford 7s Netball tournament, featuring 16 sides all competing at Seaford College in a true festival of netball across four courts.

The competition was first held in 2020 and was won by Brighton College, with Hurstpierpoint College winning the Plate, Eastbourne College the Shield, and Worth the Bowl. 2021 was sadly lost to Covid, but now the Seaford 7s Netball returns and it should return in some style.

We will be live streaming Court 1, which will include the Cup semi finals and final, and every team in the competition will appear on the live stream, which you can watch either on our YouTube channel or via the embedded video below.

The 16 sides are divided into two pools of eight each, the top two from each go to the Cup semi finals, third and fourth to the Plate semi finals, fifth and sixth to the Shield semi finals, and seventh and eighth to the Bowl semi finals. Games will be eight minutes long, with each side playing the other sides in their group once plus a guaranteed semi final, so every team will play eight fixtures and nine in they reach the final.

2020 champions Brighton College are in Pool 2 alongside hosts Seaford College and 2020 Bowl winners Worth, as well as Marlborough College, KES Southampton, Wellington College, Lancing College, and Canford. In Pool 1 2020 Plate winners Hurstpierpoint College are joined by 2020 Shield winners, Eastbourne College, alongside the Seaford College Headmaster’s VII. Joining those three are Epsom College, Burgess Hill School for Girls, St John’s Leatherhead, Portsmouth Grammar, and Churcher’s College.

Seaford 7s Netball Pools

Pool 1 (Allocated Number)Pool 2 (Allocated Number)
Hurstpierpoint College (1)Brighton College (9)
Eastbourne College (2)Worth (10)
Epsom College (3)Marlborough College (11)
Burgess Hill School for Girls (4)KES Southampton (12)
St John’s Leatherhead (5)Wellington College (13)
Portsmouth Grammar (6)Lancing College (14)
Churcher’s College (7)Seaford College (15)
Seaford Headmaster’s VII (8)Canford (16)

Live Stream Schedule:

12.45 – Epsom College v Seaford Headmaster’s VII (Pool 1)

12.55 – Marlborough College v Canford (Pool 2)

13.05 – Hurstpierpoint College v Churcher’s College (Pool 1)

13.15 – Brighton College v Seaford College ((Pool 2)

13.25 – Churcher’s College v Seaford Headmaster’s VII (Pool 1)

13.35 – Seaford College v Canford (Pool 2)

13.45 – Seaford Headmaster’s VII v Burgess Hill School for Girls (Pool 1)

13.55 – Canford v KES Southampton (Pool 2)

14.05 – Burgess Hill School for Girls v Eastbourne College (Pool 1)

14.15 – KES Southampton v Worth (Pool 2)

14.25 – Eastbourne College v Portsmouth Grammar (Pool 1)

14.35 – Marlborough College v Lancing College (Pool 2)

14.45 – Hurstpierpoint College v St John’s, Leatherhead (Pool 1)

14.55 – Brighton College v Wellington College (Pool 2)

15.15 – Semi Final

15.30 – Semi Final

15.45 – Final

Full Schedule

TimeCourt 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
12.453 v 82 v 14 v 75 v 6
12.5511 v 1610 v 912 v 1513 v 14
13.051 v 73 v 48 v 62 v 5
13.159 v 1511 v 1216 v 1410 v 13
13.257 v 86 v 24 v 15 v 3
13.3515 v 1614 v 1012 v 913 v 11
13.458 v 47 v 52 v 36 v 1
13.5516 v 1215 v 1310 v 1114 v 9
14.054 v 21 v 35 v 86 v 7
14.1512 v 109 v 1113 v 1614 v 15
14.252 v 64 v 58 v 13 v 6
14.3511 v 1412 v 1316 v 910 v 15
14.451 v 57 v 38 v 26 v 4
14.559 v 1315 v 1116 v 1014 v 12
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